Finding the hero within, a Breakthrough experience With Pete


Unleash your passion, power and purpose in ONE BREAKTHROUGH, so you become your own HERO.

Imagine turning within and finding your best friend, and bringing that hero forward.

Imagine finding all of your own answers inside. Imagine being able to navigate the challenges life throws at you, feeling confident and self-assured.

This opportunity is for you:

  • If your day is maxed out before you even start…
  • If you feel something is missing, always out of reach…
  • If you are struggling with chronic, acute, or serious health challenges….
  • If you feel that you have been running on autopilot and you crave purpose and meaning….
  • If you want to make a quantum leap in energy

As it turns out, I have seen 15,000+ clients since 2000.

I realized that very few people need more talent or intelligence, what they needed was clear guidance.

By the time they reached me, they had been missing out on the ‘good stuff’ for years, and they needed a shortcut fast.

Or they were running out of time, because of serious health challenges.

They needed a powerful breakthrough.

I have been working on how to reliably engineer this breakthrough for you.

This breakthrough experience will help you to go from zero to hero, so you can create whatever you want, whenever you want….

No matter what your circumstances are.

I can guide you along a direct path to healing NOW.

No matter what your circumstances are.

  • You are guided to connect deeply with your Core Self
  • You tap into your superhuman powers (perhaps for the first time ever)
  • You switch up your immune system by at least 50%
  • Your mental movie screen is wiped clean, leaving you feeling calm and positive
  • You break through your fears, not once, but you can do it every day.

I have been researching keys to health and longevity all my life and I discovered that traditionally the Australian Indigenous people didn’t suffer any anxiety, confusion, ADHD, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, psychosis, or any other Western illness.

Record has it that our indigenous people in their natural lifestyle, are the only human beings on earth that think instinctively on a consistent basis, in a state of cooperation, love and unshakable peace.

Their thoughts are life enhancing.

Their thinking is instinctual.

Instinctual thinking promotes wisdom, love, connection, creativity and happiness.

Modern technology, science and education have forced us into our analytical brain.

Our minds are always tense, contracted around problems, ideas, and limiting beliefs.

When we think and overanalyse like we do 98% of our time, we only use a very small part of our brain, and this part drains the power from our pineal gland. Our thinking literally shuts it down.

Our pineal gland (in the centre of our brain) it is our link to the Divine Source.

Some of the Australian Aboriginals still live with full access to their pineal gland, and their thinking is different to ours.

They don’t suffer from the ‘human conditioning’ like you and I do.

They offer us an insight into a cure!

In this 3-hour breakthrough session,

I will show you how to tap into your ‘superpowers’, the parts of your brain and immune system that have been dormant.

Even if you have been your own worst enemy (I know, I have been there and done that), you can turn that around and become your own legend.

This is your chance to go from zero (tapped out) to hero (fully tapped into Source)


Sounds too good to be true?

Let me give you a peep under the bonnet of this 3-hour VIP breakthrough session.

Step 1. On booking, you receive a detailed health questionnaire, which you need to fill in and return to me before the start of the session.

Step 2. Wear comfy gear.
We kick off with a 60-minute process of gathering information from you, uncovering ‘blind spots’ and setting a powerful intention. (This might include looking at your blood under the microscope if the focus is on health.)

After a short break, you are now ready to meet the REAL SELF!

Step 3. I will take you through your first round of instinctual breathing.

Step 4. Quick tune in to get feedback on any fears, questions or feelings that are surfacing.

Step 5. I will take you deeper into the ‘unknown’ through more instinctual breathing. This will make it easy for you to be in prolonged states of stillness and receptivity.

Step 6. This is followed by a 2-minute ice bath. (You will need to change from comfy gear to swimming gear)

This is where the magic truly happens, where the ego drops away and you truly feel in every cell of your being your Infinite Core Self.

Step 7. Feedback and relaxation into the NEW SELF.

Why do I teach you ‘instinctual breathing’?

What is one the first thing the ambos do when they arrive at an accident scene?

They put an oxygen mask on the patient, to improve the chances of recovery.

I have seen firsthand how this revives patients, because I used to go out in the ambulance regularly during a ten-year stint of nursing in a district hospital in the 1980’s.

Sometimes this oxygen will make you feel so high, you get tingles all over your body.

That’s the feeling you get from instinctual breathing, it gives you a natural high.

It powers up your pineal gland allowing you to enter a zone of enlightenment and positive energy.

You now have a taste of what instinctive thinking and living feels like on a cellular level.

