Biomedx/Complete Health Analysis

Imagine there is a testing system that discovers exactly where your pain, lack of energy, mood swings or weight gain originates from. A Biomedx/Complete Health analysis will do just that! It includes around 26 chemical tests on your urine (which is filtered blood) and saliva (which reflects your lymph system). It includes checking your resting and standing blood pressures, your blood sugar levels and many other clinical tests. The truth is: no two people are biological identical. A vitamin supplement that gives your partner a big boost may leave you tired and lethargic for days. So what is the answer? The answer is in checking all five fundamental control systems that most people (including other health professionals) have never heard of. These systems are the engines that drive your body and mind. When these engines are working efficiently you move through life with ease and energy. When only one of these control systems is out, it causes hundreds and hundreds adverse reactions in the body, causing you pain and suffering.  The beauty of Biomedx is that now we are able to find the root cause and reverse the process of disease. Taking charge of your own health includes understanding as much as possible about the way your body functions or malfunctions.

The cost of a Biomedx session is $395.

Unless you are very healthy there will initially be another $250 to spend on supplements. Instead of the “hit and miss” approach you will only be taking supplements you specifically need for your condition. This amount is only a fraction of what you would spend on your car, and you are much more special than your vehicle! You only have one body and you are worth the very best!

What kept this young mum perpetually sick and tired?

The young mother in my treatment room had obviously reached the end of her tether:

with three young children, a part time job and no energy her life wasn’t much fun. It certainly wasn’t the glamorous life she had dreamed of as a young girl.

Over the phone she had told us that she should be feeling happy and fulfilled because she had everything she wished for: a caring husband, nice kids, and a good job, but she mostly felt depressed and cranky. Her weight was also a concern because in spite of her best efforts it just kept creeping up and up!

I suggested that her thyroid might be playing up but her hormones had been checked and found to be normal, even though she had nodules on her thyroid gland. We decided to do a comprehensive blood/urine and saliva test and this is what her blood looked like. I didn’t have the courage to tell her that her blood looked almost pre-cancerous.

Hollow red blood cells
Hollow red blood cells indicate lack of nutrients at the cell level

Her Red Blood Cells (which carry oxygen round the body to be converted into energy) were disappearing in front of our eyes.

They were turning into “ghost” cells. This usually happens when the pH of the blood is getting too alkaline which is caused by the tissues of the body being too acidic.

On questioning she told me she had been to the gym for a vigorous workout the day before. I advised her to immediately ease off on her exercise regime till her body became stronger. On questioning she told me she had been to the gym for a vigorous workout the day before. I advised her to immediately ease off on her exercise regime till her body became stronger.

We also noticed that some of her Red Blood Cells were hollow. This usually means a lack of nutrients at the cell level and this can happen in spite of good diet. In my clients case it was to do with her gallbladder not functioning properly.

As the blood is also a true reflection of our consciousness, it was easy to see that she literally felt “hollow”.

She would still feel like that even if she had 10 loving husbands and a million dollars in the bank: what she needed was to get her digestion going so her cells would get the nourishment they craved!

The fact that her Red Blood Cells were unevenly shaped meant that her thyroid was really about to collapse. I had to explain that blood tests don’t always work accurately. Other endocrine glands such as the adrenals can and will supply emergency supplies of the thyroid hormone and mask the extent of the thyroid problems.

When I asked her did she have excessive tiredness, headaches, dry skin, menstrual pain or disturbances, weight gain, memory loss, crabbiness, no libido, palpitations, I got a “Yes, yes and yes!” She felt enormously relieved to hear that it wasn’t all in her head!

Thyroid issues?

The thyroid is in charge of our metabolism. The life of every cell of the body depends on the thyroid hormones. They regulate the rate at which our bodies burn fats and carbohydrates, control our body temperature and heart rate and maintain energy levels.

Even an abnormality in thyroid function can create havoc in the body, like mood swings, feeling cold all the time and heavy or irregular menstrual cycles. Sub-optimal thyroid function can also cause insulin resistance and this was the case in our client.

The chemical tests on the urine showed that there was a real risk of diabetes in the future and that her body wasn’t really coping with the amount of carbohydrates in her diet. When there is an insulin resistance common amounts of carbohydrates, fruits and sugars cannot be tolerated. Insulin didn’t work properly in her body and therefore glucose could not get inside the cells properly to be burned for energy. Instead the glucose got converted into fat and stored in the liver, tummy, thighs and other unwanted places.

Coconut Oil

We suggested a low carbohydrate, high fat diet that suited her metabolism. This included having absolutely no high starch carbohydrates : no biscuits, bread, pasta, rice, alcohol, fruits etc. This would give her body a chance to self regulate her metabolism and to support healthy detoxification of her tissues.

We also recommended the following:

Liver tonic capsules with each meal help to keep her liver and gallbladder working well so her body will be able to create healthy blood by filtering efficiently. Also providing a healthy weight and robust digestive system
Enzymes to boost her stomach acid and enzyme levels both conducive for proper digestion so her body will enjoy ample nutrient uptake into her bloodstream and cells.

A full spectrum multi vitamin containing several minerals chelated to amino acids which promote absorption also assisting proper  digestion, great liver health and a good supply of antioxidants.

