Why choose Purple House? Let our clients explain.

Last year, I decided to attend Grada’s Reflexology workshop with the hopes of learning the techniques to assist with my husband’s diabetes treatment plan (this was my main priority).

I started the workshop feeling a bit overwhelmed, stressed and in a state of panic as I was not sure what to expect; BUT soon I found myself being so calm, peaceful, and centred and I was able to realise what I needed to do going forward without fear.

Grada, along with her techniques showed me I would not only treat my husband; but, my children and animals as well. I saw that I was able to do shorter sessions or longer sessions depending on what was happening around me.

After experiencing both giving and receiving, I felt like I was floating on an energy high for weeks afterwards. I really didn’t realise or expect how much healing I would receive and how much I needed it myself. When, I left this workshop I had an entirely different outlook to the one I went in with.

I loved it so much I ended up buying own portable reflexology table in order to treat everyone properly. I am now able to give treatments to my girls, my husband, dogs and cats etc. but, I feel I am receiving energy from them at the same time I am giving my energy to them. My girls have also been learning the techniques so that we can all give and receive.

The greatest part of all is that they now also know when they need a little bit of TLC or pain relief they will come and ask me to give them a treatment.

This workshop was definitely a worthwhile investment, and one which totally exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Grada

Ash – NW Tasmania

Hi there Grada!

You were right, our last session was massive! It took a few weeks to re-adjust and simmer down, and now I’m experiencing lots of changes in my physical reality.. 
I’m moving this week (again lol) and I’ve started a new job, I went to my first acting audition and got an ensemble role, I’ve been doing breathwork every day and I’m loving it, I reconnected with a soul friend and my relationship with Mum is better than I could have ever dreamed of. I’m socialising more and connecting more deeply with the people around me, and my relationship with myself and my self love has elevated completely.
This year has been transformative beyond belief for me. I’ve been doing self-development/spiritual work for 6-7 years, but 2020 has shifted more than I thought possible. And I trace that back to our first session together back in March, where you shone a light on my soul for me to see myself clearly. 
Thank you so much for helping me. You opened my heart to see the love I am worthy of. Thank you Grada. I am so grateful and blessed to have worked with you.
All the love, Dani xxxx

Hi Grada

I just had to let you know. After our session I mentioned that bending down to the bottom shelf was a little easier.
Yesterday I had no pain when I walked, which has been the first time in about 4 + months.  I even walked from one end of Hobart to the other instead of driving.  (Hard pavements were the most uncomfortable). Last night I did my usual yoga, kneeling and sitting cross legged (comfortably) which was great. I am not going to rush into a marathon just yet. I am super duper happy  with the clearing you did. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Little Joey and I were rolling around on the floor yesterday without pain. (It was so much more pleasant playing with him easily rather than having to think before I moved as to what position was going to be the most comfortable.) I am not going to stop being “silly and young”, but doing it and feeling comfortable is fantastic. Thank you!

Judy L

Grada and Peter share their knowledge and experiences without reservation. They are truly inspirational and amazing healers and teachers. I was fortunate enough to attend a two day reflexology course with Grada and found it one of the best experiences ever! I will be attending as many of their workshops as possible!

Kelly Caynes

I have known and worked with Grada for over a decade. She has an extraordinary healing ability. She knows exactly what is required for you personally and gets to the heart of your issues within minutes of entering her room. Her honesty, compassion and professionalism make you feel so comfortable and relaxed straight away, whether in person or via a distant session. There is complete absence of judgement. “She has seen and heard it all” she says, and I have no doubt that this is true because her sincere desire to ease human suffering makes her a magnet for people in extreme stress and trauma. I highly recommend Grada to anyone who wants to let go of their pain, past and history, so they can live a life of wellbeing and ease.

Ruth Brooks

Hi Grada,

I wanted to say thank you for the inner child/parent healing meditation you put in your Facebook group. I watched it and my nan and pop who have passed came through and as I was breathing in I felt an intense warmth in my body and lots of tears flowed.

I also visualized myself as a baby and my parents as a baby. Thank you again, 


Hello Grada,

Must apologise for not sending my story sooner.
It’s probably a good thing as it has enabled me to heal since I have been following your suggestions (with great success) since last seeing you.

The following is my story:

28 years ago I developed cervical cancer and was given a 10% chance of survival unless I had extensive ray treatment.

After a lot of thought I decided to go down that track.

I didn’t realise at the time that there was not a lot of care given when radiation treatment was administered.

A lot of damage was done to my soft tissue.

This treatment made me extremely ill and spent many months in and out of hospital but finally after 12 months I was on the road to recover.

The radiation treatment left me with a lifetime legacy of bad digestion and bowel obstructions.

10 years after the treatment I had to have a piece cut out of my bowel.

The Ray also made me extremely sensitive to so many foods whereby I would spend a whole week debilitated with vomiting and diarrhoea- this went on for 25 years.

Three years ago, I finished up in hospital again unable to stop vomiting and diarrhoea.

After a couple of days, and after the medical team told me there was nothing they could do to help me.

They wheeled me to my sons car and sent us on our way.

Arrived at my son’s place, straight -to bed and he phoned the Purple House to make an appointment with Grada for the next day.

Grada took one look at me and said “we have a lot of work to do”.

And so she did – the healing was simply amazing and I left with a lot of things to take to boost my digestion and many suggestions, one being fermented foods to heal and seal my gut.

I can not explain how different I felt within 24 hours after seeing Grada. 

