• Has your skin lost its glow?
  • Are you experiencing hair loss?
  • Weigh fluctuations?
  • All sorts of digestive issues?
  • Are you basically feeling challenged on all fronts but don’t know why?

I might have the answer.

You could be lacking in enzymes!

Keep on reading because enzymes are a game changer.

You might have heard of vitamins and minerals and how important they are.

But has anyone told you that enzymes are the supporters of life?

Without these supporters of life your health (including mental health) crumbles.

Just think about it….

Even your favourite football team would collapse if its support base dwindled and disappeared.

Besides, games are not much fun without spectators.

It’s the same inside your body.

Without enzymes, your body goes into steep decline.

You can’t stay in shape without enzymes, so exercising would be futile.

And, you can eat the best food in the world, but if you are enzyme deficient, you can’t get the nutrients from your food.

Your health will suffer as well.

Here is a short list of what enzymes do for you.


  • Keep your immune system in tip top shape.
  • Keep the blood healthy.
  • Help us breath.
  • Reduce allergies.
  • Keep our liver, kidneys spleen, heart and arteries functioning properly.
  • Boost our ability to think clearly.
  • Break down toxic substances so your body can eliminate them without damaging your organs.

Enzymes are involved in every process of the body.

Life couldn’t exist without them.

Why don’t we have enough enzymes anymore?

Enzymes are completely destroyed in all foods that are cooked, canned, microwaved, pasteurised, baked, roasted, stewed, fried or processes.

Even so called fresh fruit and vegetable is enzyme deficient. (With the exception of fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi, which are packed with enzymes)

That means most of our food today is enzyme deficient and your body has to draw on its enzyme reserve from all organs and tissues to survive, exhausting your enzyme reserves.

This often leads to food allergies, illness, exhaustion, chronic pain, inflammation, heartburn, and digestive challenges.

The more enzyme deficient we become, the faster we age.

Perhaps you have noticed that your lymphatic system tends to hold onto fluid, so you feel swollen and bloated.

Your skin gets more wrinkled, your nails become brittle, and your hair might break easier.

These are just some of the tell-tale signs.

Should everyone take enzymes?

We believe so.

Young people used to have a higher level of enzyme reserve in their tissues.

But, today we see so many children and young adults who are very enzyme depleted.

Now, not many people can tolerate a diet of white bread, starches, processed and cooked foods anymore.

Every generation seems to be more enzyme depleted than the generation before.

The standard western diet is causing massive problems, because these foods are festering inside the digestive tract, producing toxins that are absorbed into the blood stream and deposited into the joints, soft tissues and brain.

Their stool (bowel waste) has become so toxic that if you were to put this on the garden, the weeds and grass would die.

Yet we allow this toxic sludge to remain inside our body, recycling it over and over, turning a blind eye to signs of premature ageing or blocking our ears to the cries of our bodies.

Eventually, we pay for it of course!

We suffer from infertility (infertility is ALWAYS to do with enzyme deficiency), bloating, constipation/diarrhoea, bleeding ulcers, blood diseases, arthritis, excessive scar tissue, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, diabetes, ADHD, allergies, brain fog, Alzheimer’s, blood clots and chronic exhaustion.

Under clinical observation it has been shown that enzymes prevent arteries from clogging up and joints from becoming gummed up.

Enzymes also help with weight loss.

Lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats is often deficient in obese people.

Enzymes help purify the body, so you will have better skin, hair and nails.

(This is just an outer sign of improved inner health).

Researchers also reported in case studies of long C and scar tissue in the lungs, that supplementing with Serrapeptase (the silkworm enzyme) worked wonders.

Other researchers concluded that our brains greatly benefit from serrapeptase and nattakinase, which greatly enhances cognitive performance. (Because it improved the blood flow to the brain)

Enzymes help to break down clots and supports the body’s efforts to dissolve excess fibrin in your blood vessels, improving circulation much more effectively than aspirin, without any harmful side effects.

Enzymes also help to dissolve dead or damaged tissues without harming healthy tissues.

I could go on and on, but I hope that I have convinced you to supplement with enzymes for the rest of your days.

Instead of getting older, you will be rejuvenating your body.

Plus, you are protecting yourself from blood clots, strokes and heart attacks. (in combination with a low carb high fat diet)

  • Vascuzyme, Infla-Norm and Syntol contain serrapeptase, which removes scar tissue and blood clots.
  • Vascuzyme and Infla-Norm also contain nattokinase.
  • Omnizyme contains a really great mix of all digestive enzymes.
  • Digestizyme contains a mix of enzymes as well as some Betaine HCL to boost your digestion
  • Devigest is needed for people who have lost their gallbladder.
  • Calm Nature, gives you a great night sleep and supports your nervous system, plus it contains a wonderful mix of enzymes.
  • Auralife is another top shelf enzyme mix that boosts your energetic field.
  • Pete and I can’t recommend the Ultimate Vitality Boost enough.

It is the foundation to your health.

It supports the 4 pillars of health: your bile flow (Beetflow), you enzyme levels,(Omnizyme), your microbiome (Immuno-Synbiotic Restore) and your metabolism (Iodine).

Ring our friendly team on 03 64283007 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9 AM to 5 PM); alternatively click here to visit our Purple House website.

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We are here to help you!

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