Did you know that eagles have the potential to live up to 70 years?

However, once they reach around 40 years old, they encounter a critical “health crisis.”

Their talons become overly long and inflexible, their beak curves excessively, and their wings become cumbersome, making flying a challenging task.

Faced with this dilemma, eagles must make a tough choice: embrace decline and inevitable death or undergo a painful process of renewal.

Choosing the latter, the first step in the eagle’s renewal journey involves finding a secure space – nestled in the mountains near a protective wall.

The eagle initiates the challenging renewal process by striking the wall with its beak.

As the beak breaks, the eagle patiently waits for a new one to grow.

Once equipped with a fresh beak, the eagle proceeds to pluck out its worn feathers, allowing new ones to emerge.

After enduring five months of wounds, scars, and growth, the eagle celebrates its renewal with a triumphant flight, emerging stronger than ever, capable of soaring the skies for another 30 years.

Interestingly, lobsters also undergo transformative experiences throughout their lives.

Continually outgrowing their shells, pressure builds up inside, causing pain and stress until the shell eventually cracks open.

Vulnerable and exposed, the lobster scurries to a safe place, growing a new shell rapidly.

Once settled in its new home, the lobster is ‘as happy as a clam’ but inevitably continues growing.

Eventually, every millimeter of space inside the shell is occupied, leading to another period of vulnerability, hiding under a rock, and growing a fresh “armour.”

Lobsters can live to be 70, if they are lucky!

So, how do these incredible creatures relate to us?

For women in their forties, it’s a time when they might “hit a wall.”

Bouncing back becomes more challenging, replaced by aches, pains, stress, and overwhelm.

Mojo becomes a thing of the past, making room for irritation, forgetfulness, and a loss of confidence.

The root cause, as Pete and I understand, often goes deeper, involving unresolved childhood issues.

Stress and trauma from early experiences can no longer be suppressed after 40, as the body tires from keeping them locked away in the subconscious mind.

The energy for suppression wanes, and these unresolved issues begin leaking into everyday life.

Men, too, may face an identity crisis or serious health concerns in their late forties or early fifties (heart attacks or prostate cancer for example)

So, what can we learn from eagles and lobsters?

The only way forward is “through” it.

The forties are often a pivotal time, and neglecting self-care or seeking help can signal the beginning of the end.

This phase mirrors the eagle’s journey of renewal and regeneration, necessitating the replacement of old habits, lifestyles, and dietary choices with better, life-enhancing ones.

Sometimes, old friendships fall away, and you may feel exposed and vulnerable.

Yet, this could be the evolution into a new version of yourself.

The Universe might be offering an upgrade for another 40 years of health and happiness.

These stories remind us that growth and evolution are integral to our Earth journey.

Our bodies understand this perfectly—every year, a completely new body is formed, without you realizing!

Renewal processes are active every second, following a specific set of instructions, the blueprint for perfect health.

It requires resources to turn this blueprint into your new reality—more rest, stillness, safety, protection, a healing space, or sanctuary where you can return to yourself daily.

Regular healing sessions are needed to keep energy flowing and eliminate negative beliefs and traumatic memories interfering with the blueprint.

Supplementing with Beetflow, Omnizyme, Immuno-Synbiotic and the key Mineral Iodine (as found in the Ultimate Vitality Boost Package) become more essential than ever.

As many of you know, your digestion is your key to great health, and these four supplements form the four pillars of health.

The Ultimate Vitality Boost is designed to keep you going happily for many decades!

Much like the eagle investing in itself or facing decline, humans need to invest in their health for the journey ahead.

Challenges and curveballs are inevitable, but we’re all in this together.

As we step into 2024, let’s release old, energy-draining habits and memories preventing us from moving forward.

Come see Pete and me, take shelter from the external world, and let us support you in the deep inner work needed to bring out the new version of yourself.

When life gets challenging, and the road is rocky, we’re here to help.

Book a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis with Pete to understand where your body is losing energy and regain vitality quickly.

If you need help releasing trauma imprints, I’m your investigative healer, uncovering blocked energies and limiting beliefs.

Together, we can give you a new lease on life.

Unlike eagles and lobsters, you don’t have to do this alone!

Pete and I can show you a roadmap and help you create a life of constant renewal and rejuvenation without unnecessary hardship, and with lots of fun and laughter instead!

Ring us on 03 6428 3007 OR click here to shop online – to order products, and gift vouchers, or book a healing, balancing, rebooting, diagnostic session with Pete or Grada.

Please Note:

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Wishing you a relaxing end to 2023 and a happy and fulfilling New Year.

Thank you for being part of our community and trusting us with your health and wellbeing journey!

With love and appreciation,

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