I have gone on to make my own sauerkraut over the years and always have this for breakfast.

A few months ago, I was feeling what I thought was pain in my hip.

Some days the pain was so great I was having trouble walking.

I went to the doctor and had an MRI and bone Density test.

I found that my facet joints had multilevel degenerative changes.

Also, that I had severely reduced bone density in my lumber spine (osteoporosis) with risks of fractures.

It was advised by my Doctor that I commence injections of Prolia.

After looking up the side affects of this I decided to phone Grada at the Purple House once again and I got an appointment immediately.

After all her normal testing and wonderful healing she assured me that I could be quite normal again in a very short time.

It is now nearly 4 weeks since I saw Grada and I am now free of pain and feel much stronger and nearly back to my normal busy lifestyle, conducting my businesses in the busy season.

I am looking forward to many more adventures in the future.

In my seventies being fit and healthy!

All my gratitude and love to Grada at the Purple House


I had the privilege to attend a weekend workshop hosted by Grada recently.
For years I’ve been on a journey to heal myself, trying to eat all the right foods, take the right supplements, finding the right balance with work, but still feeling drained, looking exhausted, not realizing that I was carrying all this sadness within. Thinking if I didn’t think about things they would just go away, thinking that was how I was meant to react to events, looking at them from a distance, if I kept things at a distance they couldn’t hurt me.
Well now I have a better understanding about how our emotions drain our life force. I have tools to help me express my feelings and also a greater understanding and compassion for others, as we are all the same, all connected. The biggest change for me apart from physically looking alive again was awareness of who I am! It’s ok to be me. It’s ok to be genuine and real, instead of always thinking I must say the right things and do the right things so I don’t upset people. Now knowing this comes from my childhood, mustn’t upset mum or dad – anyway I’m loving the person I am becoming, I’m loving that if I haven’t anything to say thats ok too.
I love how my husband can cuddle me and I can feel his energy because I have shown him now how to connect with his Dantien (womb space), amazed at his energy and how safe it makes me feel.
And might I add I’ve never had energy ever like this before!
Thankyou Grada, I’ve always been aware how much you and Peter laugh, I hear you laughing easily all day at work and it makes me smile, your energy is constantly flowing like a little stream for everyone you come into contact with, inspiring, genuine and real.
Thankyou Universe, thankyou Grada


Beautiful atmosphere, beautiful people!
I’m a 100% healthier and happier physically & mentally since I started going to the Purple House. Thank you so much Grada!
I recommend it to everyone and have had friends & families go there as well and are now changing their lives for the better.
Highly recommended!

Anita Hardy

Hi Grada
I thought I would send you an update on Isla since seeing you – she had a low grade fever later that day that came every afternoon for a week along with a cough. She’s been taking all the supplements like a champ and we wormed everyone in the house and cleaned/vacuumed it top to toe. Isla has been soooo much happier, relaxed, we’re on day 18 of no soiling, she’s self initiating to go to the toilet, changing herself if she’s a little damp from wee (this has NEVER happened) and not fighting me about toileting either. 
The difference already is incredible and I can only hope it continues. 
I’m sooooo delighted for Isla and very grateful to you for fitting us in, it’s given both of us hope for the future and a much needed break of an awful cycle. 
Thank you again


I love learning from Grada, she is so interesting to listen to, like a wise wizard / sorceress! I take it all on board and always do my best to action what I’ve learnt. I didn’t share this with anybody else Grada, but on our very first Surge to Success group meeting – during the class I could see a light around you (like a halo) it was so bright… I would blink or look away a few times to check if my eyes were playing tricks on me – but it very much there.
When I write in my gratefulness journal, you come up a lot. Very grateful we met many years ago and have continued a relationship of healing and growth. I am very grateful of how much I’ve developed (and am still healing and growing). My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of what I know now a lot sooner…but I also realise and accept that this is part of my journey…and I have the tools and knowledge now.

Heidi R.
Dear Grada,
Since my last appointment, I have been enjoying my life with fun and ease present more often in my every day experience. At such times, I find it hard to think I will ever be afraid again!
Then I did feel the  ‘fear’ again!
This was on Monday. It was an old familiar fear.  I was aware of the thoughts that accompanied the fear. Finally this morning the fear had manifested as pain. As I lay in bed, I thought,
 “I want to live my life without fear. “ 
I got up and…..
I saw your email from last night!!!
Could there have been a more timely gift than the video in this email!?
Thank you✨💛
I cried as I listened  to you speak. I felt grateful. I felt the wisdom of your words. I felt known and understood! I felt comforted by moving into the exercises and feeling the results…..
I now feel much more settled and optimistic. The pain has diminished. I will do the exercises again later today. 
I am looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Thank you for your impeccable timing. I am very grateful. 
M. H

Hi Grada, just wanted to share with you an experience I had whilst driving home today.
I had to pull over to the side of the road, as my body experienced an intense surge of heat and my face became hot and red. I sat being present in my body as I observed these feelings of gushing energy surging through and out of the top of my head – almost like an explosion (no, it wasn’t a hot flush either!) – almost a sense of release and relief.
I felt this afternoon’s session peeled a complete layer off me and left me feeling at peace. I wanted to thank you so much for reminding me to be present and in touch with myself in order to succeed. I have found that the work I have been doing on myself has also resonated with my husband and children. I know it is not a coincidence that they too have been experiencing major shifts within themselves.
My daughter will be attending your Reflexology weekend and my husband has expressed interest in the Men’s course.
Thankyou from my heart Grada – you are an inspiration and a beautiful lady.


