Strictly NO BYO of food/drinks

All food and drinks available from Alchemy Food Van

This FOOD in the FOREST event is the perfect way to end the sizzling summer holidays.

For those of you who are new to the area, Forth is a charming historic town on the pristine waters of the Forth River, which flows through the valley out into the Bass Straight some 5 kms downstream.

The Purple House Forest Estate on the edge of Forth, provides an ideal spot to host an event that ticks all the fun boxes:

  1. Large grassy areas for people to relax, spread out and play,
  2. Stunning European trees for calming energy,
  3. Music by talented local artist Ella Blokker (1 PM until 4 PM),
  4. Two large fully grown mazes to explore,
  5. Two labyrinths to experience,
  6. Bordered by the cooling waters of the Forth River,
  7. Delicious foods, drinks and coffees served on the spot by Alchemy Catering (opens at 12 PM),
  8. Best of all, it’s only 10 kms away from Devonport or Ulverstone. So convenient, yet no one knows we’re here, because we have been keeping it a secret since 2000!

Eve Robertson will be cooking up a storm in Alchemy Food Van.

Many of you know Eve from her previous business, Little Orchard Food Van at Spreyton Ciders, and Alchemy Café before that.

We are honoured to have her back for this event!

Eve will be serving some of Alchemy’s favourites (pulled pork nachos, vegetarian options, gluten free olieballen, and much more) and freshly roasted coffee will be on offer as well.

Our wine list will feature Swinging Gate wines.

Swinging Gate has earned many well-deserved awards since its inception, and the renowned vineyard belongs to my sister & brother-in-law, Corrie and Doug Cox.

We are also so happy that Ella Blokker agreed to join us for this event, only a few weeks after getting  married to my nephew Marty.  

Ella will entertain you with her amazing voice, beautiful spirit and popular music.

When it comes to nurturing your body, mind and soul, you couldn’t wish for a better line up with delicious foods and drinks for hungry bellies.

  • Music for the heart and soul.
  • Nurturing, uplifting energy of Mother Nature.
  • Love & Connection with Family and Friends.
  • 250 meters of labyrinths and 1000 meters of mazes for restless bodies.

I am super happy to invite you to our event on the 5th of February and I truly hope you can make it!

 I promise you it will be so worth it.

Fun fact, did you know Forest Bathing is amazing for your vitality?

Forest bathing involves slowly walking through a forest, taking in the atmosphere through all your senses, helping you relax deeply.

It works, trust me!

I have tried to have a panic attack under a tree, and it simply can’t happen.

(FYI, I used to be the queen of panic attacks while I suffered from PTSD between 2006 and 2016!)

The concept of forest medicine and studying the link between forests and human health began in Japan in 1982.

With millions of people living in crowded conditions, Japan launched a national program to encourage forest bathing.

Today millions of people walk forest trails to ease stress and enhance a sense of wellbeing.

They discovered that spending time in a forest reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and anger, while it boosts your immune system, revitalizes you heart and arteries and speeds up your metabolism.

Wherever there are trees, we are healthier and happier.

This isn’t about exercising by the way; it is simply about being in nature because as humans we are hardwired to connect with the natural world.

The latest research shows that the average American spends 11 hours a day on social media, which is more than they spend asleep, and spends 93% of his/her time indoors.

I guess it’s safe to say that Aussies are not far behind!

In Australia we are so lucky to have ample space and nature around every corner, yet ‘Nature deficit disorder” affects more people than ever in the history of mankind.

This is true for children and adults alike.

So give it the 5th of Feb a go, drop everything you are doing, and come to our Food in the Forest Event.

Experience for yourself what is so special about being in a forest.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up super refreshed the next day!

If you really can’t make it, Calm Nature is a great way to soothe and rebalance your entire nervous system.

Calm Nature is packed with calming minerals, herbs and enzymes, all very beneficial for your mind/body system.

It really is the best of Nature in the Bottle.

Click here to watch a short video of Pete explaining Calm Nature.

Or start the day with breakfast straight from Mother Natures heart, containing everything your body needs for repair and renewed health, the Purple House breakfast Smoothie.

Download our free ebook here.

It is packed with life saving information and will give you new respect for your body!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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