The Underbelly


Discover why author, Grada Robertson, believes embracing the truth of our past is the only way we can hope to be free of pain in the present.

 Grada was raised in a church that taught her there was only ONE WAY to live and members were told exactly how to follow it.

This church purposely took no name and had a large global following, yet few outsiders have heard of it and most members are oblivious of its true history. It took being hit by a truck, which led to a near death experience, being paralysed, and making a torturous recovery from PTSD and Panic Disorder for Grada to see there was an unsavoury underbelly to her existence that she’d been blind to.

What lessons did Grada learn, and more importantly, how can each of us take those lessons and apply them to our lives?

How do we set ourselves free from our own conditioning to realise our true potential?

The Underbelly
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