Thanks for this Grada, I have heard about it but timing is everything and now I can really hear it…. practise now.
It was an immense pleasure to share the surge to success… tender moments, hilarious moments with moments of subtle yet profound awakening. Thank you to all who shared the weekly group and enjoy the get togethers…I’m excited to keep in touch with what you are considering and sharing even though I’m not there in person.
Lots of love, happiness and peace xx

Paula M.

A huge thanks to Grada for hosting SURGE to SUCCESS
The weeks passed so quickly. I am still processing all the information. Perhaps the most valuable bit to get my head around is the unconscious mind versus the conscious ‘trickster’ mind. I can justify any & everything given enough time BUT now 2+2 doesn’t always =4. The time spent with Grada & other like-minded caring women was a worthwhile investment in myself.


The more I work with Grada, the deeper my understanding.
My daughter has suffered from tummy pain – mainly so the last 12 months. I used to think this was from lack of water, magnesium etc. but now I realise it goes so much deeper beyond the physical. I laid her down and told her to tell me how she was feeling “angry”. It was today I realised she has a lot of anger built up. Usually, I would tell her to breathe and have some alone time. This time, instead of suppressing those feelings – I told her to imagine anger as a person. What colour is it etc. we invited it into her room to play with her toys. She gave it a cuddle. She told anger it was her friend. And then we finished off by throwing, kicking and biting a pillow.
I realise I have made mistakes parenting my first born…but if it wasn’t for these mistakes, I wouldn’t be the person I am becoming.
Today, I feel extremely grateful for the S to S course and what I’ve learnt – my own self development. I can think outside the box and approach things so much differently. Thank you Grada. You are making such a difference in this world.


When I initially saw the advertisement for this course (Surge to Success), I was very interested however I did not sign up straight away. I have been disappointed before with other courses I have attended so I was sceptical about the promises made by Grada. I deliberated over it for weeks until finally I decided to risk being disappointed again.
I am very happy to say I was not disappointed. I have learnt so much about my inner life and am now committed to practicing the techniques I learnt each and every day. I feel connected to myself, empowered and am truly loving myself more than I have ever done, warts and all.

I would recommend this course to you if you are interested in understanding and connecting to your energy field and gaining insight on how to deal with situations that arise in your life. It is all about energy and it isn’t complicated.

Take the plunge…

Billy Hicks

Grada has been a part of my healing journey and life for almost a decade, I came to her in such a broken condition and through her guidance, knowledge and management I started to heal, I began to function in the world again, I carried twins and delivered healthy babies. I see Grada as one of my mentors through my own journey of self discovery, she is constantly working to learn more, grow more and help others. Grada explains it like it is and is happy to share her own experiences so we can learn, She is a vital part of my core support group, and I cannot recommend her or her husband Peter highly enough.

Katie Chu

“You look stunning”
“ Your eyes look different”
“ The sun is beaming from you”’
“ Have you done something with your hair’’
“ You’ve totally transformed”
Those are just some of the comments from people in the days following the Surge to success weekend! Amazing I know… however rewind to the days/months and years before and my body told a different story.
A story that consisted of pain and trauma.

I had major spinal surgery at the age of 15, which involved months in hospital, flat on my back unable to even sit up and eventually learning to walk again. With that came a bucket load of emotions, some I didn’t even know what they were let alone know how to process them. Christmas and New Year was spent in hospital. The following months/year involved constant Physiotherapy, medical appointments, walking aids and feeling disconnected from friends.

Age 17 I had a motor vehicle accident which resulted in multiple broken bones and bleeding on the brain.

A few years after that I had my spine operated on again as the surgery I had when I was 15 needed to be done again.

Then in my early 20s I had another motor vehicle accident involving a truck, one that nearly took my life. 6 months in hospital in another state away from young son and a body almost broken from head to toe, a missing kidney, facing the rest of life in a wheel chair, 30+ operations and another bucket load of emotions I couldn’t process.

So fast forward to the present and I’m left with unprocessed/supressed emotions, physical pain in all of my limbs, living in a state of constant of fear, anxiety and terrified what life will throw at me next! Wondering what it feels like to feel “at peace”

That was until I did Surge to Success…. which takes us back to the compliments I started receiving.
“You look stunning” = I felt Stunning on the inside!
“ Your eyes look different” = The sadness and pain had gone from my eyes!
“ The sun is beaming from you” = I felt warmth in my heart!
“ Have you done something with your hair’’ = I had come alive again and so had my hair!
“ You’ve totally transformed”= I was no longer holding onto a lifetime of pain, sadness, anger, guilt, shame and fear!
I was suddenly feeling what it felt like to feel at peace!
I’m excited to now be living in a state of happiness not Fear!
I’m looking forward to the future with dreams not anxiety!
Surge to Success has changed my entire life! With a ripple effect on those close to me!

Leah Joseph

I felt much sadness and insecurity and an invisible woman who did not speak up for herself before the workshop began.
My struggles were tiredness, worthlessness, anxiety. I needed greater clarity and courage. My inner child needed parenting and I have learnt to identify when she needs the adult love and support.  I have learnt to train the mind from constant chatter. It feels more peaceful.

