• Is your handbrake stuck on?
  • You work so hard, doing all the strategies you are meant to be doing, and still not getting the results you deserve?
  • Feeling stuck, knowing that you are being held back somewhere, as if an invisible handbrake is on?

Pete and I have often experienced this in our career, relationship, and our health, until we found a way to release the handbrake!

Let me tell you a story first.

Last week, Pete had to drive Tom’s and Lucie’s converted Redline coach to the engineers for a final check-up.

Tom (our youngest son) and Lucie bought the bus 18 months ago, and they have been working on it ever since, turning it into their forever home.

It’s taken all their savings and time, but their dream home on wheels is almost ready to hit the road.

Tom hasn’t quite got his heavy rigid licence yet, so it was up to Pete to drive it the 10 km distance to the engineers, with Tom driving ahead, keeping a beady eye on Pete’s actions.

First the bus had to be weighed.

After taking off from the weighbridge Pete nearly stalled the bus.

He hadn’t realized the handbrake had remained on.

What happened next still gives me the shudders!

Pete pushed in the clutch to stop the bus from stalling when he noticed the dials on the dashboard going ballistic!

White smoke billowed from the air vent, alerting Tom that things behind him were taking a turn for the worse.

He quickly jumped from his car, signaling to Pete to turn her off.

Both Pete and Tom were in shock, thinking that either Pete had fried the wiring or blown up the engine (goodbye $30000!)

Fearing the worst, Tom rang the motor mechanic who had serviced his bus earlier.

Thankfully, the mechanic was quick to pick up.

He laughed: “When you stall the bus, the engine starts to turn backwards!” he said.

Never put the clutch in when it stalls! Just turn off the motor and then restart it after a while, but make sure the oil hasn’t been pumped out”. (Apparently when the engine begins to spin backwards, all the oil is dumped)

Lesson learnt!

Thankfully, Tom wasn’t driving Lucie and three kids across the long, lonely stretches of the Australian desert when this happened.

Instead, they were in Devonport!

When Pete restarted the bus, it purred contentedly, as if it hadn’t thrown a hissy fit a few minutes earlier.

It took Pete the rest of the day to recover, and we are both looking forward to Tom getting his truck licence!

Now, let me get back to you.

In which corner of your life is your handbrake stuck?

Your health, your wealth, your happiness, or your personal relationships?

Don’t keep pushing and striving your way through, hoping to get different results.

If the alarm bells are going off somewhere, stop, drop everything, and give us a call.

It doesn’t matter how powerful your engine is, don’t try to ride out the crisis, hoping things will go away.

Some vital bits of information are missing, and that means everything in your life will start to go backwards.

I shudder to think what would have happened if Tom’s engine had suddenly run out of oil!

Turn off the key, seek help and get a much needed oil and grease change from Pete.

When you book in for a Complete Health Analysis, Pete takes a really good look at the mechanics under the bonnet. (Your liver, heart, kidneys, digestive system and adrenals are taken under the loop and your live blood is researched with you in the room)

Years ago, when Pete and I stopped and began working on ourselves, we broke free from the barriers that had been blocking our progress and making us slide backwards.

We became addicted to investing in ourselves.

Over the years we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in study, research and programs with some of the best mentors in the world.

It didn’t matter how far we had to travel… or how inconvenient it was.

Because the truth is, there is never a right time to stop.

As humans, we always want to ‘keep on going’ because the ‘show must go on’. 

We have so many sayings we use to excuse ourselves for not taking valuable time off to examine our lives.

But if you don’t stop and seek help in time, it could cost you everything!

Remember “A stitch in time saves nine!”

Pete and I are here to support you in every way possible.

Our ‘services’, treatments, supplements, and practices help you step into the life you truly deserve.

What’s more, our fees are only a fraction of the cost you would pay to other professionals in the field, and these people haven’t had even a smidge of the training or experience we have had.

When you work with us, you not only get the answers you need, you also receive a roadmap to set you up for life, as well as instant relief from your pain.

The best part is that our treatments are non toxic, non invasive and leave you feeling refreshed, and reassured!

Are you ready for a new lease of life?

Book your session with Pete or me; by calling us on 03 64283007 (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) or click here to visit our website to book online, order supplements, read our past blogs OR download our e-books.

Your health advocates,


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