Did you know that in today’s world, children are facing more health challenges than ever recorded in history?

I recently had a seven-year-old client who exemplified this issue.

‘Johnie” constantly argued, making it challenging for his mother to leave him alone with his siblings even for a few minutes.

His disruptive behaviour at school, including tantrums and mood swings had earned him the label of being ‘a handful”.

Night times weren’t much better.

Disrupted sleep had reached concerning levels.

When he came to me, the Education Department was considering medical intervention, and I understood their concerns.

Upon treating him, I quickly realized that his problems were not purely psychological.

His body and subconscious wanted him to behave better, but his immune and nervous systems were severely compromised.

His gut was overloaded with bad bacteria, Candida, and likely parasites, creating a toxic mix that affected his entire body.

Now, there are many people today who still believe that diet has nothing to do with your health problems, your attitude or your ability to learn and focus.

But in my opinion, diet is one of the cornerstones of great health.

The early years of a child’s life are very important for later health and development.

One of the main reasons is how fast the brain grows starting before birth and continuing into early childhood.

Although, the brain continues to develop and change into adulthood, the first 8 years build a foundation for future learning, health and life success.

How well a brain develops depends on many factors such as:

  1. Genetics
  2. Proper nutrition before and during the pregnancy
  3. Exposure to anti-nutrients
  4. Exposure to toxins or infections
  5. The child’s interactions with other people and the world

Our children’s bodies have to make sense of many anti-nutrients found in processed foods.

Anti-nutrients rob kids of energy to grow and develop, instead of giving them much needed energy.

Our drinking water which is laced with fluoride.

Fluoride makes us dopey and calcifies our pineal gland by the time we are teenagers.

Our pineal gland is our connection to the Source / Higher Self.

Once it calcifies it is hard to see right from wrong and we are easier to manipulate.

Chloride in the same drinking water causes hardening of the arteries.

Bromide in our bread and milk makes us sluggish and obese.

While we are lucky to have drinking water on tap, these chemicals do have a lasting detrimental impact on our health.

Sugar – one molecule of sugar misplaces 50 molecules of magnesium.

Magnesium is the calming mineral and is needed to keep our nervous system strong.

Today, it is estimated that the average child has 29 teaspoons of sugar per day!

Toxic and processed foods contaminated with GMO, pesticides and herbicides.

Medications like antibiotics (antibiotics do save lives but don’t create health!), asthma medications and anti-inflammatories

Antibacterial ingredients in soaps, hand wash and in our personal health care products.

Pollution and stress.

Poly-unsaturated fats like margarines and canola oils.

It is very sad when we blame our children for behaviours that are beyond their control because we, the parents don’t give them the nutrition they need.

I admit that it can be very difficult to be the food police 24/7 but we chose to be parents so we are responsible.

Sugar is known to be a major contributing factor to obesity, diabetes and cancer, and Government guidelines suggest that children should not consume more than 60g daily.

In fact, there is a growing body of well-respected medical opinion that the recommended intake should be halved to 30g a day or 210g a week.

Children are so vulnerable.

Their brains and nervous system use a lot more energy than adults because they are growing and learning new things at a rapid rate.

When energy levels swing like crazy inside their body, the first thing that is affected is behaviour!

As a mum of six kids I know how hard it is to give your children the full range of nutrients that they need.

Even when Pete and I used to grow our own vegetables and meat and I used to bake all our own bread and biscuits I still never felt good about our food.

Because I knew that our soils in Australia have very little in the way of mineral content I was always conscious about gaps in their nutrition.

I was very strict about no lollies.

My mum who had been a sugar addict all her life used to spoil our children with smarties.

I hated it, because the kids behaved like speed addicts for hours afterwards.

My food values were so alien to my mum that it was no point discussing it.

I sometimes caught the emerging lollies from her handbag in time to deposit them in the rubbish bin behind her back, much to the cries and screams of my kids, who behaved as if they hadn’t had a morsel of food for weeks, turning myself into an object of hatred for the rest of the day.

Back in my treatment room I reassure my client’s mum that I used to despair at my children’s behaviour but now I couldn’t be more proud of all six!

Next we worked out a plan of action that would help restore her son’s nervous system:

  • 3 drops of iodine in water daily. Iodine gets rid of fluoride, bromide and chloride and prevents the pineal gland from calcifying. If he has a bad day, she can increase his drops to 5 per day.
  • Immuno-Symbiotic every day to heal and seal his gut. His gut should have over 500 species and nearly 2 kg of good bacteria. This is his immunity. These good bacteria also break down his foods; gobble up rubbish and release vitamins and minerals from the foods he eats.
  • Mighty Mins, which will give him everything needed that may be missing from his diet. No less than 31 nutritional factors are found in Mighty Mins and the nutrients are provided in forms that are easily absorbed and create health most efficiently.

The vitamin C in Mighty Mins is in fat soluble form as this form is retained and utilized far more effectively than normal water soluble vitamin C. The mineral chromium prevents blood sugars from spiking and dropping. Mighty Mins contains chromium polynicotinate which is one of the few chromium’s worth taking.

  • Coconut oil to support his brain, his glands and his immune system. You can mix coconut oil in soups, smoothies and lather it on vegies. Coconut oil not only calms the brain, it kills bad bacteria, parasites and Candida as well.
  • Plenty of Himalayan Salt in his water to correct the lack of minerals from living in Australia. Australia’s soils are some of the most mineral deficient soils in the world.
  • Bone broths several times per week. Scientist are discovering more and more benefits of bone broth. It even help repair your eye balls, heals your tummy, great for growing bones, strengthens your cell membranes, calms your nervous system and the list goes on.
  • Magnesium, magnesium and more magnesium. Magnesium is key!

It’s never too late to prioritize our children’s health and rewrite their future.

When Johnie came back a month later, his eyes looked calm and clear and he had newfound confidence in his step.

The feedback from his school had been 100% positive.

They couldn’t recognize Johnie, it’s as if he was a new child and his parents were over the moon.

Of course, Johnie wasn’t a new child.

The boy we were seeing now was the real person that had been hiding under the layers of stress, tension and toxins.

Johnie was now looking forward to a great future.

Today, if you relate to this story, please reach out to us for help.

Our sessions create instant relief and transformation.

We give you all the support you need, and if we cant help you, we let you know because we know that your time and money is valuable.

All our products have been tested thoroughly, and some products have been around for decades.

For example, the Mighty Mins have been scientifically proven to enhance learning and wellbeing.

Some of our supplements are imported from the US because they are not available here in Australia.

On our website, Purple House Wellness Centre, you will also find free e-books, and hours of videos and articles to help you navigate the maze of confusion, and give you a pathway to better energy and health.

Pete and I have worked with thousands of children, with consistently great results.

There are many school teachers who recommend our services to parents, and we also get referrals from local Doctors.

If you are worried about your child, want answers fast, or want to turn your child’s health and behaviour around, so he/she can have the best start in life, book in for a diagnostic session with either Pete or me here.

Alternatively ring us on 03 6428 3007 (Tuesday to Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM), click here to shop online – to order products, and gift vouchers, or book a healing, balancing, rebooting, diagnostic session.

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