You begin to have faith in yourself.

You were created with a pineal gland for a reason.

We were created to be loving, compassionate, and self-healing.

But our modern lifestyle hijacked our connection to our true wild instinctual self.

The way we are thinking today is unnatural. We are taught to reason things out and to distrust and ignore our instincts.’

Our human instinctual thinking creates a state of love, compassion, connection and high morality not insanity.

I delivered close to 200 babies in my career, and I am here to tell you that newborns and children to age seven have very strong molecules of morality. They are full of spirit.

When they go to school to get ‘educated’, the wheels fall off.

Our pineal gland is fully calcified by age 12.

By the time we are 18 and meant to be at our most powerful we are dormant and
disconnected from our ‘superpowers’.

Isn’t it time for some reverse psychology?

I am offering you a portal into your zone of genius, and a chance to end suffering, stress, anxiety, confusion, frustration and overwhelm and illness.

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My from zero to hero experience will:

  • Double the strength of your immune system
  • Clear your mind
  • Oxygenate your blood and organs
  • Help you develop a relationship with your Divine Guidance System
  • Activate your solution driven brain.
  • And adaption into your Wild Self so healing occurs much faster, without much effort on your part.

Why would you choose this path?

Because without a daily disciplined approach that is individually tailored to your unique body/mind system, your chances of healing and lasting transformation are slim.

With me in your corner, addressing your weakest links and helping you break through your sabotages, you will be able to move mountains.

I have witnessed 1000’s of miracles with my clients.

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Be ready for miraculous changes to unfold.

Join me now

You are probably wondering, ‘what’s the investment?”

The amount I have spent on my awakening journey is hundreds of thousands of dollars, and most of it wasn’t necessary.

Today, most of my clients don’t have the luxury of time or money, so I have put the best practices together in one package.

We’ve made this as easy as possible for you by offering the option of a payment plan of your first payment of $320, followed by your second instalment in 30 days of $320.

Or you can SAVE $43 by paying in full for just $597.

If you are a little concerned about investing in yourself right now, I want you to think about this….

What’s the point of money if you don’t have health, peace, and happiness?

Happiness and certainty bring abundance, not the other way around.

If you decide you are in, reply to this email now with I AM IN, and we get you set up.

I am honoured to serve you through this transformational experience and excited for where it will take you!

I can’t wait to see you soon, Pete.

PS: this Breakthrough comes with

  • 2 bonus meditations (recorded by me) to help you stay connected to the hero within…
  • 2 recipes for Bone broth (one vegan and one carnivore) to help you continue your journey into your superpowers.
  • A free copy of my book ‘The Red Coat”

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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What happens after I press the payment button?

After successful completion of your payment, you will be directed to complete a short questionnaire that will help me prepare for our session.

Who is this session for?

The session is for you if you want to gain a deeper understanding of how you can activate your healing blueprint, increase your energy, and get rid of pain so you can reach your full potential.

This is for you if you take a keen interest in your health and wellbeing and want to discover how to come back from set-backs stronger, wiser and better. Be ready to experience the shifts required to scale your income or life.

Why would I need this?

There is a limitless source of healing energy available to you and you may not know that you have disconnected from it. You may be struggling with pain and stress every day, or you want to turn the clock back and feel young again, but don’t know where to start.

What session times are available?
There are only a few spots available each week, for women and men who are ready to move forward fast. You will be able to select a time, or we can organise a suitable time together, once you complete your payment and application form.

Locally, Peter is renowned for his visionary work in natural medicine.

He is a keynote speaker on the topics of metabolism, healthy digestion, gut health, diabetes, and the role of a healthy mindset and emotional intelligence within the paradigm of health.

Since 2000 Peter has treated over 12,000 people at the Purple House Wellness Centre, focusing on the root cause of disease, supporting and educating his clients to be in charge of their own health and destiny.

Peter is a former registered nurse and midwife. He is a master NLP coach, Time Line Practitioner, and is qualified in advanced kinesiology, Remedial Massage, Bowen, Pranic Healing, TFT, EFT and AFT, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Functional Nutrition, Energy Medicine and he is a live and dried blood researcher.

Peter’s memoir, The Red Coat, describes his early childhood in Tasmania.

Peter is considered a personal role model for healthy, happy conscious living and loving by many of his clients.

His article, blogs and livestreams offer all kinds of life know-how, from mind-body wisdom, food and diet, to creating meaningful relationships with your loved ones and other sentient beings.

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