Can you relate to this?

If you tick any of these boxes, I want you to meet Tracy, my client, who was such a tough case that no other specialist had been able to help her.

She didn’t have a life.

  • She was only 40 but she felt like giving up.
  • She had IBS and couldn’t eat dairy, gluten, fruits, vegetables, spicy or fatty foods and she would suffer so badly that she had to spend 2 or 3 hours on the toilet in intense pain.
  • She only ate rice, potatoes, chicken or fish.
  • She was afraid of going out because of her spastic colon and she never knew when it was going to play up.
  • She had thyroid disease and couldn’t sleep at night because of restless legs.
  • She always felt bloated and suffered from bladder incontinence.
  • She was taking Nexium for acid reflux, Valium for her nerves, muscle relaxants, calcium for her bones, Vitamin D, Synthroid for her thyroid, and Vesicare for her bladder incontinence.
  • She had been placed on Nexium 13 years ago to control her unbearable stomach pains.
  • She was fed up with spending hours at the doctors’ surgery and spending thousands of dollars on medication and tests, with nothing to show for it.

Perhaps you can relate to this or know somebody who is like Tracy?

If you do, please continue reading….

The first thing we did was look at Tracy’s live blood, which showed that her protein digestion was impaired.

We also noticed evidence of parasites in her blood samples.

All her symptoms pointed to EXTREMELY LOW stomach acid levels, (not TOO MUCH acid, as she had been told by specialists) and she had been making it worse by taking Nexium, which had killed her digestive fires completely.

I suggested that she quit her anti-acid medication (with the consent of her GP) and start taking Betaine HCL immediately. (I will explain why in a minute)

Initially, Tracy was reluctant to stop her antacids.

She was scared her heartburn would start up again and she couldn’t bear feeling worse than she already did.

I explained to her that she was like a tree with a damaged root system because her digestion was literally the root system of her body.

Think for a moment: how well could a tree live when you damage its root system?

Not long.

It might survive, but only just, as Tracy did.

She certainly wasn’t thriving, and I wanted her to start feeling great again like she had in her twenties.

I want everyone to thrive!

Tracy hadn’t understood that the root cause of ALL her problems, low stomach acid, had been covered up by a Band-Aid, an antacid-like Nexium, and while her stomach pain had gone, the health had crumbled.

This false economy had cost her a decade of her life.

I really felt for her … IF you are like Tracy, this is what you need to know about Stomach Acid/Hydrochloric Acid or HCL in short.

HCL does the following:

Helps breakdown protein you consume into usable amino acids and essential nitrogen needed for pretty much every function in the body.

Sterilizes your food as it enters the digestive system.

Speeds the rate that food passes through your digestive system.

If you do not produce enough HCL, you will not be able to use the protein you consume for energy or cellular construction.

What will happen is that these proteins will pass through the stomach in large, unusable particles.

Instead of nourishing the body, they end up occurring to your body as a toxic invader causing pain and inflammation.

Additionally, if there is insufficient HCL then your food will not be properly sterilized as it enters the body.

This will create a lot of stress on your immune system.

It will increase the likelihood of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic infections.

Not cool!

Thankfully Tracy let herself be persuaded to supplement with Betaine HCL, EVERY MEAL.

Betaine HCL helped to stoke up the smouldering embers of her digestion.

It worked like a charm.

Because Tracy’s health was so far down the gurgler, she also subscribed to the Ultimate Vitality Boost to fully restore the root system of her body.

There are four pillars of health in the Ultimate Vitality Boost because they each fight one of the four enemies of poor digestion.

The number One health pillar helps with the problem of sticky bile flow.

Number Two health pillar is Omnizyme, which helps to eat through all the nasty food preservatives and breaks down your foods into the smallest particles, so you get the full benefits.

Number Three health pillar is Immuno-Synbiotic, which restores your healthy community of gut bacteria.

Number Four health pillar is Colloidal Iodine. Iodine ignites the mitochondria, which are the little powerhouses inside each cell of the body, giving your energy levels a much needed boost. It also helps to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites, and neutralizes heavy metals and other toxins.

When she returned a month later, I didn’t recognize her.

She had lost several kilos, her skin looked radiant, and she was very happy.

On her third session, she told me that she had been able to go off all her medication, with the consent of her doctor, who had been suitably impressed by the transformation.

I want to see those results for you too!

Supplementing with Betaine HCL is very safe.

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Watch the video above, where Grada and Peter explain in more detail about Heartburn and how to use Betaine HCL.


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