Live and Dried Blood Analysis


Your Blood is the Perfect Reflection of your Health
Peter analysing a live blood sample with a client
Live Unchanged Blood Analysis is a method of analyzing the blood that look at the state of the blood before it has died. The traditional blood test is quantitative in its results and is not performed until the blood has died. That means it tells you how many red blood cells you have, how many white blood cells, how much cholesterol etc. It does not tell you how many of those red blood cells are healthy, how many of the white blood cells are healthy. How can it? The blood is dead! It can’t tell you how/why your cholesterol level is what it is. Other things we are able to see in the Live Unchanged Blood Analysis are yeast infestation, bacterial overload, and parasitic infestation, lack of certain nutrients in the body, acidic build-up and viral overload. Dried Blood Analysis is a method of observing a dried sample of blood that has not been altered by any chemicals or preservatives. This test will allow us to see any organ stress, including the kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, colon etc, any degeneration within the body that has not shown up as illness YET, any cellular disorganisation, adrenal fatigue, parasitic infestation, toxic overload, sugar intolerances and much more. The Dried Blood Analysis is the perfect method to get a true picture of the state of your health. 


We will take some drops of blood from the tip of your finger. These drops will be placed on separate slides to be viewed under the microscope. You will see your Live and Dried Blood on a LCD screen via a high-powered microscope. Abnormalities in the blood appear years before they show up as illnesses. During your session all that is seen in the samples will be explained. Areas of weakness will be detected, giving early warning signs of the problems that you currently have, and their solutions!


  • Relative activity of the immune system.
  • Condition of the Red blood cells and changes in their for and function.
  • General organ stress.
  • Presence of parasites or candida.
  • Blood sugar imbalances.
  • Malabsorption of fats and proteins.
  • Degenerative stress.
  • Gastrointestinal tract dysfunction.
  • Toxins.
I have already had a blood test done at the hospital/with my GP/with a specialist. Why do I need to have this done?” There are a number of reasons:
  • The blood test you have had is quantitative and not qualitative as our test is.
  • The blood test you have had may have altered the true state of your blood. These tests are done on your unchanged blood samples.
  • This test can reveal imbalances before sickness results.
  • This test will show not only the problem but also why it is there and what to do about it.
  • The blood test you have had is checking for the results of ill health, we are looking to the cause to find the cure.
  • This is possibly one of the most advanced form of health testing available in the world today.
But, above all else, you need to have this test done to know what the true state of your health really is and what to do to make it better! (Please note: This is not “HaemaviewTM” and we are not affiliated with Metagenics in any way. Our practices are based on the work of Antoine Bechamp and Dr. Gunther Enderlin) Since the 1920’s scientists have been studying the hidden secrets of our blood. And now, with over 70 years of accumulated clinical research data, we are able to observe a drop of your blood, and then give you a complete health run-down. There are four contributing factors to Healthy Cells. 1. Cell Food 2. Cell Environment 3. Cell Communication 4. Cell Exercise Your cellular health will start to suffer if you don’t provide all of these four factors to your cells every day! Once your cellular health starts to suffer you will start to suffer. Observing the blood we are able to determine the exact level of cellular health that you are attaining, or not attaining for that matter. If we are made up of over 100 trillion cells and your red blood cells lead to every other cell in your body, then doesn’t it make sense to address your health at the cellular level? Peter and Grada Robertson are taking bookings Australia Wide. Call now for more information, or make your booking today. Cost $145.00