After working with clients in person at our facilities for 22 years, I am moving over to EXCLUSIVELY connect with my clients via ‘virtual’ or ‘remote’ sessions, face to face over Zoom, or by phone.

This new direction will commence on the 16th of May 2022.

Pete will continue to be available for remedial massage, Bowen, reflexology, energy medicine, allergy clearing, Biomedx or Full Health Analysis and live and dried blood microscopy.

I didn’t make this decision easily.

Here are 3 important reasons I am making this shift.

1. Since the start of the pandemic, I have been seeing many clients via Zoom. Initially I was reluctant to switch over to working ‘virtually’ but I got excited when clients began to give me feedback about the positive changes they experienced. They were phenomenal! Sometimes clients informed me that the sessions were too powerful, and that I had to tone the energy down a bit! They also found that they didn’t need as many sessions as planned, because they got results much quicker and easier.

2. The world is so different now compared to 2020. Connecting with you over zoom will offer you much needed safety and stability. There is no fear of passing germs, and you continue your treatment plan even if you are in isolation or unwell with Covid. Many clients have had to cancel their appointments because of Covid, but I am here to tell you that when you are sick is the best time to connect with me and boost your energies and immune system.

3. My health and wealth creating practice is booming, and the Universe is urging me to not spread myself so thin.

Have you heard the expression: ‘feather, brick, truck?”

  • Meaning that the Universe whispers to us in featherlike messages first.
  • If we ignore it, we might get slammed by a brick.
  • And, if we continue to put our hands over our ears, the truck might be next.

I have already been hit by a truck once, and I am not keen to do a repeat!

I am very grateful that I have had such a great run since the MVA in 2006, when I was told I would never walk again, and that I would need a complete new set of hips in 2016.

I have no intention of receiving hip replacements. I firmly believe that the niggles and stiffness in my back and hips this year are from resisting the changes I have been asked to make by the Universe.

I know from experience that many very fit and healthy clients often experience sciatica or acute back pain just before a change in career or business is required.  

And in most cases, it resolved itself 99% after they ‘surrender”’ and implement the changes that they are required to make by the Universe.

With everything going on in the world – Covid, Floods, War – along with the everyday challenges that all of us face in life, this new way of being with me make it absolutely effortless for you receive guidance, healing and energetic upgrades.

I am inviting you to give it a go!

Leica and Ashleigh will contact you over the next couple of weeks if you have appointments booked in with me to alleviate any fears you might have about Zoom or Phone sessions.

  • You will receive the zoom link to our session in an email the day before, unless the session is conducted over the phone. (Sometimes clients prefer a phone session)
  • I require you to find a quiet, warm, and safe and private space, without interruptions from others or your phone.
  • You don’t want to be disturbed during the session because the healing will go very deep.
  • We begin by chatting about your core issues.
  • Together we dive deeply into your SELF, your ESSENCE, and clear out whatever has been holding you back from shining as the light that you truly are. 
  • During the session you may rest, or you can actively engage, depending on what I am being told to do by ‘headquarters.
  • I have worked with thousands of clients from around the world and have helped set them free from fear and pain and other paralysing conditions.
  • I can do that very quickly without the use of herbs, diets, exercises and other healthy rules for life.
  • I focus on healing you through nonmaterial means: through your own life force.
  • I set up direct communication with the Energy Force that is at work in your life. I can see that force of intelligence in everything and everyone and how problems arise in your life.
  • Sometimes, I already get relevant information from your energy field days before the session. This even happens if you are a new client, and I haven’t met you yet.
  • That means that the treatment already begins to work before you see me!

I understand that some of you have only ever been to me ‘in person‘ and may have the feeling “it’s not the same”.  However, I can assure you that after two years of seeing 30% of my clients remotely, I have found that the healing connection works as deeply in your heart and soul as being in with me physically. In fact, some people feel it is even deeper, bringing this profound healing, peace and awakening, right into your own home.

If you have any technical concerns, we are here to help you both leading up to and during the session. 

What can I expect after the session?

You need to allow 7 days for full integration.

During this time, it’s important to rest and drink more water than usual.

You might get a detox reaction, which can show up as smelly urine or perspiration, diarrhoea, old scars might begin to itch, have a strange taste in your mouth, or experience vivid dreams.

This is all perfectly normal, and positive signs that your body is rejuvenating itself.

You will notice that old triggers don’t affect you in the same way anymore.

This feeling is absolutely liberating.

You will also find that your circumstances will reorganise themselves in ways that are very supportive to you.

New opportunities show up, negative situations disappear, and you will find that your life begins to flow.

Less effort on your part, and yet you receive more ease and flow.

Less drama, more peace and abundance!

If this is something you want for yourself, please book in for sessions with me here:

Click Here to book in for the Money Breakthrough Package One-on-One Coaching; Alternatively, Click Here to book in for a Diagnostic Session.

The work I do can be classified as medical intuitive, or energy consultant.

It comes from decades of honing my psychic skills, as well as being a lifelong student of mysticism and human consciousness.

My talents as a healer didn’t come cheaply.

I had to recover from horrendous injuries after I was struck down by a passing truck in 2006, at age 43, and I had many dates with death between 2006 and 2013, spending long months in the valley of death, confronting, and overcoming my own demons.

These experiences gave me an enormous amount of insight into the inner workings of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Mothering six children and homesteading at the back of beyond in my twenties and thirties, made me an extremely practical and grounded teammate, and healing is a team effort!

You don’t have to believe in my treatments for them to work, in the same way that you don’t need to understand how an electrician repairs your electrical wiring.

I will be able to go right to the source of the energy block that is hijacking your life, and release it, in the same way an electrician will find the short in the circuit and fix it.

Did you know that many of your issues didn’t start with you?

They started with your ancestors and these unresolved negative energies are now sitting inside your gut, causing allergies, or your nervous system, creating anxiety, or your skin, making you itchy.

These repressed memories can be hundreds of years old and have been passed from one generation to the next, like a hot potato, until somebody like you comes along and says ‘NO MORE; I WANT CHANGE; I WANT TO BE DIFFERENT.

The beautiful thing is that when you unearth these underlying causes of illness or scarcity,  your children and future offspring benefit greatly.

You set them free.

I have witnessed this many times.

The change starts with you!

I am looking forward to working with you!

Here are some benefits of remote healing/coaching:

  • It is super convenient. You stay at home, snuggled up near the heater, or comfortable on your bed making it very private and safe.
  • You don’t waste any time. Many of my clients travel long distances to spend an hour with me, and now they can have that time relaxing at home.
  • No driving long or short distances in the cold, wet or dark.
  • You save on petrol.
  • You can go on a holiday and continue your sessions with me.
  • The actual energy in your house will change as well.
  • The connection I set up with your subconscious mind is more potent.
  • There are fewer distractions, allowing for much deeper healing, clarity and energy shifts.
  • You can have a zoom recording of the session if you wish.
  • I can even tune into the family pet, babies or young children belonging to the family all in the one session, should there be a need for it.
  • Even if you are unwell, you can have your session. Your immune system will thank you!
  • I do allergy sessions just as easy as if you are physically in my treatment room.
  • There are really no limits to what can be achieved!

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Friendly Reminders:

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I am looking forward to offering retreats and workshops once my books are launched later this year.

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