What is NOT self-compassion ?

  • Self-compassion is NOT self-pity.
  • It is also NOT self-care OR self-esteem.
  • It is NOT making yourself better or worse than others.

So what is it then?

Self-compassion is love in the midst of our own suffering.

This suffering could be around emotional anguish, physical pain, stress, depression, anxiety, cravings, self-sabotaging, trauma, grief, loss or fear.

So, there is some level of internal suffering going on and we show ourselves love, kindness or compassion.

Why is this so difficult?

From an early age we have been taught to hyperfocus on others, and to ignore our own Inner Being.

Hence, it is often far easier to extend compassion to others than to ourselves.

It’s almost as if we are a street angel and a home devil when it comes to our giving attention to our own issues in our tissues.

As soon as we show ourselves kindness, gentleness, or extra care, we feel the walls of resistance come up.

Thankfully, self-compassion can be developed with practice.

In this episode, I will show you how I ‘do’ self-compassion.

This is just one little example.

Self-compassion IS the journey to wholeness/good health and happiness.

And, we must learn to love this journey, rather than seeing it as a chore.

I can also put it another way for you.

If you don’t invest in self-compassion, and keep on ignoring the cries of hurt, disconnect and pain from your body and subconscious mind, it is going to cost you dearly!

It is going to show up as being constantly triggered, little or big accidents, loss of joy and vitality, scarcity, and even financial hardship or cancer.

All true healing comes from a wellspring deep within your inner being.

Not from an outside source.

How can you begin to dance with this feeling of self-compassion, be creative with it and sense into it with curiosity?

How can we feel our way into a deeper experience of self-care and compassion?

Allow me to take you on a journey in the video below!

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