We also suggested 2 scoops of a multi-vegetable powder so packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, good gut flora and antioxidants that it would be even better for her than a blood transfusion. See how well this worked in the following photo which we took three weeks later…..

Healthy Cells
Healthy cells three weeks after the suggested treatment

​I was now brave enough to tell her that I had been quite shocked by the initial blood picture.

Now it was time for her to do some moderate exercise again.​

​Her urine and blood check revealed that her blood sugars were in a healthy range and she felt a million dollars. All this is the spate of a few weeks. We told her to continue with her regime. The multivitamin would cover many of her nutritional requirements every day in exactly the right amounts for her body to function optimally.

What 10 loving husbands and a million dollars in the bank could never achieve was achieved in one Biomedx session. Isn’t it more important to feel a million dollars than to have a million dollars?

It is very satisfying to see a person living life to the full once again! (By the way, do you notice how full her cells are now?)

Below is a graph that explains what level a Biomedx session works at:

Different levels of chronic illness

Sometimes we have to tweak your diet and we keep it as simple as possible. You will save money by not buying the wrong foods anymore.

Here is an inspiring story by one of our clients.

“I have had many difficult experiences with health professionals since becoming ill last year but my experience at the Purple House has been very positive and enlightening.

My first experience of Biomedx was after 14 months of ill health. I was diagnosed with a Midline Cerebellum Dysfunction which was caused by a virus. This condition is quite rare and there is no medical treatment. I was told that with time I would improve.

I was unable to walk without staggering about like a drunk person, my hand co-ordination was affected, I couldn’t drive a car, prepare meals or do house work (be careful what you wish for, the reality sucks!). I had extreme fatigue most of the time. I had difficulty finding the right words for things, at times became a game of charades. I had pain in the base of my skull and burning sensations on my skin that moved about but were there constantly.

So after two hospital admissions, a multitude of tests including two MRI’s, visits to physio, speech therapy and neurologists in Hobart and Melbourne, there was only minimal improvement in my condition.

I came to the realization that the medical profession wasn’t going to provide the answers I needed. This was a difficult realization. As a Registered Nurse my life and career had been based around modern medicine practices.

I received the newsletter from the Purple House detailing the introduction of Biomedx. I decided after a few months I had to address my health issues myself, and this might be a way of taking control. I filled out a detailed health questionnaire,  because so many health professionals just shook their head and said “nothing could be done.” I really didn’t feel Biomedx would be any different, but I was so fed up with no progress I was willing to try anything that might help.

My Biomedx session was a real eye-opener.

All my baseline observations were taken: urine, saliva and a breath holding test. I had difficulty holding my breath for more than 15 seconds, which was quite a shock to me. My live blood was examined from a finger prick. It was so interesting to watch my droplet of blood transform on the computer screen. My white and red blood cells, plasma, T-cells and even a parasite were all pointed out to me.

Then my urine and saliva were tested. Then the results were discussed with me as they were discovered. I couldn’t help but be amazed how quickly this was done compared with the 6 weeks and numerous phone calls it took to get blood results last year.

The whole experience was so positive compared to the blank stares and shrugged shoulders that I had experienced in the past.

The dried blood slide showed a different picture again which explained in detail why I was feeling so bad. Peter then explained all the results of my questionnaire, urine and saliva. He went through how my body was presently functioning and in what way supplements and diet would change this.

In the two hour consult I felt that I was being listened to and able to ask any question and receive an honest answer. I couldn’t help comparing this experience with the one I had with a Professor of Neurology in Melbourne. He asked the questions not waiting for the answer and twenty minutes later (the consult was about the same cost of Biomedx) I was left with no clear picture.

I was so surprised when I received in the mail such a personalized detailed report of all my results and a plan of action to implement the changes. After 3 weeks of diet and supplementing I started to feel better, my energy levels increased. My new diet with added good fats made me feel full.

I was worried that I might be putting on weight as I was eating increased fat and eggs, but I resigned myself to the fact that my health mattered more. I jumped on the scales and found that I had lost two kilo’s (a girl has to love that!!) and 3% body fat. I found the diet very easy to maintain as I was actually doing something positive for my health. I finally feel that I am in control of my health and I am a work in progress.” 

There are 6 important reasons why you will be happy with a Biomedx session:

  • You will be taking all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will make you as healthy as you can be.
  • You will not be taking those supplements that will make you tired or sick.
  • You will know just what foods contribute the most to your health, and those that are most harmful.
  • You will have a therapist who can scientifically monitor your physical needs as they change with age or during times of stress.
  • You will have a person to whom you can bring your family or friends for scientific nutritional testing.
  • You have the assurance that we put all our knowledge to good use. Over the years we have spent at least a hundred thousand dollars on going to courses, workshops and equipment, and have spent thousands of hours studying. We didn’t always follow the traditional naturopathic route or line of thinking because it is mostly symptom based and we wanted the real answers. As a result we are now qualified in a broad range of areas, whether it is to do with the physical, mental or spiritual aspect of the human ellbeing. We always aim to give our clients the treatment we would have liked to receive ourselves.

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