I feel grounded and stronger in my being. I have the courage to face my dark shadows because I have been supported by a group of participants with whom I have had to be extremely honest and open with as they have with me. We have been heard with compassion, been the keepers of each others stories, led gently and upheld at all times,  sometimes even with fun. All of this has helped me to feel known and understood and supported. We have come to feel comfortable with each other and accepted in such a safe environment, to share deeply.
We have also been led into sharing our negative traits and still reassured that we are a star. I am so grateful to have learnt these tools for better mental health.

I have learnt new computer skills to be more independent with producing my writing project. I feel a great sense of achievement in this and learnt that I was responsible to make this happen which I knew but made excuses of it being too hard.
I was already constantly working on this writing before the course, so its not been the motivation that has changed, but I have more confidence now to share my ideas or believe that I have a voice. I’m unsure of the next steps to make this happen but I am willing to trust that this will unfold in some way.

I thought I had grieved well in the loss of a child, but I still had deep feelings to deal with. I had held it together for my family’s sake for many years as my children were growing up, but this year when the anniversary of my child came around, I told each member of my family how I was feeling and I felt re- membered. The loose bits were dealt with and integrated into my being.

Sandra McCormack

Throughout 2018 I have been fortunate to attend the Surge to Success 1, 2 and 3 courses.
At the time, I was feeling so tired, juggling a busy lifestyle, wearing many hats and trying to always be a great support to my loved ones. My battery was flat, I had lost my “mojo”. I lacked self confidence and always doubted myself.

S to S helped me to open up my heart fully again. I learnt to love myself with all of my heart. I understand now how to love and accept all aspects of who I am – the light and also the dark. As confronting as this was, I worked through these emotions to release distorted childhood memory that I was still living as my reality in adult life now. Working with my inner child helped me greatly in healing and nurturing emotions I experienced as a child. By reflecting on my story, I could collate all the jigsaw pieces together to form the puzzle of my life.

I realised that I held onto so much sadness deep within me that had been there a very long time – possibly ingrained in my DNA. I also realized that my reality was in fact a reflection of everything within me – the positive and the negative.

I had been living inside my incessant monkey mind head bubble and learnt how to quickly move into my quieter core within myself. This has helped me cope much better with outside stresses of daily life – to remain in my own state of peace instead of trying to pull the monkey off everyone elses back. I now put myself first! A huge breakthrough and so empowering. I now express deep compassion not only for others but also for myself. My husband told me
recently that I seem more assertive and he is delighted to witness a confidence and assertiveness. I have taken off the mask to reveal the authentic me. I now have a voice! Moving forward, I have sets my goals high and pave the way with shoulders held back, love in my heart and volume in my words.

I have learnt to trust in my higher self and intuition and this trust has been beneficial in learning healing corrections at Surge to Success. I no longer question if I am “doing things right”. I know that whatever comes to me is correct.

I have so very much enjoyed the company of other women – the sharing of experiences and stories which have resonated within my own heart. Lessons learnt from others. Grada is a wonderful teacher – her passion comes through – often revealing the raw truth of our emotion. The truth was confronting for me but cut through the barriers to deep healing. My purpose is totally clear now … to love and be loved – unconditionally. And guess what… I have my mojo back!!!

Louise Thomas

Grada’s Surge to Success program enabled me to open myself up to a whole new level of deep inner healing. I feel so thankful for Grada & for her huge effort at putting a life changing program together.  

To this day I am still using all the tips & tools that I have learnt from the weekend workshop.

I am progressing along my healing journey & this is how Surge to Success has helped me grow;

I felt safe to drop my “protective” wall & express my feelings that had been holding me in silence and pain my whole life.

I felt a huge shift in my energy. You don’t know what you are carrying until you’ve let go of it. I felt light as if a huge bag of bricks had been lifted off my body (well it did!).

I felt peaceful & content, my mind was free of clutter, my confidence opened, I couldn’t stop smiling & laughing for a whole week. What a release it was to feel joyful!

Minor things weren’t bothering me. I felt so complete & whole as a person, as if the part of me who I thought had been missing my whole life happened to spark up inside for the very first time.

I was able to hold conversations with people instead of feeling like a nervous wreck on the inside & wanting to sink and run away from speaking.

It made me realize I can & it is OK to express my voice & feelings. This has been a huge hurdle in my life.

I felt alive.

Instead of sitting on the couch drinking my 2nd or 3rd morning coffee while contemplating about life & trying to find motivation…  I was up out of bed, walking and doing.

I wasn’t over-thinking, waiting or procrastinating for life to find me!

As my heart started to bubble & open from expressing buried feelings, I felt fully supported by the workshop group. This was a huge deal because I am a reserved person & don’t like to share much of my personal life.

It also opened my eyes that no one is alone in suffering and so my wish is for everyone to experience this incredible program.

Before joining Surge to Success, it was daunting to say the least, to even think about it but once you take the courage, I promise you will thank yourself for it.

The healing & energy during the workshop was beautiful and moving.

Thank you Grada for being the amazing teacher & leader that you are. You have made a huge impact along my healing journey.

To all concerned,

When I was living in Tasmania, curiosity took me to visit The Purple House. 
I previously was working on a flower farm and was suffering from incredibly itchy and red hands. 
Grada swiftly informed me that the flowers were causing this stress reaction in the body. She took a blood sample and knew exactly what I needed. It was fascinating to see my blood cells on the screen moving. Clearly reading my blood Grada could see a range of health issues that needed addressing. 
She recommended also some health products, within a few days and weeks of following her recommendations, amazingly rash went. Health was renewed, my energy levels returned.  She was spot in with everything she said. A natural gifted healer, who clearly knows what she’s talking about.
Thank you Grada 

Dear Grada

How to say thank you?!?

