Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis


Imagine there is a testing system that discovers exactly where your pain, lack of energy, mood swings or weight gain originates from.

A Biomedx Full Health Audit will do just that!

It includes around 26 chemical tests on your urine (which is filtered blood) and saliva (which reflects your lymph system).

It includes checking your resting and standing blood pressures, your blood sugar levels and many other clinical tests.

The truth is: no two people are biological identical.

A vitamin supplement that gives your partner a big boost may leave you tired and lethargic for days.

So what is the answer?

The answer is in checking all five fundamental control systems that most people have never heard of.

These systems are the engines that drive your body and mind.

When these engines are working efficiently you move through life with ease and energy.

When only one of these control systems is out, it causes hundreds and hundreds adverse reactions in the body, causing you pain and suffering. 

The beauty of Biomedx is that now we are able to search out the root causes.

Taking charge of your own health includes understanding as much as possible about the way your body functions or malfunctions.

Instead of a “hit and miss” approach you will take supplements you specifically need for your condition.

Peter analysing a live blood sample with a client

Below is an example of a before and after of a Biomedx session:

Hollow red blood cells
Hollow red blood cells indicate lack of nutrients at the cell level

Red Blood Cells (which carry oxygen round the body to be converted into energy) disappearing in front of our eyes.

They were turning into “ghost” cells. This usually happens when the pH of the blood is getting too alkaline which is caused by the tissues of the body being too acidic.

This was a result of a vigorous workout the day before. It was advised to ease off on the exercise regime till the body became stronger.

We also noticed that some of the Red Blood Cells were hollow. This usually means a lack of nutrients at the cell level and this can happen in spite of good diet. In my clients case it was to do with the gallbladder not functioning properly.

The fact that the Red Blood Cells were unevenly shaped meant that the thyroid was really about to collapse. I had to explain that blood tests don’t always work accurately. Other endocrine glands such as the adrenals can and will supply emergency supplies of the thyroid hormone and mask the extent of the thyroid problems.

When asked if there was excessive tiredness, headaches, dry skin, menstrual pain or disturbances, weight gain, memory loss, crabbiness, no libido, palpitations, I got a “Yes, yes and yes!” 

Thyroid issues?

The thyroid is in charge of our metabolism. The life of every cell of the body depends on the thyroid hormones. They regulate the rate at which our bodies burn fats and carbohydrates, control our body temperature and heart rate and maintain energy levels.

Even an abnormality in thyroid function can create havoc in the body, like mood swings, feeling cold all the time and heavy or irregular menstrual cycles. Sub-optimal thyroid function can also cause insulin resistance.

When there is an insulin resistance common amounts of carbohydrates, fruits and sugars cannot be tolerated. 

Insulin doesn’t work properly in the body and therefore glucose can’t get inside the cells properly to be burned for energy. Instead the glucose converts into fat and is stored in the liver, tummy, thighs and other unwanted places.

Coconut Oil

We suggested a low carbohydrate, high fat diet that suits that metabolism. This included having absolutely no high starch carbohydrates : no biscuits, bread, pasta, rice, alcohol, fruits etc. This gives body a chance to self regulate the metabolism and to support healthy detoxification of the tissues.

We also recommended the following:

Liver tonic capsules with each meal help to keep the liver and gallbladder working well so the body will be able to create healthy blood by filtering efficiently. Also providing a healthy weight and robust digestive system

Enzymes to boost the stomach acid and enzyme levels both conducive for proper digestion so the body will enjoy ample nutrient uptake into the bloodstream and cells.

A full spectrum multi vitamin containing several minerals chelated to amino acids which promote absorption also assisting proper  digestion, great liver health and a good supply of antioxidants.

We also suggested 2 scoops of a multi-vegetable powder so packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, good gut flora and antioxidants that it would be even better than a blood transfusion. See how well this worked in the following photo which we took three weeks later…..

Healthy Cells
Healthy cells three weeks after the suggested treatment

I had been quite shocked by the initial blood picture.

Now was time for some moderate exercise again.โ€‹

โ€‹The urine and blood check revealed that the blood sugars were in a healthy range. All this is the spate of a few weeks.

Below is a graph that explains what level a Biomedx session works at:

Different levels of chronic illness

There are 6 important reasons why you will be happy with a Biomedx Full Health Audit:

  • You will be taking all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that will make you as healthy as you can be.
  • You will not be taking those supplements that will make you tired or sick.
  • You will know just what foods contribute the most to your health, and those that are most harmful.
  • You will have a therapist who can scientifically monitor your physical needs as they change with age or during times of stress.
  • You will have a person to whom you can bring your family or friends for scientific nutritional testing.
  • You have the assurance that we put all our knowledge to good use.

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