The REAL REASON you’ve been struggling with flabby belly, man boobs and low sex drive!

Breaking medical news for guys over 35 and over.

“What the heck is going on with my body!” I hear you say.

It can be quite a shock to the system to notice your body changing in ways you don’t like!

  • Extra fat around your chest, giving you the dreaded man boobs,
  • Perhaps you are storing fat in unusual places, like your back, upper arms as well as growing a flabby tummy,
  • Your libido has nose-dived and you are hoping your partner doesn’t notice,
  • Sometimes your mind feels as if its inhabited by a stranger, you have lost your drive and confidence, and you just don’t feel like your former man-self,
  • You are struggling to get an erection,
  • Your erection fizzles out halfway through the fun,
  • You are diabetic or prediabetic.

If you relate to these, you are most likely suffering from a sex hormone imbalance.

You may not know it, but you have been feminized, along with millions of other men!

First of all, I want you to know that it isn’t your fault. (Well, at least not all of it, as I will explain …)

And secondly, I am going to share vital information here that will help you reclaim your masculinity and vitality!

It is NOT by taking a Testosterone supplement or Prescription (TRT)

Yes, testosterone magic pills are available, but they are extremely risky and unnatural for your body.

Your body was designed to MAKE testosterone, not TAKE it.

Studies have shown that taking synthetic testosterone will lead to oestrogen dominance over time, which leads to more belly fat, smaller testicles and spells the end of your libido.

As if that isn’t enough, testosterone supplementation causes breakdown of all your muscles over time.

Are you aware that 30% of men over 40 use Viagra or a similar ED (erectile dysfunction) drug?

The real reason why so many men struggle from a sex hormone imbalance is too much oestrogen.

As you know, testosterone is made in the testicles in men, and oestrogen is produced by the ovaries in women.

Unfortunately, men are becoming oestrogen dominant, which causes their masculinity to fade and female characteristics are becoming more pronounced. (man boobs, smaller testicles etc)

Where does all this excess oestrogen come from?

  1. The more body fat a man has, the more oestrogen he releases into his system,
  2. In your water: water bottles and other plastic containers are manufactured with BPA which are oestrogen mimickers,
  3. In meat and milk, because lifestock is fattened with estrogen steroids,
  4. In fruit and vegetables, which are sprayed with pesticides such as HCH which are oestrogen like,
  5. In soy products which contain phyto-oestrogens,
  6. In the air you breathe, air fresheners, car fresheners. – they all release oestrogen mimickers
  7. On the everyday receipts from the supermarket etc, which are coated in BPA and xenoestrogen,
  8. Even the oestrogen levels in the ocean have risen over the last few decades.

There is no escape from these ‘female hormones’ in today’s world.

So what’s the solution?

The answer is to flush out oestrogen from your body with:

1) Colloidal Iodine Drops.

Iodine flushes out excess oestrogen, as well as other nasties like heavy metals, fluoride and chloride, and JUMPSTARTS your own HEALTHY HORMONE production.

It supports a healthy sex life and reproductive system for both men and women!

2) Boost your intake of minerals and trace minerals by adding ¼ teaspoon of Himalayan Salt to every liter of drinking water.

You need 1 liter of water per 30 kg of body weight per day.

We have the expression ‘rock hard” and rocks are made up of minerals!

Most Australians are mineral deficient today, which leads to all kinds of problems, including ED.

3) A very easy and cheap HEALTH HACK is to eat organic lemons, skin and all.

The skin of the lemon contains a natural Terpene called D-limonene and this flushes out toxic oestrogen as well as other impurities.

D-limonene also acts as an oestrogen inhibitor.

The average sized lemon contains 300 mg of D-limonene.

D-limonene is also said to be 10000 x more effective than chemotherapy!

Other than putting whole organic lemons in a blender and eating the mixture every day, you can put a few drops of organic essential oil of lemon in your drinking water.

I have left the BEST until last:

4) Beetflow!

It supplies your body with Nitric Oxide.

More than 200000 studies show that the molecule Nitric Oxide can trigger healthy long lasting erection.

Nitric Oxide helps your blood vessels to open up, sending more blood rushing to your penis, which supports your erection and helps it to stay hard.

The bottom line is that without Nitric Oxide, it doesn’t matter how badly you want to have sex, or how turned on you feel, if the blood flow is impaired, it is NOT going to happen.

One clinical study looked at a group of men over 60 with an average lifestyle and they reported that their ‘Nitric Oxide’ was almost totally compromised, leading to ‘vascular stiffness’.

This is the wrong kind of stiffness, because it means that all your blood vessels are stiff or have lost their plasticity.

Their blood flow was less than HALF of what you would expect in a man at his peak.

After taking Nitric Oxide their blood flow improved dramatically, and they didn’t have to wait for months to work.

As incredible as it sounds, after only a few days their blood flow was restored to what you see in a healthy 30 year old.

This was all done without harmful drugs, dangerous side effects or other drastic measures.


Nitric Oxide also fuels your immune system by powering your natural killer cells to destroy viruses and bacteria!

Nitric Oxide also detoxifies your brain and protects your memory.

Here is what it does:

  • Aids memory and brain function,
  • Plays a key role in physical endurance,
  • Supports healthy insulin levels,
  • Keeps your energy levels high,
  • Optimizes kidney and liver function,
  • Supports healthy arteries, and healthy blood pressure.

Simply put, without Nitric Oxide your blood vessels would collapse, and your organs and muscles would starve.

As you age, Nitric Oxide levels fall dramatically.

Typically men over 30 start to feel the effect of lowered levels and by the time you are 70, your nitric oxide levels have declined by 75%

Nitric Oxide is generally made inside the layers of the blood vessels called endothelium.

Part of the problem is that endothelium is just one cell thick!

Toxins, diet, free radicals, alcohol all trigger inflammation which damages your endothelium and zaps your ability to make nitric oxide.

So take a Beetflow with every meal and make this a lifestyle choice!

Beetflow will help restore blood flow to every part of your body (not just your manhood), restores the endothelium, protects your brain and helps you to enjoy your life again on all levels.

5) Magnesium

Beetflow and Magnesium are best taken together.

It’s a case of 1 + 1 makes 10.

All of the above supplements can be purchased at our online shop, which is open 24/7.

You can, also, call us on 03 6428 3007 to place an order over the phone; OR come visit us in person at the clinic – 47 Wilmot Road in Forth, we are open Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday (9 AM to 5 PM).

Alternatively, book in for a Complete Health Analysis with Peter, which is highly recommended – with us your corner, you will be able to be in complete charge of your health.

Your health advocates,

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