It’s not something that I even mentioned at the session, but after my very first one and only treatment at the Purple House you have freed me from decades of psycho-somatic body memories.

Despite years of very effective art and gestalt therapy, energetic massage, biodynamic osteo, NLP and many other allopathic and complementary therapies to clear past traumas, I have continued to have a very strong physical reaction whenever I put my hands under low pressure running water.

It is always worse if the water is luke-warm in temperature and extreme when the bathroom fittings are pale blue, to the point that there was an internal popping in my ear so loud I could not hear people speaking to me.

And now… it’s gone! I have become so used to it now over decades of this happening that I was amazed the first time it didn’t happen – it’s absence was such an unexpected – and pleasant – surprise. I’ve since even tried to recreate the response. A blue bathroom sink… the type of taps that always exacerbate the reaction, turn the pressure down to low, make sure the temperature tepid… this is a combination that would normally sound like low-grade tom-thumb fireworks in my head. 

Instead? Nothing. Not a single pop.

After a couple of decades of regularly racking up very dramatic life-threatening experiences which include but are certainly not limited to multiple car accidents, a hang-gliding incident that left me wheel-chair bound for a time, several deep vein thromboses and a lung riddle with pulmonary embolisms, emergency plastic surgery from having my face sliced to the bone and a number of other far less palatable experiences, I am also loving being free of this pattern, and enjoying a smooth journey for the last several months since my initial consultation. I am looking forward to continuing to enjoy a smooth and joyful (read trauma-free) path forward in life, and am so grateful to you and your expertise in facilitating this.

Recommend you and your services? Absolutely!


Nairn W

I’m a 30-year-old mum and I came to see the Purple House with a diagnosis of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and was on anti-inflammatory and immune suppressant medication. I’d been ill for ten years. On top of my regular medication, I still had to take extra pain killers daily. I was finding it difficult to look after my daughter or to exercise and was putting on weight.

Only days after seeing Peter and following some suggestions I found I was feeling better than I had in years!


I came to Peter for help because I was worried that if I didn’t have a better relationship with my father, it would affect my relationship with my son. I suspected there was a link between my father, my son and me. I was worried that old issues with my dad, would manifest themselves between me and my son, in the future. I was already exhibiting some of my father’s behaviour towards my son! There is no way I would want my son to have the same feelings towards me, that I had towards my dad. I love my son and daughter, and found it easy to shower my daughter with affection, but somehow I couldn’t be the same to my son, no matter how hard I consciously tried.

I am a successful businessman, but it has been a long, hard road. I left home young. The reason why I left home was that my father and I had a big fight and I was about to punch his lights out. After that, I didn’t fight with him anymore, I kept things cordial on a superficial basis, by suppressing my childhood memories. If I allowed myself to remember some of those memories, there would have been no way I could have tolerated him in my life. I wanted to become whole in myself, and I knew I had to let go and resolve those memories. I wanted to take the next step forward towards reaching my full potential as a human being. The first years of my life, I was looked after by my grandparents. I thought they were my parents. Another couple of close relatives used to visit me sometimes and take me shopping. Suddenly, one day, I had to leave my “parents” and move in with these strange people, who turned out to be my real parents.

They were firm believers of “spare the rod and spoil the child.” Perhaps I was a naughty child. I used to be embarrassed at school for the welts down my legs where I had been hit.
I remember only one incident where my father showed affection. That was after my mother whipped my back black and blue, like a dog, and my father told her to stop and only hit me on the buttocks and legs. He put some soothing ointment on my back after that. All I seemed to remember from my childhood was confusion and abuse.

Then I found my niche as a businessman. When I was at work, I went into this role of a successful, caring businessman. But as soon as I went home a change would come over me, as if I didn’t care about anything.

I didn’t have much to do with my parents. My mum would tutor my daughter once a week and I just pretended that I didn’t see her.

I really felt incongruent and fragmented. Part of me knew how to behave, and yet, when I wanted to show my son, how much I cared for him, I showed this uncaring attitude. It was also affecting my marriage.

A few years ago, I had counselling sessions with a psychiatrist. The process was cognitive and I didn’t find it helpful. I knew the issues arose from an Unconscious level, and I didn’t have the tools to deal with them. Consciously, I was already doing everything I could. I was polite to my parents, and I kept a lid on the past.

I realized that this was no way to lead my life. I only had a superficial relationship with my parents, and I wanted to move forward and be the sort of dad to my son that I never had. I wanted to love and protect him. I wanted to have a meaningful relationship with my wife. The only thing was, I didn’t know how to.

The first thing Peter did, was take a detailed personal history. I just let it all pour out! All the ugly memories of my childhood, and the unhappiness I felt about myself. We then worked on some strategies that I found very helpful. After getting in touch with my Unconscious mind, I was able to let go of my negative emotions one by one. It was so easy! When I tried to feel that old anger towards my dad, I couldn’t feel it any more!

We then worked on deleting some old concepts I had of myself, that weren’t serving me at all. Peter told me that all behaviours are learnt Consciously and then become Unconscious. What has been learnt, can be unlearnt. We also integrated parts of the Unconscious Mind that had split off when I was abused. These parts had started to act out on their own, causing me to behave in an unacceptable way sometimes. By the end of the session I felt like a completely different person. I even liked who I was! My relationship with my wife, children and parents has improved greatly. Nothing is holding me back anymore. I am now moving on, into the next stage of my life, knowing that I have the strength to overcome any problems. I know I will be a completely different father to my son. A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought this possible but now I am looking forward to having a happy future with my wife, children and my parents. Thank you Peter for your expertise!

