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Normalise your liver function the natural way

From Pete’s Desk Many of my clients have been diagnosed with raised liver function tests (LFTs) which is often related to fatty liver. Elevated liver enzymes (or raised LFTs) are seen in approximately ten percent of the United States population. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has been shown to be the most common cause of elevated liver[…]

The best way to avoid Coronary Heart Disease !

From Pete’s desk … Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading single cause of disease burden and death in Australia (according to the Australian Government’s website). In 2018, CHD accounted for 17,500 deaths. How can you avoid becoming a statistic? Let me introduce you to Philip. Philip came to me complaining of forgetfulness, aches and[…]

7 natural remedies for urinary tract infections …

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of your water works, from your bladder, all the way to your kidneys … Women are at greater risk of developing a UTI than are men. Doctors typically treat urinary tract infections with antibiotics and today, we are sharing some tried and true alternatives. Symptoms Urinary[…]

Get relief from stress with these 4 simple tips

Feeling stressed? Studies have found many health problems related to stress. Stress seems to worsen or increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma. Before you get too stressed about being stressed out, there is some good news. By following some of these simple stress relief tips you[…]

Get to the root of what’s happening in your life

Imagine there is a testing system that discovers exactly where your pain, lack of energy, mood swings or weight gain originates from. A Biomedx Complete Health Analysis will do just that! It includes around 26 chemical tests on your urine (which is filtered blood) and saliva (which reflects your lymph system). It includes checking your[…]

Shining the Spotlight on Elijah!

Elijah is our little warrior. Imagine having inflammation between your brain and skull, resulting in meningitis, once a week on average all your life. Imagine the suffering. The inflammation caused high-frequency hearing loss, and Elijah is very lucky that he hasn’t gone completely deaf and blind. Elijah, our twelve-year-old grandson, is very lucky to be[…]