Pete and I have been seeing a lot of children for ‘diagnostic’ sessions recently.

Sometimes the child might have nightmares, continues to wet the bed, has skin rashes, been diagnosed with ADHD, is a finicky eater, has demanding or disruptive behaviours.

Other times, the child might have headaches, growing pains at night, allergies or asthma.

Whatever the reason, parents with children find their way to our facilities.

Usually, Pete and I get to the bottom of the reasons why the child is playing up, or always tired, or getting behind at school.

Often, we find that children have a blood sugar level that is way too high, and what’s even more concerning is that some kids already have fatty liver ‘syndrome’ by the time they are 4 years old!

Equally scary is that some teenagers are now medicated for high blood pressure.

Other kids have ADHD and parents are forced to medicate them, otherwise they can’t attend school.

All of the above situations are heartbreaking!

Is there a solution?

While the traditional medical community often doesn’t see a link between diet and behaviours, ADHD and illnesses, we certainly do.

Pete had to see a young girl who had temper tantrums, anger issues and poor concentration, especially at school.

After running her tests Pete gave the parents some guideposts about a low carb / high fat diet.

Her brain cells and neurons had been starved of saturated fats (e.g. butter and animal fats) and she also needed a specific children’s supplement.

On top of that, she needed to eat a generous tablespoon of a good fermented vegetable, like Love Your Gut sauerkraut/kimchi/beetroot. (Love your Guts sources locally, organically grown vegetables).

If she didn’t eat fermented foods, she needed to supplement with a ‘high end’ probiotic.

Thankfully, her parents stuck by Peters recommendations and cut out her sugars and high starch carbs, while feeding her butter, bone broths, meats like lamb chops with the fat left on, and sauerkraut.

Within one week, she was a different person.

They had their daughter back.

Her father was so impressed by the changes that he booked in for a Complete Health Analysis with Pete as well.

He suffered from anxiety and IBS, and needed somebody to look under the bonnet to find the real cause of his issues.

He wanted to experience the same positive changes he had seen in his child.

Another little client had chronic constipation.

Like most of our clients, she had been to many doctors and specialists, but nothing budged her constipation.

Pete checked out her diet and her reaction to specific foods she ate, and once he understood what he was dealing with, he made some suggestions to her parents.

Once again, the parents were keen to implement the suggestions and her bowels became regular within days.

She is still going strong years later.

I, also, worked with a little client who suffered from severe constipation.

She was on the autism spectrum, and would only do a poo once a week, in the bath, or in the garden, never on the toilet.

Her mum had reached out to me for specific brain gym exercises that I used to teach at the time, to help improve her speech.

However, a day later, she was on the phone, saying that her daughter had done a number two on the toilet!

After this breakthrough, this child also went from strength to strength.

Aside from the therapies we offer, we like to give parents lots of ‘tools’ in their tool box to help them bring out the best in their child, and also to give them a good night sleep!

In today’s video, Pete and I share the mistakes we made when we were young, overworked parents of six children, so listen and share this info with others.

The most important thing to remember is that saturated fats, like butter, animal fats plus the monounsaturated fats like organic olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and coconut oil have a calming, settling and nurturing effect on the nervous system.

Sugar (including fruits and fruit juices, as well as soft drinks), lollies, and high starch carbs (bread, pizza base, pasta, rice, corn, pancakes, biscuits chips, potatoes) whip your nervous system and brain into a frenzy.

As a result, children can’t sleep, are jittery, can’t focus, are cranky and irritable.

That is because their bodies are irritated on the inside by the sugar/carb overload.

Did you know that there are NO essential carbohydrates?

That’s right, our bodies don’t need carbs for fuel, repair or growth.

We can do without them.

Now, I am not saying to never eat carbs.

Carbohydrates are the tasty foods in our diet, and this makes them so addictive.

I am suggesting that you eat them with caution.

When you eat carbohydrates, you need to be aware that you eat them because you love the taste, not because they do you any good!

And, food was designed to make you feel better, not worse.

When children grow up on a high starch diet, with very few healthy fats, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it’s not their fault.

Children react to some foods immediately.

Within seconds of eating them you notice a change for the worse.

The child might complain about a belly ache, ‘climb the curtains”, act rude, lash out etc, stop listening, or be generally disruptive.

These are all symptoms of being sensitive to the wrong type of foods, not signs of ‘disobedience’.

Pete and I offer allergy testing, which is based on a bio feedback mechanism.

Often allergy testing is offered as part of a healing session.

You will know what your child is sensitive or allergic to immediately and you keep a list to take home.

It’s great to get clarity, rather than second guessing what your child should or shouldn’t eat.

  • Magnesium is also very necessary to calm and nourish the nervous system.
  • Magnesium is lost when you eat sugars and carbs.
  • Magnesium is probably the most overlooked mineral.
  • It keeps muscles nicely relaxed without the complaints of growing pains as well as it is needed for healthy brain development.

Many parents baulk at removing sugars and carbs from their child’s diet.

They are worried their child will get teased at school or refuse to eat anything else!

This is where you as a parent need to step us as a leader.

Your child’s future is at stake, and being unpopular for few days is totally worth it.

Trust me, you get used to being unpopular after a while!

I have been there and done that 6 times, but in the end, by the time your child is 30 or so, they will thank you for sticking to your guns.

The most hurtful thing for your child is being labelled lazy, slow, naughty, unfocused, inattentive and so on, because labels stick.

Your child deserves better than that!

And you, the parent deserve a break from sleepless nights and nightmarish behaviours, so start implementing more healthy fats in your diet today.

Be the role model.

Have extra butter and skip the potatoes.

Have full cream yoghurt and quit the bananas.

Bananas make your blood sugar levels spiral out of control. (So do grapes and sultanas.)

They are not healthy.

Quit all the empty sugars, drinks and juices and stick to water with a sprinkle of healthy unprocessed salt, or a squeeze of lemon juice.

If you have any concerns about your children, or yourself, book in with Peter or me today.

We have worked with 20000+ clients since 1999, and have seen many health trends come and go.

We understand your concerns and we are here to help you!

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