Our Story

Situated in the midst of the world’s best kept secret, the North West Coast of Tasmania, you will find Tasmania’s best kept secret: the Purple House. This region is known for its beauty, tranquillity, clean air and water and the Purple House is equally well known for its excellence in the natural health care and the transformational industry. 

In 2000 we (Peter and Grada) had a vision of opening a wellness centre in Forth. Initially Peter kept down a full time nursing job and I had a small scale herb nursery focusing on preserving heirloom varieties to support our growing family of 8.  However the demand for our services grew so rapidly that we soon had to expand and we bought the Purple House premises in 2005.

Early 2006 we ran into trouble when I was almost fatally injured by a passing truck. This was a major setback. However, we clung to our dreams and proved that there is no greater force in nature than a shared vision. A year later than planned the Purple House was up and running exactly how we had envisioned.

Our centre was created to bring true health and personal empowerment to everyone who believes that their bodies can heal and that you can make a comeback from setbacks.

People like you, who might be looking to find what is missing in your quest for greater vibrancy. 

We want to teach you the ‘secrets’ that help you get off the roller coaster of poor health and show you nutritional and other health protocols that speed your return to health or happiness.

We provide detailed road-maps through our sessions and programs that allow you to be the engineer of your health and personal transformation. 

In 20 years of helping people, we have personally witnessed many miracles.

These miracles are not easily explained within the medical paradigm. We always focus on balancing the entire person.

Even so, we have witnessed clients with allergies, cancer, gallstones, diabetes, weight management issues, vaccines injuries, ADD/ADHD, arthritis and many types of autoimmune conditions go into remission by supporting the person as a whole, rather than pushing the symptoms around. 

We also help you overcome money blockages, relationship problems, or sabotages in your career as well as help you dissolve intense grief and loss so you can move forward with ease and grace. 

Today our world is changing rapidly and our clients are facing new and difficult challenges. We are committed to not only help you to be prepared for whatever comes your way, but also to help you thrive in the ‘new normal’. 

Between the two of us we have 60 years of experience helping people regain their life, health or relationships or restore finances in the shortest time possible. 

We guarantee that when you work with us:

  • You will instantly feel calmer, more peaceful and confident
  • Your mineral levels will be balanced
  • You will feel less pain
  • Toxins are neutralised
  • Destructive DNA patterns are uncovered and cleared
  • You will feel less anxious and depressed and more hopeful
  • Relationships become deeper and more meaningful
  • Traumas from abuse start to heal, inducing a sense of dignity, self respect and self love
  • You will have more energy
  • Things become very clear to you
  • You will discover and heal your blind spots
  • You will have the courage to step into your own power
  • Making decisions becomes easier
  • You will feel so much lighter
  • You will find it easier to love yourself. 


Global Wellness Leader | Internationally recognized master practitioner in energy medicine and mindset work | author | blogger and teacher in the field of personal and spiritual development

Are you longing for success? Fed up with health issues or relationship breakdowns? Has your joy flat lined? Are you ready for change but don’t know where to start? Do you want clarity about your past so you can move forward? 


Grada can help you! Grada is able to tap into her private reserve of wisdom and tried and true tools she has accumulated over 2 decades of private practice with over 13,000 clients, students and readers. 


Grada has a reputation as the Sherlock Holmes of healing and transformation. She will be able to help you resolve even the toughest problems, whether they are of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature.

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21st Century Medical Detective | Biomedx Practitioner | Paleo-Functional Medicine Practitioner | Energy Medicine Practitioner | Master NLP Coach | EFT | Author | Blogger with 40 years in the Health Industry

Are you feeling tired, stressed, sore and out of whack? Do you have serious health issues? Have you forgotten what it feels like to be happy?


Peter works with clients who need clear answers fast, so their bodies and minds begin to heal, their energy levels are restored so they can be productive and enjoy life again.


Peter is an authority in functional medicine. Through the tools of live and dried blood research as well as urine and saliva testing, Peter pinpoints exactly where things go wrong and shows his clients a return to health in the shortest possible time.


For decades, Peter has treated thousands of people at his wellness centre, focusing on the root cause of disease, supporting and educating his clients to be in charge of their own health and destiny.

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