Diagnostic Session

If you have ever tried to juggle:

relationships, kids, home life and business… 

and you had any kind of breakdown along the way…

we might have more in common than you think!

I was in that situation for many years, with the Grand Final being hit by a passing truck which left me with catastrophic injuries. 

If I wanted to have my life and business back I needed to figure how I could still be of service (I love my work) without feeling like an empty shell..

A fulfilled life, where I could give from OVERFLOW rather than from SCARCITY  or LACK. 

Today, I am living proof that it works. (As a bonus, I have NO PAIN from my near fatal injuries.) And I can show you how during one of my diagnostic sessions.

I have helped many clients and students go from feeling exhausted and empty from over giving, to creating wealth, health and abundance.

With ease and flow!

Helping them embrace their Inner Selves, their Natural Life Force. 

My clients ‘magically’ received promotions at work, got unexpected bonuses and created incredible success in their careers. 

They overcame hardships and found true love. 

If you feel frustrated with your life today, don’t wait any longer. 

It means that you are out of alignment… and that is when you find yourself pushing harder for fewer results. 

This is unsustainable in the long run because you end up unconsciously pushing away what you desire most!

After working with over 12,000 clients since 2000 I’ve realised that physical, emotional and energetic pain patterns negatively affect all areas of life, because these unconscious programs drain our vitality, block the flow of abundance and cause confusion. 

A diagnostic session is an opportunity to dive deep into your soul’s path for profound and lasting transformation.

You will start to access your instinctual wisdom for health and abundance.

You will make less mistakes, because now you can see your way forward. 

You will find it easier to attract money, love, support and help.

They will simply appear once we clear your blockages to incredible success, health and wealth. 

I have walked the Mystic Path all my life.

During a Diagnostic session, I hear and see THE REAL YOU like no-one has ever seen you before.

I am a master practitioner in Energy Medicine, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time line Therapy, AFP, Emotional Intelligence, Breathwork, Meditation and Ancient Esoteric Wisdom, and Inter-generational healing but what sets me apart is my gift of  INTUITIVE/PSYCHIC HEALING to RECONNECT YOU TO YOUR HIGHEST SELF in the shortest amount of time, saving you lots of time, money and heartbreak. 


Grada Robertson

Are you longing for success? Fed up with health issues or relationship breakdowns? Has your joy flat lined? Are you ready for change but don’t know where to start? Do you want clarity about your past so you can move forward? 


Grada can help you! Grada is able to tap into her private reserve of wisdom and tried and true tools she has accumulated over 2 decades of private practice with over 13,000 clients, students and readers. 


Grada has a reputation as the Sherlock Holmes of healing and transformation. She will be able to help you resolve even the toughest problems, whether they are of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual nature.

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