I have heard this same complaint in my practice a thousand times over, and no wonder…

Have a look at these frightening statistics from the Centre of Disease Control:

Chronic disease is continuing to increase and sadly so many people don’t get the long-term healing solutions they need.

The good news is, you don’t have to be one of these statistics!

Your good health story begins at the grocery store.

Tip Number 1:

Always stick to the outside aisles, where you will find real food like eggs, meat, full cream products like yogurt, butter, cream, cheese, vegetables and a few berries.

These foods are good for your liver, because your liver needs healthy fats to purify your blood and help burn your fat.

Tip Number 2:

Don’t buy products that are processed or modified.

If they have more than two ingredients, they are usually modified to the extent that your liver can’t break them down easily for fuel.

Tip Number 3:

Don’t buy anything low fat or zero fat, because these products are usually filled with artificial sweeteners and flavours.

They are incredibly harmful to your body.

Don’t buy lean meat, buy full fat mince or meats and eat the fat. (great for your brain)

Tip Number 4:

Don’t drink Pepsi, soft drinks, or fruit juices.

It makes no difference to your liver if it’s unhealthy coke or organic grape juice for instance.

It contains sugars and fruit sugars that are going to clog up your liver with fat.

Tip Number 5:

Buy protein and eat at least one gram of protein per kilo of bodyweight per day.

You need good quality protein for all your amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body.

Tip Number 6:

You need fats and proteins to restore and rejuvenate your body.

You don’t need (M)ANY carbohydrates.

So avoid breads, pasta and grains, as well as biscuits and rice.

Carbohydrates immediately turn into sugar or glucose in your blood that spikes your insulin and anytime your insulin is high, you aren’t going to burn your fat!

Tip Number 7:

Buy coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, ghee or butter, and stay miles away from all the other toxic plant oils like Canola oil.

These are very toxic to your liver, immune system and hormones.

Tip Number 8:

Buy healthy unrefined salt.

Salt gives you the minerals your body needs, and when you have a lick of healthy salt, your sugar cravings go away, and this will keep you out of the central aisles of the supermarket.

These sections are full of toxic processed foods and products.

Tip Number 9

Supplement with Iodine, Magnesium, Enzymes and Beetflow daily, to nurture your digestive system and keep your immunity strong.

Tip Number 10:

Book in for a regular Diagnostic Session with Pete or Grada.

We call it a diagnostic session because we can scrutenize your cells under the microscope and do a healing session at the same time, using mind/body medicine or energy medicine.

With energy medicine, kinks in the cable and energetic blockages can be removed straight away, and you will experience this as a fresh surge of energy flowing throughout your body.

Other people experience a deep sense of relaxation and they sleep like a baby afterwards (while the body continues to heal)

Other clients may experience a healing crisis, where toxins come out of the body for a few days.

While this might be inconvenient, imagine if all the gunk stayed inside the cells of your body!

Better out than in!

The best way to regain health and vitality is to have regular sessions, e.g once a month, or once every 6 weeks if you are healthy.

We recommend weekly if you are recovering from illness, stress or trauma.

Your health is your best asset.

When you lose your health, you lose it all!

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 AM to 5 PM; our friendly team is here to help you, so call us on 03 6428 3007, alternatively you can book online by visiting our website – Purple House Wellness Centre.

Click here to see all the treatments we offer at Purple House Wellness Centre (under the work with us tab).


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