I am going to banish my mum from my life”, Coralie announces.

She always treats me as if I am the black sheep in the family. She never made me feel special. And when I had to go in for surgery recently, my mum didn’t even help me with the kids. Yet, she is always at my sisters. She would move heaven and earth to support my sister when she has a crisis, and yet, here I am, left high and dry, to fend for myself.” my client says with a sigh.

The thought of spending Christmas with her mum and sister, playing happy families, send my client into a real spin.

She wasn’t sure if she could face another Christmas with the family.

Christmas is about appreciating life and enjoying each other’s company, and all Coralie could think about was how much she hated her mum.

“It’s great that you are so honest!” I tell her.

“We need to feel the good, the bad and the ugly, if we want to heal and move forward.”

I could see that multiple layers of resentment were stored in her stomach and spleen area, robbing her immune system of vital energy.

No wonder she suffered from fatigue and chronic aches and pains.

“Was there ever a time that things were good between you and your mum?” I ask her

“No, as far as I can remember, mum always favoured my sister. I never felt close to her” Coralie says.

I didn’t inform her that I used to know her mum years ago.

At that time, the mum was struggling with this particular daughters attitude.

“It didn’t matter how much attention she got, Coralie was a bottomless pit. She always needed more, or something else. Nothing was ever good enough for her” I remember her mum saying.

Part of the problem was that Coralie projected her feelings of not good enough/unworthiness onto her mum.

This kept her in state of hurt.

The wound needed healing on a subconscious level, because that’s where it came from.

It wasn’t her mum’s place to do it for her, even though the hurt had arisen from ancestral wounding.

My clients mum had grown up in a very dysfunctional family, and had done everything in her power to give her girls the best of the best.

Both Coralie and her mum had the trapped emotion of ‘efforts unreceived’, which they constantly mirrored back to each other.

Not only that, but Coralie’s subconscious mind had also never forgiven her for not being a boy.

The parents had wanted a son after their first daughter and my client had picked up on their wish while she was in the womb.

To test the waters, I got her to say: I 100% forgive my mum. (the body said no….. no surprises there)

Then I asked her to say: I forgive myself for not forgiving. (The body said no again)

Now, I know that she didn’t forgive herself, or her mum, and that this involved a huge amount of trapped emotions and energy.

I could see how this inability to forgive was blocking her heart chakra, choking up her energy flow.

This was getting more serious.

Your heart is much more than the muscle pump that beats 110.000 times per day, 40 million times per year.

Your heart is the core of who you are.

The heart-brain is super intelligent, much more so than the ‘real’ brain.

Severed from the brain, the heart keeps on beating.

As pulsing waves of energy radiate out from the heart, they interact with our other organs and all the cells within them.

The electromagnetic field of the heart is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brains, and the hearts magnetic field is supposed to be 1000 times stronger and can be detected several feet away from the body.

When you feel love or loved, you are actually sending out powerful electromagnetic signals to them from the heart centre.

Just how powerful this mystery organ is, is not fully understood by western trained minds as the following story about twins’ babies shows.

Within minutes of each other, little twin babies were born.

While one was thriving, the other one was dying.

The doctors tried everything to keep the little one alive, but they were fighting a losing battle.

In the end, they gave up and tucked the ailing twin in next to its sibling.

Within minute the baby started to revive and recovered fully.

Our deepest innermost core self is centred in our heart, and we are highly attuned to love, whether we are conscious of this or not.

When it is faced with neglect or lack of love and connection, the heart begins to suffer and start to close itself off.

It literally becomes trapped inside its own protective casing.

Can you relate to this?

There might have been a time in your life that you lost a loved one, or that your love was unreciprocated.

I could see that Coralie’s heart centre was so ‘walled off’ by layers of (perceived) lack of love and attention from her mum that she couldn’t even remember any good times.

It reminded me of a large wattle bird that had become trapped between our lounge room and storeroom wall.

It somehow got stuck in there after we finished renovating our loungeroom in 2010.

All day long, I could hear it rustle, pack at the wall and chirp in distress.

Eventually it went quiet.

This was even sadder!

Then Tom came home.

Tom, our youngest, was in his first year of building.

Without saying a word, he got his power tools out and unscrewed the skirting board from the wall.

Then he cut a small hole in the plaster close to where we could hear the bird.

A second later, the bird saw the light, flew out through the hole, and escaped to freedom through the opened French doors of the kitchen.

All this happened in a flash.

We didn’t have to tell the bird what to do, it followed its survival instincts.

I hate to think what would have happened if Tom or Pete hadn’t rescued it.

It would have died helplessly, all alone and trapped in the dark in the wall.

Not only that, but it would also have created a stink.

This is exactly what happens to trapped emotions, or stuck memories of trauma.

They become lodged in the body and create a stink in our closest relationships, and disease or pain inside our body.

Thankfully, I knew exactly what to do set the trapped bird inside Coralie’s heart free.

An hour and a few tissues later she was feeling keen to see her mum for Christmas.

The transformation was remarkable and permanent.

Mother and daughter don’t trigger each other anymore.

  • Do you experience glitches in your relationships?
  • Are you conscious of aches and pains in your body?
  • Is your abundance level not where you want it to be?
  • Do you feel unlovable, or not good enough sometimes?
  • Do you have a sincere wish to be a better/easier/happier version of yourself?

Then book in for a session with Pete or me.

We have the exact tools and experience to free up your energy flow, so you receive an ‘upgrade’ and feel happier, lighter, and energised immediately.

Studies have shown that when people feel loved

  • They live longer, have better health, and do better financially
  • They have better heart health, are less prone to depression, and have stronger nervous systems.
  • They have reduced muscle tension
  • They are less prone to mental illness
  • They have increased clarity and objectivity.

Such is the healing power of love.

When our capacity to receive and enjoy love and intimacy improves, we are more patient, less triggered, find it easier to forgive and are less prone to having ‘glitches in the computer.’

Unresolved trauma leads to broken hearts and sadly these unhealed supressed emotions are often passed down from one generation to the next.

Coralie had been about to disown her mum and move on when she first came to our facilities.

What she hadn’t realized was that you can’t not forgive somebody and move on at the same time, because the blocked emotions hinder progress and lead to poor choices.

The hurt needs to be healed.

The trapped bird wants to fly!

Why is it so hard for us to forgive?

Forgiveness requires us to operate at a very high frequency.

The things that pull our frequency down are:

  • Dehydration
  • Mineral deficiency (you must eat your health salt every day)
  • Junk foods and drinks
  • Lack of sleep
  • Toxins
  • Lack of enzymes and other nutrients (link to aura life and Activator)

Regular consultations with us will help set your heart free so you can soar above the sea of busy-ness, confusion and noise.

You can finally get your hearts desires, feel great in your body and leave pain and stress behind.

It doesn’t take us long to dissolved traumas and negative programs, even if they are inherited ones.

Imagine you can have a life full of love, energy, and fulfillment?

This is your birthright!

Book your session now to receive an energy upgrade!

Much love, as always,

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