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Unlock your child’s super human potential!

Do you want your kids to reach their (super)human potential? Then you need to support their 100 trillion microorganisms living in their bodies! 100 trillion?! Do we really have that many bugs? Yes, we do! Scientists are only just beginning to grasp the enormous importance of these bacteria. It appears that only 10% of our […]

Are your hormones out of whack?

Do you experience low libido, chronic fatigue, infertility, PCOS, PMS, not enough sleep, too much sleep, skin issues or weight gain? Stop blaming your partner, your boss, children or the climate change and blame your endocrine system instead. Tune in to hear how you can rebalance your hormonal system. It always begins with drinking more […]

Have you heard of adrenal fatigue?

Our client Jodie had never heard of adrenal fatigue, till she ‘came down’ with chronic issues and irritable bowel. She couldn’t shake off her symptoms. In the end she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue as well. The majority of the population today have weak adrenals. Adrenal weakness can lead to Arthritis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme, […]