The Purple House Team

Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson

Read Introduction Remedial MassageBowen TherapyKinergeticsReflexologyAllergy Testing & BalanceBreakthrough SessionPranic Healing & ReikiFull Health Analysis/BiomedxUrine & Saliva TestingEmotional Freedom TechniqueRobertson Technique
Caleb Robertson

Caleb Robertson

Read Introduction Remedial MassageBowen TherapyKinergeticsReflexologyCombination ConsultAllergy Testing & BalanceFull Health Analysis/BiomedxUrine & Saliva TestingRobertson Technique

Grada Robertson

Read Introduction Global Wellness LeaderSpiritual teacherNLP master Coach Time Line therapy Advanced Pranic PsychotherapyRemedial Massage Kinergetics Reflexology Nutritional Microscopy Emotional Freedom Technique Robertson Technique

Sarah Anne Barker

Read Introduction Cranio-Sacral therapy practitioner and teacher Reflexology Live and Dried Blood Analysis Aura-Soma Colour System practitioner & teacher Reiki Master &Teacher Flower essencesKinergetics

Tina Zender

Read Introduction Remedial Massage (Private Health Rebates)ReflexologyAromatherapyEmotional Stress ReleaseHot Stone TherapyLive and Dried Blood MicroscopyFacialsRaindrop Therapy

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