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Invitation to surge towards success!

Surge to Success Weekend Hi! Pete (from the Purple House) here with a very special and exciting invitation for you. Have you heard of our Surge to Success weekend? In case you haven’t, I would like to invite you check it out by clicking on this link. http://bit.ly/yourSurgeToSuccess Grada created this event specifically for new generation […]

This is not Reiki. This is not kinergetics or kinesiology. This is not a fluffy feel good workshop.

I am a great believer in feeling your feelings.  My early life was an ideal training ground for a budding intuitive therapist. My mother was very warm and loving, but she struggled with pain and depression. Even as a child I wanted to become the worlds best healer, so I could alleviate her pain. She […]

Why would you join Grada’s Heal your Life Mastery training?

After suffering a near fatal accident when a truck collided with my body in 2006, I went from feeling on top of the world, successful, and virtually indestructible, to feeling completely broken. I was completely broken. I was as broken as you can get without dying. All the helplessness that I had experienced during my […]

Turn your Health Obstacles into Triumph

At the Purple House we work with clients to turn their obstacles into triumphs! Every day presents a different scenario and these are some of the health challenges we regularly come across:   Don’t just take our word for it! Read a selection of testimonials from clients who’ve turned their obstacles into triumph: We’ve omitted names […]

Grada Robertson’s life changed forever when she was hit by a truck

by Sarah Lansdown of The Advocate newspaper Grada Robertson was changed forever the day she was hit by a truck. The Forth resident recalled the promise she made herself while having an “out of body” moment after the crash in January 2006. “When I came back to my body I promised myself I would write […]

Is your happiness killing you?

Imagine you have it all… You have money in the bank to pay your bills, your marriage is sorted, and your children are doing well. Work is great, and you are one of the lucky ones living in Tasmania, with ample space and freedom. The sun is beaming down as you walk past your rose […]

Do we have to learn valuable life lessons through suffering and pain?

The wisdom of hindsight.. what a wonderful thing to have. But wouldn’t it even more amazing to have the wisdom of ‘foresight’. How much would you be willing to pay if such a thing existed? Lessons learnt from real life experiences often become our most prized asset, much more valuable than learning something from a […]

Reflexology Weekend Workshop with Grada

Where: 47 Wilmot Rd Forth When: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2019 9.30am – 5.30pm $495 per person ($125 per day for repeats) Includes manual, morning and afternoon tea & laughter! (bring your lunch or enjoy lunch at Alchemy Café) Phone 64283007 or http://bit.ly/reflexologywknd register your spot. Every family in Australia has been affected […]