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What do swollen ankles have to do with your health?

These symptoms of swelling and extra fluid pooling in the tissues around your feet and ankles point to circulation issues. The worst-case scenario is that it could lead to clots or a cardiac event. Heart and cardiovascular issues are usually preceded by a decline in kidney function, or stress building up in your kidneys. So,[…]

Are these 3 harmful foods in your cupboard, right now?

Today, I’m going to expose three harmful foods that are likely in your cupboards, right now, that could be putting a dagger through your health goals. All three foods are labelled and marketed as “health foods”. Today, I’m also, going to show you my four natural weight loss helpers. These four natural solutions are not[…]

The Missing Pieces of Health …

Have you ever had debilitating tummy issues? Meet Gina, my 19-year-old client, who was grappling with perplexing health issues. She’d been experiencing pain and discomfort after nearly every meal, to the extent that her parents believed she had an eating disorder. However, Gina was convinced that she had to be incredibly cautious with her food[…]

Beat parental burnout …

More than one million Australian children live with a parent who has depression, putting those children directly at risk of developing depression and anxiety themselves. Parenting is probably the most demanding ‘job’ in the world, and the challenges have only intensified during the last few years. As the world moves beyond the pandemic, parents are[…]

The Silent Threat ….. The Harmful Effects of Low Stomach Acid

Do you feel overlooked, overworked and underpaid? It could be your stomach! You might have been popping antacid tablets without a second thought … But did you know that these seemingly harmless pills might be doing you more harm than good? While antacids provide you with temporary relief from pain, burning or acid reflux, they[…]