I hope you had a lovely weekend and are enjoying the start of daylight savings!

Recently, I had an excruciating reminder how physical pain can stop you from being your best self.

I woke up one morning with a warning niggle in my lower back.

Over the course of the following weeks, it turned into agonising back pain, to the point where I had to turn clients away.

How could I help my clients if I couldn’t help myself?

I was unable to walk without grimacing in pain.

Sometimes the agony made me cry, and I am used to pain.

Pete had offered to give me a treatment several times, but I was always too busy, or too engrossed in this or that….

He would shrug his shoulders in exasperation and walk away.

Now, nobody knows better than little old me, that when your body is giving you headaches, back pain, hip pain, neck or shoulder problems, and you just keep taking medication, or drinking alcohol, or go on a shopping spree (online from your bed), to make it go away, isn’t really going to get to the root cause.

Eventually the symptoms can get much worse and you can end up not being able to work or have any kind of fun at all.

I wasn’t really doing any of the above.

Other than the occasional Panadol, I didn’t take any meds.

But I do confess that I am an addict.

I am addicted to mind-body detective work.

What’s the body, in all its wisdom trying to tell me?

  • Should I sell the family home and move to a hut in the bush, so I can read and listen to the birds and watch the blades of grass grow?
  • Should I leave Pete and the kids and move to Siberia, so I have peace and quiet?
  • Did I need more enzymes?
  • Perhaps I need to go to Pilates classes and strengthen my core muscles?
  • Or could the cause of the pain be a simple as dehydration?

While there is a teensy bit of truth in all the above, I knew that the big elephant in the room stems from childhood issues.

We all have them and they get buried deeply into the forgotten corners of the subconscious mind (=physical body), where they fester and erode our immune system, until they emerge for healing at some very late stage in life sometimes.

They usually do need a trigger to get activated.

I had been triggering myself by trying to finish off my third book, which contains stories about my life as well as other things.

Overall, it has been a labour of love, and it will be a happy, easy read.

But there are some truth moments that hurt.

Aside from that, my nervous system is like everyone else’s, it doesn’t like the tension and uncertainty of what’s happening in the world.

I want everyone to be safe and feel secure.

After 4 weeks of pain, I realised that playing Sherlock Holmes with my own body wasn’t going to do the trick.

I needed a guide to do the deep inner work that was required.

There are 5 pillars to wellness: what you are eating, drinking, thinking, how you are resting, and renewing.

These are 5 simple wellness markers, and I gave myself a tick for the eating, drinking, and resting.

I knew how to do those, but I remained a sick puppy.

I needed help with my thinking, and I needed a big dose of LIFE FORCE for the renewing part.

Now, I want you to know that I am a strict thought police.

I keep a firm hand on the steering wheel of my thinking brain after suffering a period of mental illness in 2008 and 2009.

But the truth is that our MOST DOMINANT THOUGHTS, the ones that create the dominant frequency in our body, are not heard or seen by us.

They are NOT the noisy thoughts that you might be aware of from day to day.

Your dominant thoughts are the most deep unconscious ones.

We all need help to uncover them so they can be healed.

Lesson learnt.

I gratefully took up Pete’s offer of a healing session.

In no time, he had dug up issues from the 5-year-old Grada.

I remember spending time in hospital after my tonsils had been removed and the nurse growling at me for spilling my soup because my hands were trembling too much.

At night, there were naughty little boys, (who seemed big to me) running amok, and I felt very vulnerable.

Probably how I feel now when I see the Victorian police beating up grannies.

There was much more that came up.

Information from my mum’s dad.

There is a whole lineage of hunch backs in that DNA.

Hunch backs are created to cover the heart centre as ‘total protection of the heart’

Why would a body do that?

What sort of shame and trauma did my ancestors experience?

This sort of deep shame gets passed through the cell memories, from one generation to the next.

Peter waved his hands around/ did the required energy corrections and I immediately felt as if a ton of weight lifted from my body.

When the session was finished, I instantly booked myself in with Pete for the following day. (in case Pete changed his mind about giving me treatments)

The second session, Pete was able to clear more stuff from age 5.

It was a big year for the little Grada inner child.

  • I had started kindy, and also received my first mercury fillings, and was constantly on antibiotics.
  • I had a heart murmur, which lasted until I was 10.
  • I pretty much lived on antibiotics and iron tablets for the first 13 years of my life.
  • I was used to spending a lot of time in bed.

As a very young teenager, I decided to find my own answers to my health problems, and I have dedicated to that path ever since.

Peter gave me a third session, and suddenly, 4 weeks after my back pain started, it lifted.

Thank you Peter and thank you Infla-Norm.

Infla-Norm is a combination of enzymes that beat inflammation, and includes immune boosting herbs and nutrients.

I swallowed 6 to 8 per day during the worst period.

Infla-Norm also contains the expensive silkworm enzyme serrapeptase, which eats through scar tissue.

I had been worried that my back had finally decided to crumble, 15 years after being hit by a truck.

My lower back is all scar tissue, but it never gives me any trouble normally.

I will continue my new health regime with regular visits to Peters treatment room, daily Infla-Norm, more fun and less pressuring.

Plus, my book is now almost finished.

The moral of this story is: don’t be like me!!

If you are used to going it alone (ignoring all the help that is available to you) consider this blog a sign that it may be time to finally get the help and support, you deserve!

You are UNIQUE, nobody is like you, and the world needs the best version of you.

The collective human consciousness needs the best version of you, and so does your immediate circle of friends, family and workmates.

Your life matters more than you could ever imagine!

I am holding the vision of the best version of you, and I would love for you to discover your shortcut to feeling great again, no matter what your past has been like.

Our treatments bring out the best in you, in the shortest possible time.

And our treatments are NOT one size fits all.

Our past and present 1000’s clients will vouch for that.

Each person is unique and gets special attention, and let me tell you, if Peter and get to the bottom of my issues – me being stubbornly independent, difficult, defiant and Dutch, he can do the same for you.

Book a consultation and take the first step to discover why it is so important to listen to what your body is saying.

Feel 100% supported through this and stop wasting weeks, months or years of being stuck!

Please feel free to share this blog with other amazing people in your life who could do with some extra support!

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