Being cold is good for you!

Yes, plunging in a freezing river, or having a daily cold shower gives you a new lease of life, according to research.

Grada and I attended a Wim Hof boot camp in 2017 and it was a complete game-changer for us.

My body didn’t like the cold.

My fingers and toes used to go blue after a few minutes of being outdoors in the winter.

As a child, I used to cry from the pins and needles in my hands and legs, after helping my dad feed the cattle on a cold morning, and half freezing in the process.

So you can imagine that I was nervous about jumping in an ice bath when the time came around at the Wim Hof boot camp in Victoria in the middle of winter.

All-day, we received breathing instructions, to get our bodies in an optimal state, ready to withstand the ice.

Still, nothing could have prepared me for my very first icebath, which felt like shock and torture for the duration of the plunge.

Never have 2 minutes lasted for so long!

But it was worth it.

After I jumped out and dried myself, I felt a surge of energy warm my body, and by the time the next icebath came around the following day, my body was completely prepared.

This time we lasted 4 minutes and it was easy.

It was as if I had activated an inner fire.

The following day, we doubled that time again, and since then, I have been able to enjoy swims in the Forth River and ice baths at home, with ease.

There is still so much to learn about cold acclimatization, but this trend is sweeping the world, with millions taking the cold plunge daily, inspired by Wim Hof, alias the Iceman.

Here is how it works.

When you have a cold shower or bath, the cold shock triggers the body to release hormones called catecholamines, which are involved in the fight and flight response.

This rush gives you a sense of OMG, I am feeling so strong! I am invincible!

This is actually the fight and flight response, but Wim Hof teaches his students to prepare their bodies with instinctive breathing practices, which hyper alkalizes the body and the fight and flight hormones don’t damage your body because you are in a super alkaline state.

The breathing practices combined with cold exposure unlock hidden energy resources.

Your mind gets a complete reset, as you enter a state of deep peace and stillness.

Your immune system is also reinvigorated.

Every cell in your body becomes alive.

One study showed that cold exposure improved type 2 diabetes.

A hallmark of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance, in which organs take up less sugar from the blood.

After regular cold exposure, participants in the study improved their insulin sensitivity by 43 %.

Aside from cold therapy, here is a golden rule for humanity.

“Eat like a shark and live like a polar bear. “

Sharks and polar bears only get to eat when they manage to kill their prey.

So they only eat when they get lucky.

Humans are the only mammal with a fridge full of foods, so we eat from sun up to sundown.

We also keep cozy with heaters, warm cars, electric blankets, and lots of layers of clothing.

Most mammals, when they kill their prey, eat the fats and organs first.

We have been taught to only eat lean meat, very little fats, and guzzle down fruit juices, and high starch carbs, while we cozy up on the couch.

Today, it is time to flip the switch.

Chances are that you have never felt fully alive yet!

Grada and I are devoted to human optimization, which means we are always looking for and trialing shortcuts to vibrant health (and wealth).

To help your breakthrough all your blocks, I created a mini-program, from Zero to Hero.

Scientific studies tell us that male health, resilience, and fertility has declined sharply since 1950.

We have literally gone from hero to zero in the last 70 years, due to environmental and cultural factors.

But it is not too late to reverse the process!

Are you ready to bring out your INNER HERO?

Do you feel that you are capable of so much more but you don’t know where to start?

Do you need a kick up the bum?

Click here to check out my package, from zero to hero here; it will be an absolute game-changer, as I take you through all the steps from disempowerment, or lack of drive/motivation to you being able to tap into your superpowers.

I know some of these concepts seem hard to implement…

Or you might feel that taking a cold plunge is way out of your comfort zone…

Or your issues are way too confronting.

But nothing could be further to the truth.

I have worked with 10000’s clients, reared six kids, and had to work through a whole encyclopedia of limiting ideas and programs myself, and today, I feel fitter and enjoy better relationships than ever.

I would rather confront the cold, or confront my demons or perceived weaknesses than be confronted by a diagnosis of cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, or any other common health condition.

And if you are dealing with a health or personal crisis, now is the best time to unleash your inner hero!

I truly wish you the best of health and wealth, so go ahead and check out this mini-program now!

Much love,

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