Come and join us for an afternoon of love, fun, food, friends & family, and free entertainment on the 5th of February!

Explore the grounds with acres of magical trees, mazes, and labyrinths at your leisure.

Bring a picnic blanket so you can lie down, relax and look up at the leaves, while you sip on local wines or ciders and listen to Ella Rose perform..

I am so happy to announce that this lovely talented young lady is now my niece! (She recently married my nephew Marty Blokker.)

Talk about keeping it in the family, we will be featuring wines from my sister and brother in laws (Corrie and Doug) award-winning vineyard: Swinging Gate.

You will feel right at home, with Alchemy Food & Catering on sight, cooking multi-coursed offerings!

Remember Alchemy café?

Well, we are back and Alchemy Café is now on wheels.

(…Hmmm, I believe Oliebollen might be on the menu…. Dutch deep-fried fruit buns!)

This much anticipated leisurely affair might be just what the doctor ordered to help you get your bearings at the end of the crazy season, and just before school commences.


The event starts at 12 PM and finishes around 5 PM

I am super looking forward to sharing my home turf and celebrating all the good things in life with you!

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