John, NSW

For three years I visited different doctors with a rash between my legs, which often bled, and it was often very itchy. Sometimes I was sure I was on fire. The problem made it hard for me to walk quite often. I was telling a friend about it and she suggested I give the Purple House at Forth a call, which I did and made an appointment.

On the 12th March 2010, my first visit, Peter Robertson was the person I saw. He asked me a lot of questions. He asked me what the doctors called my rash. The doctors called it a fungus. Then Peter took some blood out of a finger and did a blood analysis. I had no white blood cells (in that sample), my red blood cells were all in bunches with fat particles all around them. Peter suggested a no-carbohydrate diet for two weeks. No cereals for breakfast. No coffee, tea, ice-cream or biscuits, which I love, just eggs and bacon for breakfast, soup for midday meal and for the evening meal: veggies and meat and no dessert. My second visit was on the 26 March 2010. Peter took some of my blood, did the same sort of blood test, and found that I had some white blood cells. My red cells had come apart and the fat particles were gone, so Peter gave me two types of supplements to help me with other things I can’t remember.

Five weeks later my next appointment was great, my fungus had gone. Now I have lost fourteen kilos. I never intended to lose weight, but it happened and I am a very happy customer. I don’t run out of wind when I go for long walks and I feel great. My wife eats what I am eating, and she has lost ten kilos. I feel great now, no coffee, tea, fast foods or sugar. Thanks ever so much to Peter at the Purple House, a great chap!”

Bill, Devonport

I am not one to take medications and I had tried a few of methods to help my menopause with no success. A friend mentioned that she had heard The Purple House in Forth was meant to be good, as I needed to do something so I thought I would give them a try. My first appointment was the 17th March and yes I was sceptical but went in with an open mind.

I mentioned the way I was feeling and at the end of my consultation the suggestion was that I try a few things (wasn’t real sure how this was going to help but I didn’t have anything to lose).
After the first week I felt amazing, not only has this hugely helped my menopause but before I was continually heating my wheat pack thinking that my back was aching from sitting and posture, but it was either my gall bladder or kidneys that were not functioning like they should of been.
After the first week my back stopped aching, I no longer feel bloated after eating, my sweet cravings have gone.
Seven weeks of taking natural minerals and trace minerals (not prescribed medication) and I am starting to notice other changes, my skin doesn’t seem as dry and my nails are not brittle like they used to be. I wished I had gone to see Peter years ago!


Grada and Peter are amazing, when you are feeling like you are beyond help – they can help. I have been working with them for years.

Katie Chu

Before visiting the Purple House in Forth I had been suffering from constant bloating, gas, stomach cramps and diarrhoea for about 16 months.

After the first month or so I had seen a GP and been tested for bacterial infections. That came back negative. They then tested me for food intolerances. I waited for several weeks for the results to come back and was completely unprepared for what they found: I was to avoid all foods that contained any dairy products, bananas and a selection of other fruits and vegetables. I spent the next few months taking twice as long at the supermarket to get my groceries.

Even after all this effort, I was feeling no better, in fact I was getting worse. I took my test results back to the GP and they reviewed the levels of my reaction to other foods. They suggested I also avoid any products containing gluten, beans, wheat and corn. Whilst there may have been some benefits of this diet, it was starting to make me feel weak and I was still experiencing digestive troubles.

By now I was feeling frustrated with people’s suggestions of different things wrong with me. A friend suggested the Purple House and I figured I would have nothing to lose. To my surprise they tested and showed me the results on the day of my appointment. They picked up on deficiencies and worked out ways to combat the problems I was experiencing. Not only that, they gave me reasons as to why my body wasn’t working properly and that it was causing severe reactions.

After showing me pointers to the main problems it was a matter of a few supplements and suggestions to my diet and I was on my way. I was expecting a long slow recovery because I had been feeling so sick and weak for over a year now.

Within days, I started to feel different. Not only had my digestive troubles almost disappeared, but other symptoms I had battled with for years, such as being constantly tired despite plenty of sleep, had taken a turn.

Now weeks later, I am still feeling great. No bloating, better sleeping patterns, no diarrhoea or stomach cramps and only rare occasions of gas. The best thing of all: I have returned to a normal diet without any major side effect! That means although I may react to large amounts of dairy and eggs, I can eat them in moderation with no reactions at all. I am feeling more energetic, happier, my clothes fit better and I don’t have to worry so much about going out for meals.

E. Baxter

I came to the Purple House after my life had taken a turn for the worse. I had always been an active person and thrived on my independence. I have been a teacher for years and in my spare time I used to bushwalk, garden and renovate my home. One day I fell on my back and it hurt. After experiencing stiffness for a week I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with sciatica. The doctor suggested a routine blood test.

When the results came back it showed that my cholesterol levels were high and I was low in iron. I was prescribed cholesterol lowering drugs and iron tablets. After a while I started to develop more and more strange symptoms. The pain got worse and now I was given anti-epileptic drugs for nerve pain. I started to develop weakness in the legs and finally had to get around with the help of a walking stick. Because I became physically inactive I developed high blood pressure and had to go on medication for that. I was told it would be for the rest of my life and that is the exact point where the alarm bells started ringing.

