Are you tired of feeling weighed down by toxins, sluggishness, and skin issues?

It’s time to revitalize your body’s natural detox mechanisms and reclaim your vitality!

Did you know that we have three amazing built-in detox mechanisms already, that do all the work for us, while we eat, play, work and rest?

If we look after these three systems, we will be excreting all the toxic waste from our bodies on a continual basis.

I am talking about your LIVER, KIDNEYS and SKIN.

Your liver has 500 functions in the body and filters 1 litre of blood per minute.

This works out to be 240 gallons every 24 hours which is a staggering amount of work when you think about it.

Now, we all know that filtration systems can filter clear water easier than muddy water.

Ideally, your blood should be the consistency of red wine rather than tomato sauce.

Believe me, when I look at my client’s blood under the microscope, I see lots of specimens of blood as thick as tomato sauce.

My clients tell me that they are on ‘blood thinners.

By that, they mean that they are taking anti-coagulants, which prevent your blood from clotting, but they don’t thin your blood.

Only water will thin blood!

By drinking lots of water your blood will become like the consistency of ‘red wine’.

Your kidneys and liver will love you for it and give you the best health in return.

So here is:

Step 1

We recommend that you drink one litre of filtered water for every 30 kg of body weight daily.

If you do this on a consistent basis your blood pressure will stabilize because your kidneys are not having to filter thickened blood.

High blood pressure is caused by ‘thick blood’ where your red blood cells are all clumped together.

This causes your kidneys to work overtime, raising your blood pressure, which puts stress on the heart.

I suggest you keep a check of the colour of your urine during the day.

If you’re well hydrated your urine will be colourless and your liver and kidneys will be able to detox efficiently non-stop, so this really is the most important step!

On a side note, filtered water with most of the impurities removed is so much better for you than standard tap water.

(Apparently, the people who work at our water treatment plants refuse to drink tap water after seeing the fluoride, and chloride that’s added to it. They buy bottled water!)

If you are looking for a water purifying system and don’t know which way to go, send me a message on 0428283007 and I can point you in the right direction.

Step 2

Give your body lots of nitric oxide.

This is prevalent in Beetflow along with an amino acid called Taurine. (Taurine supports heart health)

Both nitric oxide and taurine dilate little tubes and pipes in your body.

This is especially helpful to your liver, which is full of bile ducts, and these ducts get blocked when your liver is overworked and underpaid.

Beetflow helps the liver ducts to dilate allowing proper bile flow so the waste can be excreted efficiently.

Nitric oxide and taurine also dilate your arteries and veins so the vascular system can transport the oxygen and nutrients to the tissues where they are needed and carry the wastes back to the liver and kidneys.

A few years ago we had an elderly client with kidney disease, needing dialysis.

We recommended that she started taking one capsule of Beetflow three times a day.

Within a very short time, her liver started filtering the waste better, lessening the workload of the kidneys, and they recovered.

She didn’t need to go on dialysis!

And, last but not least, our skin is our third filtration system.

People with skin issues such as pimples, eczema and rashes benefit greatly from taking Beetflow three times a day.

If your liver and kidneys are overloaded, your skin will start to excrete toxins through the pores.

The body in its wisdom stores these toxins as far away from vital organs as possible which is near the skin.

These toxins could be due to dehydration or fatty liver (fat stored in the liver from too many sugars and high starch carbohydrates) impeding the proper channels of detoxification.

Poison building up near the skin creates an unviable condition for healthy skin cells, so they begin to break down, causing skin issues.

Many of our clients have been helped by doing a mini-detox with Beetflow.

It goes like this:

Skip or eat a light breakfast.

At 10 AM take 2 Beetflow with a drink of water.

Repeat 2 Beetflow every 30 minutes for 2 or 3 hours.

Continue with your life as normal.

Step 3

The skin will also try it’s hardest to expel the toxins through the pores in sweat.

Did you know that people who can’t sweat are often Iodine deficient?

The soils in Australia are very mineral deficient and the trace mineral iodine is almost completely lacking in our food supply.

Our thyroid needs Iodine so we need to supplement with Iodine every day for a healthy metabolism.

(Iodine is a great detox agent, it helps the body get rid of chloride, fluoride, bromide and heavy metal toxins and many other harmful molecules)

Step 4

Sweating will relieve us of toxic waste.

Recently, I chatted with a guy waiting for his wife while she was having a session in our woodfired sauna.

He told me about a friend who needed regular dialysis due to kidney failure.

This friend was able to lengthen his time between dialysis sessions by having regular saunas.

He went twice as long by having a sauna on a weekly basis.

Did you know you can lengthen your lifespan by regularly sweating it out in a sauna?

A study from Finland followed 2,315 men (aged 42-60) for 20 years (studies this long are very rare)

The evidence showed that those using the sauna 2-3 times per week (as opposed to just one time per week) were a whopping 24% less likely to die from all causes!

If you follow the sauna with an ice bath, cold plunge or cold shower this will reset your immune system and leave you feeling invigorated and brimming over with energy.

In summary, instead of planning your next harsh detox I suggest that you happily support your existing detox systems by:

  1. Drinking adequate good quality water.
  2. Taking Beetflow 3 x a day OR do a mini detox with the Beetflow flush.
  3. Supplement with 3% Molecular Iodine daily (10 drops a day).
  4. Have a sauna 2 to 3 times a week!

Take advantage of our sauna in the forest today,

  • Available for bookings at $45 per person, per session (1 hour)
  • Available for group bookings @ $245 per hour.

Sauna sessions available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

  • Seats 6 to 8 people.
  • Bookings are essential.

Call us on 03 6428 3007 during clinic hours from 9 AM until 5PM; we are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Why is it important to relieve your body from toxic stresses?

The latest alarming statistics suggest that breast cancer has now overtaken heart disease as primary cause of death in women in the U.S.

Not only that, in the US 1670 people die from complications of cancer daily, while in China 8100 die from cancer every day (China having a much larger population)

In Australia the overall death rate rose by 15% last year.

When it comes to your health, YOU need to take charge of the steering wheel.

Upleveling your health, boosting your immune system and helping your body to remove toxins and keeping your blood clean doesn’t have to be a chore.

Think of it as a fun thing to do.

Once you have made a start, it gets easier and easier, and your body will thank you for it, by giving you great energy, radiant skin and happy moods!

Yours to great health,


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