How come some people are able to thrive more than others?

They set themselves up for success!

Today, I am going to give you 6 stepping stones that will help you get from A to B, OR from where you are now to where you want to be.

Step 1 – Make a decision to have MORE of what you want

A lot of people just lead a mediocre life, and they never decide to raise the bar and reach for a better life.

Here are some areas of your life you might want positive change.

Choose ONE.

  • Is it family?
  • Is it money?
  • Is it achievement?
  • Is it inner peace?
  • Is it making a difference in the world?
  • Is it your health and fitness?
  • Is it travel and experiencing other cultures?
  • Is it your home/garden?

Step 2 – Get organised.

I have these 3 words on a whiteboard in my office: Speed, Accuracy and Support.

Speed: Complete today’s jobs today, not tomorrow.

Accuracy: Do it correctly; don’t compromise on this.

Support: Get (expert) help; or delegate.

Step 3 – Formulate a plan AND get started. 

A lot of us plan, plan, and plan; but never actually start.

Then again, a lot of us start, but we don’t continue.

So, we have a lot of things that are started but not completed.

Step 4 – Find an accountability buddy.

This could be your spouse, a friend on social media, a mentor, coach or neighbour.

This person will kick your bum when you slacken off or encourage you when you are stuck in a hard place.

Also, remember it is normal to get off course.

Don’t beat yourself up.

It doesn’t make anyone feel better, especially not you.

Just get back on the horse and keep going.

Step 5 – Finish.

Finish what you set out to do.

Some people get to one meter before the finish line, and they stop.

Hand that report in to the boss, get the divorce papers done, send your book off to the publisher, finish cleaning out the wardrobe, take the rubbish to the tip etc.

Step 6 – Do it all over again.

In the US they call it Rinse and Repeat.

Here are some thoughts on these six stepping stones to a more fulfilling life.

  • What is YOUR pattern?
  • Are you great at starting, continuing or finishing?
  • What is your weakness, and what’s your forte?

Take a good hard look at your habitual patterns at the truth of who you are.

It really does a lot of psychological damage when you don’t finish something that you set out to do.

You owe it to yourself that you complete your ‘messes.’

The problem is that when you don’t complete your past, you are not free to fully embrace the present or easily create your future.

So, some of our incompletions are with people.

  • Are there things that are unsaid?
  • Are there acknowledgements that you’ve not received that you want?
  • Are there acknowledgements and appreciations that you need to give someone else that you haven’t given?

If you don’t let go of the past relationship, you really haven’t created a space for a new person to come into your life.

And, so it’s really important that we complete projects as well, complete the messes that we need to clean up.

So, often incompletions represent areas in our life where things are a bit hazy, because we have emotional or psychological blocks.

If we are not clear, it makes it hard to say NO.

You might say YES too easily because you are afraid of being perceived as selfish, unappreciative, or uncooperative.

You may put off saying a clear NO, and in the meantime, the sticky notes and the stacks of paper pile up and distract you from your more heartfelt goals.

Or you might put off dealing with uncomfortable situations.

Sometimes you need help from others, or from experts to get support in your life to boost your confidence, give you clarity, or help you put systems in place.

Sometimes you can’t complete things because you have taken on too much and overcommitted yourself.

You may need to delegate or negotiate with others to take some things off your plate.

Apparently, we can only cope with seven things that take our attention at the time.

Most of us have more than seven things that we are paying attention to, like our kids, grandkids, spouse, work projects, parents to look after, pets, cars to maintain, hobbies, studies, the things we volunteered for, church commitments and so on.

Sometimes there are 30 or 40 things vying for our attention!

Its too much!

We only have so much attention to give.

It isn’t called paying attention for nothing.

It costs us something.

It is costing our precious energy.

Things like unresolved work situations, a messy house, unfiled papers and contentious relationship need to be organized before we can pay attention to what we want, our goals.

This will lower your self-esteem because you don’t feel good about your ability to create things.

You go into overwhelm.

Overwhelm, is a state of having too many projects and no criteria for deciding which one to do first.

So this brings me back to the start of today’s session.

The first thing you must do is get clear about what is most important to you.

And then you need to get yourself organized, because not prioritising what you want comes at a cost of not having space for new energy, new relationships, new success or whatever it might be that you want to bring into your life.  

I am here to help you!

My clients often gain clarity and confidence very quickly when they work with me, the reason being that I am an experienced mindset coach as well as a healer.

That means I can help you strategize AND clear stuck energy, while bringing in the energy of success and fulfilment.

For more information on working with me, and to read the weekly blogs visit our websites Grada Robertson and Purple House Wellness Centre.

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With love,

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