In three short years I had gone from a healthy fifty something, independent woman to a wreck. A friend told me to go and see the people at the Purple House and when I rang up it was decided that I needed a Biomedx session. I had to fast for two hours and stay off all non urgent medication the night before. I had become so dependant that a friend had to drive me to Forth.
Peter then did tests on my urine and saliva specimens and we looked at my live blood on the computer screen. Seeing my own red and white blood cells was a real eye opener. Even though I wasn’t feeling too good, I was told that my blood picture looked fairly healthy which was heartening.
From the urine and saliva Peter could tell that I wasn’t drinking anywhere near the amount of water that my body needed and this was creating a lot of stress on the kidneys. There were other imbalances but the thing that stands out was that the information was very thorough and the changes I had to make to my diet were easy.
I was told that the original cholesterol number wasn’t all that high and to get a second opinion. I went to a doctor who agreed for me to leave off the cholesterol lowering drugs. As I started to drink more water my energy levels increased. I had a couple of treatments from Peter for the sciatica and after that I was able to go for walks again.

I now realize that some of the muscle weakness and other strange symptoms I experienced were a side effect of the cholesterol drugs because my strength returned fairly quickly. The iron levels are now
completely normal and that is without iron tablets. The urine and saliva tests showed that my stomach acid levels were very low, so I wasn’t digesting my food properly. I now take digestive enzymes with every meal and the fact that my iron levels are normal and have remained normal convinced me that this works.

As my energy levels increased I became aware of certain childhood issues that I had completely blocked out. I had never realized that there was such a black hole in my memory. For a while I felt very upset and confused, but it probably also explained why I never got married. This happened not long after my Biomedx session so I had some Kinergetics. After the first session I felt more at peace in my own body than ever before. Everything started to make sense. Now I am going stronger than ever, and I will never take my health for granted anymore! So thank you Peter. You know how to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the issue and you inspire me with your wisdom.

Sonia T.

During a very dark time in my life, I engaged in weekly coaching sessions with Peter. This was a hugely beneficial process to help clarify my focus. I went from overwhelm to gaining a sense of confidence and courage. I was able to see glimmers of hope. Peter helped me dig deep and find belief in myself again after it had nearly disappeared. I owe my life to Peter and can’t thank him enough.

Tania V

Peter made me get off my backside and take action. I had a terrible habit of procrastinating, but after Peter helped me clear an issue that had dominated my whole life, I was able to set goals and reach them easily. Time with Peter is well spent, he is a very supportive, honest and guiding Coach.

Laura P.

Working with Peter has been a real eyeopener. I was immediately struck by his quiet sincerity and the depth of his knowledge. Working together has rewired my brain so I now believe in my abilities. I can tap into my courage and know my life is manageable. I used to be stuck in despair, overwhelm and my dreams always seemed so far out of reach. Now it feels as if a heavy fog has lifted and every day I am getting more resilient. I can’t recommend Peter high enough.

Gill B.

In 2005 I was bitten by a white tail spider- 6 times. It was just one spider but is sure packed a huge punch! You would never believe the nightmare that followed: the immediate burning blisters, the years of having my skin cut away from the gangrenous bite site, the years of suicidal depression.

I sought help anywhere I could. A merry go round of doctors diagnosed my chronic fatigue, my depression, my compromised immune system and my ensuing severe allergies. They prescribed an Epi-pen, Avapro, Effexor, prednisolone and sleeping pills. I was administered steroids and all the antis –antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines. They tried to commit me to a psychiatric hospital.

white tail spider bite rash
A picture is worth a 1000 words. The first photo shows the spider ‘worm’ in 2005, and then the continual sores and rashes till 2011!And the years of achingly painful, weeping skin rashes. I could not get out of bed or stop crying. My husband had to scrub my wounds, cook for me and take care of me. 

I was jumpy in my skin, suffered extremely hot flushes and couldn’t sleep. My skin was blotchy red and my lymph glands and throat were swollen. My scalp was blistered and bleeding. While it was a relief to find out that these were all caused by a sudden onset of allergies I wasn’t impressed by the drugs they prescribed, as well as the combination of those drugs which had exacerbated my problems. My life became controlled by the things I couldn’t do. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t touch, and couldn’t smell.

I had many, many tests done to find out the extent of my allergies, but I was also allergic to the metal of the needle drawing my blood for testing. And I was allergic to the alcohol swab. Many meats, vegetables and fruits, and all preservatives had to be eliminated from my diet.

The citric acid in shampoos had blistered my scalp. Mint toothpaste had aggravated my throat. The (naturally occurring) heavy metals in our water had blistered my skin in the shower. I could not wear leather shoes, any jewellery or even a bra (because of the metals on the clips.) I could only wear 100% cotton, but those clothes are usually stitched with polyester cotton which caused a ring of rash around the seam lines. The smells at the supermarket would make me vomit.

Grass and dust were dreadful, which made life a bit difficult when you live on a dirt road in a bush land setting. I didn’t think anyone could help me, but I went to see Grada after she was suggested to me a couple of times. I went more out of curiosity than anything else. I didn’t really think that waving a few vials (homeopathic testing vials for toxins) or tapping my head (part of the kinergetics corrections) would be of any value but how wrong I was!!

