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Practical skills for working with your own energetic body.

Tonight I want to teach you some practical skills for working with your own energetic body. This one simple technique will help you connect with others…. and will uplevel your results in business, health and in your love life. You may not know much about energy, you may even believe that energy is hokus pokus… […]

What’s INSECURITY? And why should you care?

woman feeling insecure

What’s the state of your relationships right now? On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being in crisis and 10 being completely fulfilling), how would you say your relationships feel? Romantic relationship ___________ Friendships ____________Children ____________ Other family members ____________ …and how about the most overlooked and neglected relationship of all: Your relationship with […]

When was the last time you felt ‘in love with life’?

happy couple feeling alive riding bikes

Perhaps you don’t know the answer… You might be like Elsa and Brian, my clients. They had been stuck in the ‘grey zone’ for 30 something years. Now with the children grown up and gone, their underlying dynamics were surfacing. They were barely holding it together when they first came to me. Brian had lost […]