Do you feel a bit ‘groundless’, tired, or irritable at the end of the school holidays?

I get it!

It’s been a crazy busy time for everyone.

Even if your intention was to relax and take it easy, it seems as if the clock is working against you.

Before you realize another day is gone, and there are still so many to-do things on your list!

It’s so easy to be swept up by all the demands of life, and never feel good enough about yourself at the end of the day!

But hang on! I might have the answer.

An afternoon in the forest might be just what the doctor ordered for you (and the kids).

Our gardener/landscaper Ben has been working hard behind the scenes for many years to bring our 5 acres of forest and gardens up to scratch.

It is finally ready!

Today, we are excited to share our magical property with you.

We have created a FREEfood in the forest’ event, so put this date in your diary.

When: 5th Feb from 12 PM until 5 PM

Where: The Purple House Forest Estate at 47 Wilmot Rd, Forth.

(Right next to the Forth Primary School)

What: Free Entertainment.

Music by our talented local artist Ella Blokker from 1 PM onwards.

Entry to the mazes is free.

Explore our labyrinths and gardens.

The Alchemy Food Van will be onsite cooking up a storm, with many old favourites. (tacos, burgers, vego option, gluten free oliebollen, fresh coffee etc)

(Click here to follow the Alchemy Food and Catering Facebook page to see where the Alchemy Food Van will pop up next !)

Alchemy Food Van

Chill out with Swinging Gate’s bespoke wines, and local beers/ciders.


The last few years have taught us that we never know what’s round the corner, and that time spent with our loved ones is precious!

But how many times do you really get to relax and be fully present for yourself, or your loved ones?

Especially in a magical setting like our forest?

Not often enough, I bet.

I can’t wait to see you enjoy yourself in our landscaped forested gardens and create unforgettable memories.  

Thank you for letting me inspire and help you bring your loved ones together in the most memorable, fun and fulfilling way.

Spread the love, share this invite, and enjoy!

Are you sitting down with a cuppa and have a few moments to fill in?

Click here to find out what inspired us to create a forest and maze complex.

And finally, if you want to be fully immersed in my history, what it was like to raise six kids, have a clinic and run Alchemy Café, read funny stories of my grandkids and get a behind the scene perspective of being a healer, my final book Alchemy of Love is now available at all online bookstores worldwide, or locally at the Purple House.

Alchemy of Love represents the third and final book of my Trilogy.

My other books, You are the Miracle, how being hit by a truck saved my life, and The Underbelly, are available at online bookstores and the Purple House.

Ring us on  03 64283007 or call in Tuesdays, Wednesday or Thursday 9 AM until 5 PM.  

Here is an excerpt from Alchemy of Love’s book cover

While Grada’s first memoir You are the Miracle! How Being Hit by a Truck Saved My Life describes how Grada grew a new body after incurring catastrophic injuries, and her second memoir, The Underbelly, is a vivid account of overcoming mental illness, religious trauma and PTSD, Alchemy of Love is Grada’s ultimate comeback story.

Alchemy of Love explores the magic of life where Love is the primary creative force.

From the heart of a prolific healer, cook, author and entrepreneur, this is a book for all seasons with deeply personal stories of her large family and community of clients, dotted with real-life results and recipes.

Grada believes food, family and Earth Medicine form the backbone of happy living, with meals the centre of daily life. Mother Nature is the pantry and pharmacy, offering us the perfect ingredients to create a space of happiness and love for ourselves, our children and our earth.

Alchemy of Love points the way towards reclaiming our own innate wisdom in partnership with Mother Nature.

There is nothing Grada loves more than making a real difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to believe in themselves, to take the plunge, to go for it and see what happens.

After all, what is the worst thing that can happen?

From Grada’s experience, ‘Even when you sink so low you can’t climb your way up, you may find that the Universe is waiting for you there, to sip and dine with you.’

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