From just the first visit my skin colour returned to normal, the swelling disappeared and the jitters settled. I no longer needed afternoon naps and my heart stopped racing…… I don’t know how but Grada healed my body. I can now sleep at night, my constant headaches and rashes finally went away, I can shower in our water and wear my watch. I can now eat mushrooms and potato. Grada assures me that there will be even further improvements regarding my allergies. Maybe one day I will be able to eat tomatoes and bananas, enjoy a glass of wine and use soap.

I cannot explain what Grada does, I only know that she worked miracles for me. She did not prescribe any medications and now they are a thing of the past. Life is so much better when the things you can do outweigh the things you can’t do. All this in just two visits. Life is very promising!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christine M.

Hi Grada,

I wanted to give you an update on how I am.

I have been working harder than ever on myself, which is paying off incredibly. For your support and guidance I am truly grateful.

While the same challenges of each day exist, I am able to view them differently and not feel overwhelmed.

Whenever I feel something come up I say “I love myself for feeling (insert whatever the emotion is here)”. I can not believe how much difference it has made. This coupled with “but is this intrinsically true” have changed not only my life, but my family’s too.

On the weekend my daughter (14yo) said to me “I don’t know what it is but I feel so much good energy in the house today”. It made my day. It is so true that the mother is central to the vibe of the family. Having tried for years to do what is ‘right’ for my family, I never before have felt so strongly about investing in me and watching the benefits unfold for all of us.

Kids do learn from what they see and feel, not just what they are told.

I’m not just trying to be positive, I’ve tried that before. I’m simply acknowledging whatever comes up and seeing it for what it is. I’m teaching my girls to do that too. I think they get it on a deep level, I am sure they feel it too.

I am also careful about how I speak about money.

Financial wellbeing is a big issue for my husband and I, as I’m sure it is for many families. It has always impacted our relationship negativity, with him feeling he carries the financial pressures largely alone. We are working together to address this and it’s paying dividends! Well not literally yet, but it is amazing how when the action comes from a place of love not fear, how different the outcome. A work in progress, but we are heading in the right direction!

I could go on and on about the ‘coincidences’ I’ve observed and the awakening I feel. So many examples each day of how beautiful life is when you work to stay present.

One thing though, that I have not read about, but am really noticing is there seems to be more time.

More space, more time. Time feels slower and the days longer. My sleep is blissful. Most of the tome there is a stillness and a calm over us all which I am thrilled to have. It is so wonderful that this benefit alone makes me want to continue on this path.

With an attitude of gratitude,


During my stay in Tasmania, Forth, I visit the Purple House. They have a beautiful shop and when I entered I found myself immediately in a atmosphere of honesty and happiness.

They sell beautiful healthy goods and the way I was treated is warm and understanding. Then I had a two treatments with Grada. I didn’t sleep well the last few years, but after one treatment with Grada I slept 7 hours consecutively!

Grada has a very soft and lovingly touch which had a strong effect on my body. She also posseses a special gift, which I cannot describe, but it is amazing good.

Also Peter, like Grada, has a professional attitude. He made a clear and exactly report about my wellbeing and gave me a lot insight information.

What I really liked and/or loved was the understanding and serious way they treat me, which made me feel very much at ease, for I never find this so much in hospitals. They really listen to my heart and therefore I am really grateful.

Their treatments and knowledge is so well developed that I would recommend it to everyone.

International client

I am saddened to hear the news of regulations limiting your information. I am very angry that one person can create this much destruction to your business and the wonderful work you do to help so many people. I have referred numerous people to your amazing healing and wellness centre and the information you give at the Purple House.

I thought Australia was a free Country. Obviously the ‘power that be’ have never been to visit and receive some of your information.

I came to have my blood analysed by Peter in approximately 2010 and i was a complete mess. I had been diagnosed with Systemic Vasculitis in 2004 with very little time to live. I was in a wheel chair and went through a round of chemotherapy and was on morphine from that time on.

I visited the Purple House to get them to help me get off my morphine and to improve my health.

Peter was amazing and suggested the things i needed. I followed his instructions and have made a complete recovery. I follow their recommendations to this day and will continue to do so.

I believe people should have a choice with their health whether they go down the medical root, which in my opinion is just putting a bandage over the symptoms and not getting to the root of the cause


Hi Grada and Pete,

Just wanted to send love to you guys and reassure you both with my gratitude on what you guys have brought to my life over the years since that random day back those years ago when a simple appointment with one of your therapist at the time, Hannah, totally changed my life.

Since then I feel I have created an awesome bond between you both and respect you both very highly as very powerful people. You have allowed me to see myself in a totally amazing different light not to mention all the support and guidance you have given me to be able to accept the unacceptable and move forward.

Life certainly hasn’t been easy for me at times and with the love and help of you both as well as the fantastic staff that you guys have at the clinics both now in the past I have thoroughly enjoyed attending retreats, biomedix sessions, kinesiology sessions but most of all growing what I consider a special connection or friendship with the Purple House.

Life is pretty good for me at moment and the Purple house has certainly contributed over the years  significantly to help that happen for me.

Keep doing what you are doing guys. 

Lots of love to you both,

Heidi V

Hi Grada,

Hope you are well.

We just wanted to let you know that we are devastated that you can’t be free with all your information and wealth of knowledge. We (as a family) would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for our sessions together, watching your YouTube videos and reading all your blog articles.

Since our last session, I’ve noticed a huge difference in myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The children have been coming ahead in leaps and bounds at school and are much more settled in themselves.

I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all you do and will even continue doing to help people become one with themselves.

Best of luck