Earlier today, I listened to a mindset coach who talked about evicting the bully in your head.

Let me tell you how harmful it is to take the approach of beating your bully, shutting it down, or ignoring it.

Even naming this voice a “bully” isn’t helpful.

That voice in your head belonging to your “Inner Bully” is…..YOU.

This voice is coming from a memory.

It may not be telling you the literal truth, but it is telling you something worth listening to.

The meaner the voice, the bigger the need to be heard.

Remember, this voice belongs to one of your inner children.

Shutting it down means you are betraying yourself and setting yourself up for a lifetime of struggle.

When we tell the bully in our head to get the hell out of here, we are training our brain, emotional and immune response to dissociate.

By doing this we are reinforcing the message that you are not worth listening to.

It’s why you feel exhausted all the time, have pain in your body, or your love life sucks, or your money doesn’t flow.

So what can you do?

Do we just let that voice beat us up?


We listen to it with our full attention and with a dose of compassion.

What is it trying to tell us?

The voice that is telling you that you are not good enough, that you are stupid, lazy, fat, ugly and unlovable, a nuisance, you will never make it….. We pay attention to that voice.

It will lead us right into the place inside of us, that needs healing.

The hurtful words may be lies, but the voice is coming from our subconscious memory, and it is trying to protect us.

Yes, the bully is trying to protect you.

When you begin to realize that the voice is coming from a traumatic memory, you can start to heal.

As soon as you acknowledge that all these triggers, hateful words, and self-abuse come from unhealed memories, you are already one step ahead of everyone else.

You can now find a roadmap to love yourself, to be your own parent, to heal the ignored parts, the unloved inner children.

Many times, we need a seasoned healer to help us do ‘parts integrating’ or ‘inner child work’ or ‘shadow work’.

This is our area of expertise!

We help you make sense of the pain in your body, or the bully in your head!

If you feel stuck in a holding pattern, of pain, confusion, or scarcity, OR if you need to meet and greet the voice of your inner bully book in for a session with Pete or me today!

I can show you how you can pay attention to it and turn your inner bully into your ally!

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