“Your children are the barometer of your soul.

“Family patterns have a huge influence on our bodies and our life.

Ancestral patterns come through us, and if we don’t transform them, we pass them on to our children.

It takes commitment and dedication to do our inner work, but if we aren’t willing to open our awareness, our children pay for it.

I want you to meet Jodie.

When she came to us, she was on the verge of burnout.

She suffered greatly from the hyperactivity and aggressive outburst of her little daughter, who had been under continual medical care since she was born.

They were trapped into a very difficult cycle, where she would take her child to the doctor, receive a prescription for a medical drug to modify her behaviour, and visit a therapist that was recommended by her GP, yet on a fundamental level, nothing ever changed.

Jodie brought her child to our facilities, on the recommendation of close friends.

What we discovered was that Jodie’s little daughter’s nervous system was swamped by Jodie’s own traumatic childhood memories that she refused to deal with.

Jodie had never taken her history into consideration because she hadn’t seen the connection between her own unresolved childhood issues, and the erratic behaviour of her child.

After balancing the child, we booked Jodie in for a deep healing session.

What we discovered was that Jodie had been severely abused by her parents, but she didn’t have any clarity around the abuse, because of ‘loyalty’ or trauma bonding to her mum and dad.

She was more concerned to see the good sides of her parents, than admitting to the harm they had caused her.

It was as if she was living in a dense fog.

During the second session, she was finally able to admit how much harm her parents had caused her, and all the pent-up anger, hurt and grief came out.

The beauty of energy medicine is that we can remove truckloads, or many lifetimes of deeply repressed emotions in one session!

And, then a miracle happened.

Within a few days of Jodie’s healing, her little daughter started to play normally.

She lost her symptoms, was able to focus and communicate clearly, and asked normal questions.

Jodie was over the moon and continued her treatments to make sure that she not only released her own subconscious traumas but also gave her little one the best life.

Her daughter became medication free in a matter of days.

Pete and I have seen miracles like this many times over.

If we as adults are not committed to raising our awareness around our struggles or continue to live in a distorted reality because our childhood was chaotic or damaging, we hand our issues to our children, and they must pick up the pieces.

Here are some other examples:

  • The child with skin issues, because her dad had repressed memories of being alone, unprotected, and isolated as a child while being bullied by his father. (The child’s grandfather)
  • Our 4-year-old client who went hysterical every time the taps were turned on – The child’s grandmother had lost several children in a tragic drowning accident and never dealt with her grief.
  • The child with severe stomach pain – Her mum was very controlling, and the child couldn’t stomach it. The mother was a control freak because she reacted to her own childhood which had been out of control.
  • The child with teething problems, who carried many generations of guilt, shame, and anger that had never been processed.
  • Children with hip problems, because of family secrets.

All of these children are doing well today because the parents are committed to healing themselves and learning from their children’s difficulties.

I believe our children are the barometer of our soul.

If they play up or have mysterious health issues, we need to ask ourselves ‘what am I not seeing about myself?

And, often, we need help with this from a compassionate coach or healer, who can point out our blind spots.

When you liberate yourself, you give your child the best start in life.

And the healing is ongoing.

Every time I have an epitome or a transformation, my children and grandchildren benefit just as much from the positive shift in energy as I do.

It is never too late to wipe the slate clean!

To change deeply ingrained patterns, takes time, patience, perseverance, self-compassion, and dedication.

As experienced energy healers, Pete and I can shorten the gap, and help you deal with and heal many lifetimes of issues in a few sessions.

Contact us on 03 64283007 to book your session with us or click here to book online.

If you are sitting on the fence, check out what other clients had to say about their experiences with us.

With love,

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