17 & 18 SEPTEMBER 2022


Give your BODY & MIND a complete ‘once over’ as you join Grada on this journey of (self) healing, that goes WAY beyond reflexology!

During this workshop, Grada will take healing to a whole new level as she shares from her 22 years’ experience as a seasoned healer and energy magician.

Grada had to heal her own body after a devastating truck accident in 2006.

She stunned everyone with her miraculous recovery, and during this workshop, Grada will show you how she applied reflexology to grow a new body.


Have you sometimes wondered what your body is trying to tell you, when it gives you pain and discomfort?

What if your body could get messages across to you without the need for pain?

What if understanding the hidden language of your body’s energy flows could set you free from struggle and frustration so you can live your life fully aware and empowered?

You see, your body, mind and spirit are all inextricably linked.

When you shove down a feeling, or push through exhaustion and overwhelm, it’s not really gone—you’ve just sent it out of your consciousness and into your body.

It comes back as a knot in your stomach, tightness in your neck and shoulders, tension in your TMJ, or irritability and sluggishness at the worst moments.

  • What if applying some simple reflexology routines, energy hacks and Grada’s trade secrets can change all this?
  • What if Grada could give you the keys to turn up your life force, boost your intuition and trust your inner guidance?

Would you be willing to learn?

How would your life change if you could understand and work with the hidden world inside of you, and create harmony between your body, mind, heart and soul?

And if you could replicate this with your loved ones or your clients?

Yes, all this is possible for you when you join this life changing event with Grada!

The best thing is that you will be on the receiving end half the time.

You will be resting on the massage table, so your body gets to experience a complete reset of your nervous system.

During these two days, you will learn:

  • A simple process to immediately drop the body from fight and flight into calm, peace and restoration.
  • How to connect deeply into your ‘still point’ so you begin to regenerate your body.
  • How to ground yourself and your client, so your can experience profound release of trauma and pain.
  • How to work with the nervous system.
  • How to deepen your intuition.
  • How to align the different organs of your body with your highest good.
  • A simple yet powerful process to awaken the entire chakra system.
  • Reflexology teachings and techniques that will transform your life.
  • So much more!

This reflexology workshop offers you a long-lost roadmap to understanding how your body works.

With this map in your hands, you can easily make sense of things that always baffled you, and quickly change pain and problems into ease and real solutions.

Reflexology not only eases pain, but it also dissolves the root causes of the problems.

And as with any map, you can use this knowledge to navigate life so you can sail through the rough waters with much greater ease. 

This event is perfect for you right now if you’re looking to connect deeply with yourself and you’re ready to dissolve emotional and physical pain and elevate yourself to a place of calm and great health.

Plus you can help others get out of pain!

No previous training required.

Repeat students can join at 50% discount.

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