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Could Your Breakfast Choices Be Harming Your Well-being?

If you want to get healthy and lose weight you should skip breakfast! True or False? Let’s find out. Until the 1800s most breakfasts were leftovers from dinner. By the late 1900s the Industrial Revolution took people off farms and into factories. People were moving less, and those heavy leftovers caused indigestion. So, the idea[…]

“Stay Vibrant and Vital: Your top 10 health hacks for keeping you fit and hospital free”…

TOP 10 list to keep you healthy and out of hospital: Water The human body is approximately 70% water, and the average adult body contains nearly 64 litres of water! Each cell, organ, tissue and even your spine consist mostly of water, and we use an enormous amount for normal functioning. If you are recovering[…]

“The Silent Saboteur: How Low Stomach Acid Quietly Affects Your Health”

Do you feel overlooked, overworked and underpaid? It could be your stomach! You might have been popping antacid tablets without a second thought … But, did you know that these seemingly harmless pills might be doing you more harm than good? While antacids provide you with temporary relief from pain, burning or acid reflux, they[…]

Unveiling the Health Challenges Affecting Kids Today …

Did you know that in today’s world, children are facing more health challenges than ever recorded in history? I recently had a seven-year-old client who exemplified this issue. ‘Johnie” constantly argued, making it challenging for his mother to leave him alone with his siblings even for a few minutes. His disruptive behaviour at school, including[…]

Make 2024 a year of renewal and resilience!

Did you know that eagles have the potential to live up to 70 years? However, once they reach around 40 years old, they encounter a critical “health crisis.” Their talons become overly long and inflexible, their beak curves excessively, and their wings become cumbersome, making flying a challenging task. Faced with this dilemma, eagles must[…]

Savouring the Season: Breaking Free from Christmas Binging.

Have you ever thought: “If I eat one more mouthful I will burst?” You might find yourself eating breakfast at one family members house, lunch at another and finish with a leftover evening meal somewhere else at Christmas. You are left bursting at the seams, to the point of spilling over. It reminds me of[…]

Are these 3 harmful foods in your cupboard, right now?

Today, I’m going to expose three harmful foods that are likely in your cupboards, right now, that could be putting a dagger through your health goals. All three foods are labelled and marketed as “health foods”. Today, I’m also, going to show you my four natural weight loss helpers. These four natural solutions are not[…]