Are you in the mood for love?

Most of us would say YES to love…..

Because let’s take it, even my cats and dog are bottomless pits when it comes to love!

We can never get enough of it………

Are you in the mood for SELF-LOVE?

Now, that’s a different story!

We all know that we need more of that too, but it feels like hard work doesn’t it!

If we loved ourselves more, we wouldn’t take it so hard when people say unkind things.

If we had greater self-love, we wouldn’t suffer as much during setbacks or disappointments.

We wouldn’t let these things affect our perspective on life; because we would be secure in our sense of self-worth and strong in our faith that things will work out for the best.

(Because we feel in our hearts we have what it takes).

Self-love isn’t selfish.

Self-love helps you to go from a place of fear and scarcity to a place of abundance, where you want to connect, collaborate, and share what you have.

When our capacity to love ourselves increases, we find it so much easier to love other beings too.

You want to give, you want people to feel the same way you feel, you feel so whole that you don’t need anything any longer.

And if we had greater love for others, we would find it so much easier to appreciate and connect with them.

If people hurt us, instead of lashing out in anger we are able to approach them with compassion, wanting to understand where they’re coming from.

This kind of understanding is ESSENTIAL for us to come together in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation so we can work together in harmony to create a better world.

(Which I deeply believe is something we should all desire to do!)

Today, I want to go down memory lane and re-share this video (it is really an audio….); it’s a meditation that increases your love and compassion for yourself by connecting deeply into the internal spaces of your body.

BECAUSE SELF-LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LOVE OF ALL and if self-love is too big a step, you can start with compassion.

This meditation goes for about 27 minutes.

Don’t listen to it while you drive, because you might fall asleep.

I remember, I nearly fell asleep while I was doing it!

This body compassion meditation is also a gift to my precious clients who are battling the dark night of the soul, who are dealing with cancer, depression, anxiety, and traumatic relationships.

Put the outside world to rest for a while, give your body a RESET and tune into this meditation.

You will be surprised how relaxed, calm and settled you will feel.

Researchers discovered that for meditation to make a positive lasting impact, you need to listen or do it for a minimum of 26 minutes per day for one whole month.

If you still feel stuck and in a holding pattern, of pain, confusion, or scarcity, book in for a session with Pete or me today!

Click here to book a session or call 03 64283007 to chat with my wonderful team – Leica and Ashleigh.

We are open from Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Alternatively, join us a on a 30-day “Open the Doors to Abundance” challenge!

Over the next 30 days we are working to say “NO” to our own self-sabotages, and getting off the old mind programming ways, we experience daily AND instead changing our cell programming – saying YES to creating and receiving our DREAM life.

New daily affirmations will be posted on the Grada Robertson Facebook and Instagram pages

Like and share these pages with anyone you feel might benefit.

May you be happy, may you thrive, and may you know how deeply loved you are.

May your love light up the people around you.

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