“My blood sugars are too high and I don’t want to go on tablets”!

I hear my client exclaim in despair as she settles into the “naughty” chair at my desk.

“Well, what does your diet consist of?” I ask her, wanting her to go through what her normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner would consist of.

“What other problems do you experience?” I ask her gently.

“Oh well, the doctor tells me my cholesterol is too high and he started me on blood pressure tablets six months ago, which I hate and I just can’t lose this weight around my belly.”

She continues “Plus my energy levels are at an all-time low, which affects my time with my family and especially my hubby. My libido is non-existent.”

Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • No energy/ fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood sugars
  • High cholesterol
  • Low libido
  • Inability to lose excess weight especially around the midriff

It’s known as Metabolic Syndrome.

80 % of Americans now have Metabolic Syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome is a precursor to Diabetes, and every 3 seconds somebody is diagnosed with Diabetes, globally.

Every 7 seconds, somebody dies from diabetes.

That is the bad news.

But, here is the good news.

It doesn’t have to get worse and it can get a heck of a lot better and you are never too old to start.

One of my elderly clients approached me at age 84, asking if it is a good idea for old people to have a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis.

If you want to have a good quality of life until your last breath, you need to keep all your systems ticking over.

She is well into her 90’s now and still driving and independent.

Not long after she started implementing the recommendations I had suggested, she started losing large ugly keratomas that had built up over the aging process and her skin became as good as new.

So, no it is never too late to change and make positive improvements in your health.

It will cause a flow-on effect of benefits impacting your wealth and relationships as well.

What had caused my client’s raised blood sugar levels that the doctor was now keen for her to take medication to control?

If we bombard our cells with too much sugar (derived from carbohydrates) all the time, it stimulates our pancreas to deliver insulin to transport that sugar into the cells.

If we have high sugar levels then we will also have high insulin levels in our blood and after a while, our cell membranes become resistant to the insulin and then the sugar remains circulating around in our blood stream.

Now sugar actually burns or erodes the inside of our blood vessels causing inflammation.

I often say to my clients that if their car boiled and ran out of water in the radiator they have the common sense to not go down to the sea for a bucket of water to top it up.

We would never put saltwater into our car’s radiator.

Putting excess sugars and high starch carbohydrates into our mouth and increasing our blood sugar levels above 6.0 mmol/litre causes erosion on the inside, and we can’t trade our body in for a new one, like we can with our car.

So, what is the good news then?

You can change the fuel source you give your cells, and you can take chromium (in the source of Banaba Chrome) to help open up the cell membranes to allow sugars into the cells from the blood stream.

The change of lifestyle from eating carbohydrates for energy to fats is the key to reversing Metabolic Syndrome.

Giving your cells fats instead of sugars for energy reverses insulin resistance and type two diabetes.

It will assist greatly in losing that excess weight.

Once your cells recognize fats as their energy source they then your body seems to realize “hey there is a lot of this fuel stored in this person’s adipose tissue that we can use as energy” ; and presto the gradual decline of weight begins.

Another important area of losing excess weight is giving your intestines a consistent source of probiotics like Spore probiotics (Spore Probiotics / Syntol); the Immuno-Synbiotic range for instance OR a helping of a good fermented food such as sauerkraut or kimchi.

A daily probiotic is essential if you don’t like fermented foods.

Allan came to me a couple of years ago with blood sugar levels of 12.8 mmol/l a couple of hours after breakfast.

This was way too high, and this was also after taking a couple of tablets to lower the blood sugar.

I recommended he initially take Beetflow, 2 each meal, to get his bile flowing properly so he would digest the fats, that I suggested, he ate instead of carbohydrates.

I also suggested Banaba Chrome each meal initially during the time his body took to turn the switch to a fat burner.

Then an enzyme with lipase to assist in fat digestion and lastly a probiotic like Immuno-Synbiotic.

He returned 2 months later with a blood sugar after breakfast of 3.7 mmol/l, which for a diabetic is a hypo. (As he was still taking his tablets as well I advised him that he didn’t really need them anymore as he no longer had diabetes.)

He had also lost about 5 kg and had started walking much longer distances each day again because his aching knees were much better.

So, if you can relate to either Allan or my client with metabolic syndrome then come and see me and start the journey to wellness and freedom again.

To book a for a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis consultation with Peter simply click here or call on 03 6428 3007.

We see clients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays; we can also assist with postal orders, so ring us on 03 6428 3007; to order your Beetflow, Enzymes or Probiotics, for starters.

Alternatively, click here to visit our website where you can make online appointments, read past blogs, download free e-books OR order supplements all at your own convenience.

Yours to great health!

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