A few years ago we adopted Millie and Mildred.

The two ducks waddled around inseparably, each mimicking the other.

If one quacks the other quacks.

Once, a light aircraft flew directly overhead.

We heard the drone of the engine approaching.

The quacking intensified and then stopped.

I couldn’t help laughing as I watched the two earth-bound white birds.

They both had their heads on the side with one eye pointing skyward, watching the bright red plane fly by.

They would look at one another with a “quack”, then cock their heads again to spy the plane as if to say “How the heck can that be?”

It was hilarious.

The previous owners had wanted a good home for their ducks.

They came and checked out our place and were happy to see we had a dam so the ducks had somewhere to swim.

The day they arrived we let them go near the dam.

We had other ducks there and I hand fed them all some grain.

The newcomers wanted nothing to do with potential friends or the water and headed straight in the opposite direction.

They set up home close to our back door, all the time quacking together as they fossicked happily for grubs, snails and other treasures!

Every day, they demand a few handfuls of grain, pecking at my shoes whenever I venture near the chook-run where the feed is kept.

They quack as if to say, “Hey what about us?”

One day, I decided to let them enjoy a swim, so I caught Millie and Mildred and threw them on the dam.

Well, they almost walked on water!

They got such a shock, they flapped their wings frantically trying not to drown, and before I knew it, they were back near the back door.

I don’t think they knew what it was, having been reared in town with nowhere to swim.

They had lost their natural instincts.

They didn’t take to it ‘like a duck to water’!

It got me thinking about us humans.

We are afraid of storms that bring us much needed water.

We mistrust the trees that tower over us, scared they will fall on us.  

And, when we cut them all down the rain stops and we have a desert. 

For some reason we have lost our instincts that tell us that Mother Nature has our back. 

Children in the cities often think milk just comes in cartons from the supermarket not realising that it is milked from a cow’s udder.

“Yuck, how disgusting!”

How far removed from nature and our true selves can we become?

One hot day one of our poor city ducks couldn’t walk.

Milly was quacking weakly, just lying on the hot blue-metal driveway.

Mildred was anxiously circling around demanding we do something.

We sat a container of water and a handful of grain next to poor old Milly.

She took a few beakfuls, then some more.

She seemed to settle a bit.

Later in the day she had fully recovered.

While she had let herself get close to death from dehydration, just down the hill was a whole dam full of water!

How many of us are like our poor suburbanised ducks and forgotten our natural instincts that keep us alive and healthy?

One day, a client asked me: “how do you know if you are dehydrated or not?”

I asked what his normal day was like for him as we checked his live blood under the microscope.

All his red cells were clumping together.

Ideally, they would all be flowing freely.

The two main causes of this thick sticky blood are dehydration and the digestion of foods not happening properly, particularly proteins.

My client told me that he couldn’t concentrate at work.

He was too drained, and by the end of the day, all he had energy for was lie on the couch.

He wasn’t even capable of taking care of his animals on his small acreage and on top of everything else, he was taking tablets for high blood pressure, even though he was only young.

I informed him that he was experiencing all the classic symptoms of dehydration!

My client started drinking about 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day and also had close to a teaspoon of Himalayan salt a day.

The most important water intake is on waking; before you do anything else, have one or two glasses of water

On a return visit four weeks later he told me the blokes at work ‘wanted what he was on.’

His energy had picked up dramatically.

So, much that he would bounce in through the door at the end of the day with heaps of oomph left to do all the farm chores.

His wife also commented there was some left when he went to bed!

Back to the subject of ducks.

One time, I read how they produced foie gras, a delicacy made from duck livers. 

The breeders would force feed the ducks a combination of sugar, corn and grains which are very high starch carbohydrates, intentionally creating fatty livers in these poor ducks in a very quick time.

It’s a really sad, cruel practice still used today.

It should be banned.

However, we are doing much the same thing to ourselves and our children!

I admit we don’t gavage feed ourselves with a tube like they do to the poor ducks.

But when we start our babies and toddlers on solids we feed them stewed fruit (sugar), mashed vegies (mainly high starch carbohydrates) and cereals. (high starch carbohydrates).

These are all turning into loads of sugars, which their bodies turn into fat storage, and like the ducks, we end up with fatty livers often at a very young age.

I have had four and five year old’s brought to me with differing conditions showing worse liver stress than a lot of adults I see.

Fatty liver undermines the liver’s ability to filter the waste from the body. 

This is the primary cause of most skin disorders and IBS  plus lots more.

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So, let’s get real and give our bodies a chance to function correctly!

If you want really great energy all day from the fats you consume, supplement with Beetflow capsules.

This helps the bile to become runny and dilates the biliary ducts allowing the waste to leave your body.

I’ve been taking it since about 2009. 

When I started making most of my energy from good fats; I was having about six blocks of butter a week plus lots of cream, coconut oil, and meat fats.

I take Beetflow most meals and this has been instrumental in helping me digest these fats for an energy source that doesn’t cause inflammation.

I lost 8 kilograms over a 6 month period not realising I had weight to loose.

Aches and pains in my thumbs and wrists from years of massaging clients have disappeared and my back has become a lot more flexible.

I used to pride myself in being able to touch the floor (with my fingertips) most of my life.

I can now touch my palms on the floor while keeping my legs straight!

All I can contribute this to is the foods I eat.

This includes lots of good oils and fats with minimal sugars or high starch carbohydrates.

Plus taking Beetflow and Omnizyme with meals and magnesium and iodine nearly every day.

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