It’s early in the morning and Brenda, my first client informs me that “The job I am doing at work doesn’t animate me anymore. And since my kids left home, I feel really lost right now. I know I should be grateful because I have a wonderful man in my life, but even that relationship feels stale.”

Can you relate to this?

As if life has lost its spark.

Perhaps you are looking for meaning in your life and you come up empty.

Later, during that same day, I am listening to another client, Jayne, who is experiencing a lot of physical challenges.

She has put on 20 kilos during the last 2 years and suffers with brain fog and period pains.

She struggles to hold it together, because her life is so busy, and she is exhausted all the time.

Jayne wasn’t looking for the meaning of her life, she needed an infusion of life force so she would be able pick up the pieces and feel happy again.

In my work at the Purple House I feel privileged to listen to people’s experiences of life, to get my finger on the problem, and be able to offer them an immediate breakthrough.  

So, if you are reading this and feeling worse for wear, you don’t like the person you have become, and your stress levels are too much, please keep reading!

First, I want to you know that your psyche is never stuck.

Your soul is forever moving on, like a flowing stream.

You feel good when you are in flow, so I always focus on unblocking the energy and restoring flow.

Brenda felt as if life had moved on, and she had been left behind.

Her kids were living their journey and didn’t need her anymore, and she was ‘thrown back on herself’

Sometimes we don’t like what we see when we are thrown back upon ourselves, stripped from the layers that used to give us significance or meaning.

Brenda had fulfilled many roles and expectations and now she didn’t know what she was going to do with her life.

I pointed out to her that this was a great time for her to reinvent herself.

Our soul, or higher self, already has the next chapter planned, we just can’t see it yet.

Or we can’t feel into it yet.

And it is OK to be ‘drifting’ for a while, even if it doesn’t feel great, because our society is so outcome driven.

The truth is that from childhood on we are obliged to report to the world what our parents want, what the teacher wants, what the employer wants, want our partner wants, what our children want, what our friends what etc. etc.

Now is the time to ask:

  • What does my soul want of me?
  • What is wanting to find expression through me as I live in this world?

This is a scary question, but once we ask it and connect with the still small voice, you will find that life take on a whole new meaning.

Helping Brenda unpack her issues, I was able to free up her energy by doing energy medicine.

When your energy is stuck somewhere, the river isn’t flowing as easy, and it is harder to listen to your intuition.

Once the flow is restored, clients often gain clarity and insights immediately, and often this is followed by a series of ‘good luck’ which means that now you are in alignment with the Universe.

(Good luck is an old fashioned word for synchronicity)

Jaynes’ energy was literally stuck in her body systems and once she received an energy transfusion she returned to being  the fun loving person she used to be.

She also needed to make dietary changed and support her recovery by taking the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

Both Brenda and Jayne had been stuck in a ‘passage of life’ when they first came to me.

I call these passages the ‘terrible in betweens’.

I spent many years of my life in the ‘terrible in betweens’ so it is easy for me to see right into the heart of my clients’ issues.

Most people do go through some sort of mid life crisis.

You might be going through a medical crisis and suddenly you find that the road map you have utilised no longer works for you.

Some ‘passages’ are minimal and you move through the changes easily.

Other periods of time can be terrifying

Yet other situations can be like a slow leak, and you wake up one day with nothing left in the cupboard.

The good news is, that no matter where you are in life, or how deep your troubles are, Pete and I can help you.

We can offer you a roadmap to help you go from suffering to freedom and vibrancy in the shortest amount of time.

We have worked with tens of thousands of clients since 2000, and not only that, Pete and I have bled in the trenches ourselves.

(Many of you know our stories, which you can also read; Grada Book – You Are the Miracle – How Being Hit By a Truck Saved My Life; Pete’s Book – The Red Coat)

So if you are struggling today, please reach out to us and discuss your options with Leica or Ashleigh on 03 64283007 or book an appointment.

You deserve to live the BEST LIFE ever!

And do you know that when you heal yourself at a deep level, you also do your offspring a huge favour?

We carry genetic consciousness that our parents passed on to us, and their parents on to them in each and every cell of our body.

Our practices and healing processes offer profound healing not only to YOUR CELLS, but also to clear ancestral issues.

What we are helping you do is transmute your life’s issues into consciousness, into unconditional love.

Imagine how good it feels when old consciousnesses and stuck energies are transmuted into freedom and clarity?

This is what Pete and I help you achieve!

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