There is a saying that “your disease or your pain, is in perfect harmony with your body.”

Today, I want to help you understand what this means, and what you can do to stop disease in its tracks or to make the pain go away.

For starters, I want to tell you that I live my life as if I am 100% accountable for everything that happens to me.

  • I am at cause.
  • At some level, I have created it.

I know, it sounds confronting…

But by taking 100% accountability and telling myself, this happened for me and not to me, I have learned a lot of valuable lessons.

I can now share these learnings with others.

If you want to change your life, and create peace and happiness, I suggest that you start playing the game, that “ I am at cause”.

Or at least, tell yourself that you are the co-creator”

Because to the extent that you believe that things happen to you, to that extent you give your power away.

So, let’s dive right into it.

For instance, you have chronic neck pain.

Your neck and upper back and arms are to do with suppressed anger.

You have disconnected from your anger and are not pretending its not there.

Except it is there and it is letting you know.

What you need to do is punch a bag, or chop wood or scream into a pillow and allow this old energy to be released from your tissues.

If you do this for a few minutes every day, over the course of a few weeks, you will become very peaceful, because anger takes up space in your body where peace is meant to be.

A tumour is often formed because there is a lack, a deficiency, a hole… an empty space, and your body is not allowing this.

The same as that you never see a bare patch of dirt in the garden.

The universe will fill it up with weeds.

This emptiness is often caused by not feeling joy anymore.

Your joy has flatlined.

You are going on autopilot.

You have forgotten the last time you felt passionate about something.

But your body hasn’t forgotten so is doing its work for you.

Of course, cancer and other serious illnesses always have their root cause in your childhood.

So, you are neglecting your inner child.

There are some memories from pain or trauma or neglect that your conscious mind has forgotten, but your body is remembering them every second of the day, causing stress, friction and disease.

I have worked with 10,000 ++ people in the last 20 years.

You name it, I have seen and heard it all.

I work with clients who not only want to ease their pain, my clients want to become conscious of what’s going on behind the scenes inside their bodies.

They mean business.

They want to clear their traumas, find the original root cause, and really invest in themselves, so they feel connected, settled, and fulfilled.

Disconnect creates pain, heartbreak, and hardship, and I teach people how to relate to their innermost self with love and respect.

Click on the video below where I take you into the center of your body for deep rest.

If you still feel stuck and in a holding pattern, of pain, confusion, or scarcity, book in for a session with Pete or me today!

Click here to book a session or call 03 64283007 to chat with my wonderful team – Leica and Ashleigh.

We are open from Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

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