Pregnancy preparation.

The first thing to look out for are toxins.

Toxins are everywhere.

There is too much oestrogen in our seas, heavy metals in fish, plastics in our environment, nasties hidden inside our foods, GMO’s in flour and corn, and on top of that, cosmetics and skin care products are full of toxins … and this is just normal every day stuff your body has to deal with.

Giving your growing baby the very best shot at life can be totally overwhelming!

Trust me, there are measures that go a long way in protecting you and your child, and in the video we share those with you.

First, minimize toxic products, eg, make sure your skin care products are natural and organic.

Everything you put on your skin goes into the bloodstream, where it travels to every cell of your body.

Common deodorants are full of aluminium, which is toxic to the brains of the unborn child, so these are to be avoided.

Also, be careful with synthetic fragrances, like candles and perfumes.

These are called endocrine or hormone disruptors and are poisonous to your system.

Filter your drinking water to eliminate fluoride, chloride, and heavy metals, like mercury.

Heavy metals are in fertilizer, so that means they are in your vegetables.

Where possible, eat organic vegies, and if that is not an option, eat Love your Guts kimchi, or sauerkraut.

These fermented vegetables help your body eradicate heavy metals and are packed with life giving probiotics and enzymes.

Avoid seafood, especially fish that comes from a fish farm, which is riddled with colouring, hormones and antibiotics.

Unfortunately, you can’t eat so called wild caught salmon either, because the industry is not regulated, and manufacturers can put anything on the label.

Once you have taken a good hard look at your pantry, bathroom and laundry and tossed out processed and toxic items, its time to introduce supplements that are going to set your baby up for life.

I would put colloidal iodine at the top of the list.

Iodine is deficient in our soils, particularly in Tasmania, and iodine is needed by every cell of the body.

When your body is iodine deficient, it is going to use toxic bromide, fluoride or chloride to make pregnancy hormones.

These are damaging to you and your baby.

Supplementing with iodine will push these toxins out of the cells, and iodine creates a healthy IQ in the growing child. (there are many iodine support groups on fb now, and they are packed with great information)

Second on the list are enzymes.

Enzymes are needed to help your baby grow and stay inside the safety of the womb for 40 weeks, so you achieve a full term pregnancy.

The fact that babies are often more and more premature can be attributed to lack of enzymes in the parents, and the parents of the parents and so on.

It didn’t start with you today, but you can be the one to introduce positive changes!

Relief powder is a great enzyme, which helps overcome infertility, creating healthy sperm in men and optimal reproductive health in women.

Omnizyme is another superior enzyme mix.

We probably stock the largest range of enzymes in Australia, so please check out your options in our online shop, or call in to look at our range, and have a chat with our team.  

Probiotics are key, because they support your immune system, and are needed when you have had too much stress, been on contraceptives, drink too much alcohol, or have taken antibiotics in the last five years.

Probiotics means: pro life, and that is what it is all about.

Some of our most popular probiotics include Spore Probiotics and Immuno-Synbiotic.

Morning sickness is often caused by chronic dehydration coupled with mineral deficiency, so start today by drinking one litre of water for every 30 kg of body weight.

Add ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan Salt to keep your mineral levels healthy.

Magnesium is not to be missed and we recommend the Dr Sandra Cabot magnesium complex, which is one of the best on the market.

Magnesium protects you from pre and postnatal depression as well and creates healthy babies.

Too much folic acid in pregnancy supplements might contribute to lip and tongue tie and we have seen an epidemic of this in the last decade.

It is preferable that you supplement with a very safe product like Vital all-in-one, which is a fantastic green powder and a complete food, or Activator, which comes in a tablet.

Activator contains every mineral, vitamin and amino acid your body craves.

Above all, create a partnership with your body!

Your body is amazing, and it knows exactly what to do.

 All it requires is that you avoid as many nasties as possible and provide it with the good stuff.

Take this time to really get to know your body, and begin to trust in your own ‘body wisdom’!

You are made from the stuff of miracles, and so is your baby.

Also allow yourself to receive as much support as possible as you go through this special chapter of your life.

Being a mum (or dad) is the most important job in the world, so surround yourself with people who believe in you, and who bring you happiness and joy!

Call us on 03 64283007 or click here to check us out online.

We are here to help you.

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