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Have you heard of adrenal fatigue?

Our client Jodie had never heard of adrenal fatigue, till she ‘came down’ with chronic issues and irritable bowel. She couldn’t shake off her symptoms. In the end she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue as well. The majority of the population today have weak adrenals. Adrenal weakness can lead to Arthritis, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme, […]

What is EFT tapping?

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) or tapping offers quick and effective relief for physical pain and emotional distress. According to its developer, Gary Craig, a disruption in energy is the cause of all negative emotions and pain. EFT tapping has been used to treat people with anxiety and people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and transformed […]

8 steps to reduce EMF toxicity or harmful radiation.

Recently Grada and I had smart meters installed on our house after having solar connected. I’d heard that they send radio frequencies back to the office with the usage data so the Aurora man doesn’t have to come and read them anymore. Apparently, it’s similar to the radio frequency emitted from our mobile phones, which […]