Did you know that your body has a method when it comes to healing?

It heals itself from the top down, and from the inside out.

This is according to the Law of Hering, a 17th Century Homeopath, who made many observations about the effectiveness of natural healing.

The core of his work was that symptoms resurface as part of the healing process.

He believed that in ‘correct’ healing, disease leaves the body in the reverse order of appearance of the symptoms.

For instance, the healing power goes from the inside to the outside, from the greater organs to the lesser organs, from the head space first, and from top down to the bottom of your body.

The most recent conditions leave first, and the earlier conditions leave later.

He also recognized that chronic conditions always have a negative mindset aspect that needs to be healed as well.

You can’t create great health when your mindset is in alignment with sickness and drama.

As your thinking shifts, so do your emotions and so does your body.

Often when a ‘surface problem’ arises it’s our body’s way of telling us, “Hey, pay attention! There’s something deeper going on here!”

It might be trying to expel toxins from our insides out through the skin.

Chronic health problems are a real challenge.

The fact is chronic issues didn’t just appear overnight.

They have often been years in the making.

We have worked hard at eating, drinking, and thinking them into existence.

You may not believe this, but people these days are on an average of six different prescription medications when they hit the sixty mark.

And, guess what?

Each of these meds comes with its own bag of side effects, setting off a chain reaction of new symptoms and a rollercoaster of dis-ease management.

At this rate, your sixties are not going to be your new forties!

The only silver lining here is that fewer 60-year-olds require anti-depressants than forty and fifty year olds….

Our ancestors knew the secrets of healing, yet somehow, we have lost them, because we want to bypass our natural healing pathways.

We want our pain to be gone today!

Seeking quick/temporary fixes for our health woes only makes it worse!

It’s like a never-ending loop of trying to manage ailments instead of healing them at the core.

So, how can you heal yourself at the core level?

Start with your bowels!

When your bowels aren’t in their happy place, things can get a bit messy, both physically and mentally.

The secret to a happy bowel?

It’s like spring-cleaning your pantry!

You’ve got to remove the culprits—sugary stuff, processed foods, and toxic oils.

When you do that, it’s like unclogging a drain in your tub, and all the icky inflammation and toxic stuff can finally flow out into the toilet.

You will be amazed at the volumes of stuff that leave your body!

It’s a cleansing experience.

Guess what happens next ?

You’ll feel like a whole new person.

Your mind will thank you first, waving goodbye to the fog and confusion.

Suddenly, motivation returns like a long-lost friend, and you find yourself plotting an adventure or a career move.

It’s like a magical domino effect—you start drinking plenty of water and minerals savouring those healthy fats we always talk about (butter, coconut oil and meat fats) and giving your bowels the love they deserve.


The whole symphony of healing kicks off!

Your heart, head and colon will be dancing together like lifelong pals, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Your body is your best friend—treat it right, and it will reward you with its incredible healing symphony.

These are the most popular products that support your body’s natural healing abilities:

If you want to take a deep dive into your your health, book yourself in for a session with either Pete or me.

Together we can look under the bonnet of the car (your body) and re balance the inner workings.

During a healing session you will feel an immediate sense of relief as the energy shifts.

Once the healing process is activated, your body can keep on healing itself.

Call us on 64283007 to book a session, alternatively, click here to book online OR to order any supplies through our online store.

We are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9 AM until 5 PM.

Happy healing! ❤️


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