What’s better than live music?

Live music on a lazy summer’s afternoon at a glorious outdoor location!

Join us on the 5th of February from 12 PM to 5 PM with musical artist Ella Blokker (alias Ella Rose)

With the Alchemy Food & Catering Food Van being open from 12 PM onwards for all your favourite food, coffee, cake and Oliebollen.

The Purple House Forest Estate has it all!

Beautiful green open spaces, surrounded by magical deciduous trees, carefully laid out labyrinths, two large mature mazes, a real gypsy wagon hidden under the canopy of tree leaves and many other surprises.

Come for lunch, immerse yourself in nature and enjoy great music!

OR simply while the afternoon away from the usual hustle and bustle, sipping cool beverages or hot coffees, sampling a range of food from Alchemy’s food van.


I am so excited to see you there!

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