Today, I’m going to expose three harmful foods that are likely in your cupboards, right now, that could be putting a dagger through your health goals.

All three foods are labelled and marketed as “health foods”.

Today, I’m also, going to show you my four natural weight loss helpers.

These four natural solutions are not diet tricks, although many of my clients will tell you they work like magic.

What they do is improve your digestion and help you process food with maximum efficiency.

Let’s start with the 3 foods that are detrimental to your health.

Harmful food number one is yogurt!

Beware of any low-fat yogurt, as well as fruit yoghurt, it has more sugar than coke!

Also, beware of any yogurt claiming to give you probiotic benefits when yogurt is pasteurized, it kills off many of those good bacteria.

Unless, you’re making your yogurt at home, you’re not going to get enough probiotic benefits to heal and seal your gut.

Harmful food number two is breads!

Whole grain bread is just as bad for you as white bread.

Most bread contain large amounts of the number one fat-forming ingredient, high fructose corn syrup as well as Bromide, which makes you fat as sluggish.

Fructose is a chemical that isn’t recognized by our brains, high fructose corn syrup confuses your ghrelin, which is the hormone that tells you when you’re hungry.

It also disrupts leptin production, which is the IgM full hormone.

When these two hormones are out of whack you never know when you’re full.

So, when you eat yoghurt with fructose and bread with corn syrup, your body tells you to eat more and more and you will never feel satisfied.

That brings me to my number three: Cereals, also called serial killers.

Sugar is usually the second ingredient, and the manufacturer often adds corn syrup, sugar cane fiber, and fructose, which is a recipe for plain old weight gain if you ask me.

What’s worse, a lot of the breakfast cereals even have added metal shaving added to them, for extra iron!

This is a complete disaster for your body.

You may as well eat a packet of nails.

Okay, now that I’ve told you the three foods you must avoid, it’s time for me to share my four natural fat loss helpers.

Did you know that your digestive tract contains 60% of your body’s cells?

When you give your digestive system the right support, it can create a whole new person, that’s why it’s so important to take action now and start burning away extra kilos, as well as begin to get rid of stale old toxic cells and create fresh new cells.

Today’s food is very different from that of our ancestors, I showed you the three most common harmful foods.

We often eat things our body has no idea how to turn into tissue or energy.

  • Do you need caffeine to get yourself through the day?
  • Have you found yourself having less energy and gaining more weight?

I can tell you that your digestive system is to blame.

The good news is, once you begin giving your body the support it needs, you may notice not just fat loss, but also the disappearance of aches and pains.

It’s amazing how much improving your digestion can improve every area of your body.

And, that brings me to my ‘four natural fat loss helpers’ which really are digestive system helpers.

There are four of them because they each fight one of the four enemies of poor digestion:

  1. Food preservatives.
  2. Bad gut bacteria.
  3. Over-eating.
  4. Slow metabolism.

Food preservatives stop our bodies to get all the nutrients from our food.

When you’re not getting enough nutrients, your body holds on to the fat stores it has just in case.

It’s a protection mechanism that can make it almost impossible to lose weight.

If you’ve tried dieting or exercising, but still couldn’t lose those stubborn pounds this is probably why.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has a solution to help fight preservatives: Digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are powerful natural extracts that cut through preservatives and aid your body in the process of digesting food.

However, do not go and grab any bottle of digestive enzymes off the shelf!

It is critical that you get high-quality enzymes like DigestizymeOmnizymeAuralife which are top-shelf enzymes at a low price. (We keep the price down because we import them straight from the manufacturer)

Now for my natural fat loss helper number two: Immuno-Synbiotic.

Along with the 3 other weight loss helpers, it is a Candida killer.

Candida feeds on sugars and can spill through the entire gastrointestinal tract and into the bloodstream.

I have written numerous articles on Candida available on our website – click here to read more

Candida can wreak chaos throughout your entire body, depriving you of energy slowing down your metabolism, causing brain fog, and hurting your concentration, hijacking your hormones, and creating food cravings.

Yes you heard me right, Candida makes you crave the foods it wants, next time you find yourself craving carbs or sweets or pizza or pasta, know that it’s probably just those bad bacteria down there yelling feed me more sugar!

The solution is easy and its sources are Mother Nature – You may have already heard about probiotics.

Probiotics are clusters of good bacteria that you can now take in billions in one little capsule that go into your digestive tract and help against the bad bacteria.

It’s certainly more beneficial than a multivitamin!

The benefits are felt right away and all throughout your body.

Be forewarned, though not all probiotics are created equal, many companies sell probiotics containing cheap strains that dissolve in your stomach before they reach the critical intestinal tract.

And, that leads me to my natural fat loss helper number three: Molecular Iodine.

Modern-day studies showed that daily iodine supplementation created significant positive results for waist circumference, correlated with a reduction in abdominal fat.

Now I’d like to introduce you to my fourth and final fat loss helper that just might be the most powerful digestive aid of all, is called Beetflow, which goes into your digestive system and fires it up.

Okay, so now you know my four natural fat loss helpers, while each can help you reach your health goals.

The real power is how these four things combined give you optimal support.

If you were born after the year 1942, it’s very likely you’ve never had a fully supportive digestive system.

That’s because since the year 1950 so many preservatives, sugars, and sweeteners have been added to our food supply.

Our digestive systems have not been able to keep up with the changes.

I’ve been recommending digestive support with these four natural nutrients for many years now, I’ve seen thousands of clients have life-changing results.

After seeing too many clients with the same digestive problems I decided to create a package incorporating all four supplements, for the fastest results for the entire digestive system.

This package is the Ultimate Vitality Boost, which you can order online on our website.

Here’s what Ruby and Jean said after taking the Ultimate Vitality Boost for one month:

Ruby: My entire life has changed, I can shop at stores I have never been before. The best part is I no longer crave bad foods. Thank you for giving me back my life!

Jean: My tummy is much slimmer now, with less bloating and I can eat cheese again without feeling sick. Thank you for this and you can count on me as a fan!

The Ultimate Vitality Boost package it’s a natural way to give your digestive tract maximum support to process food efficiently.

  • It helps break down the sweeteners and preservatives in your food, so you absorb more of the nutrients.
  • It helps you have more regular toilet habits.
  • It starts turning what you eat into energy instead of fat.
  • It curbs cravings because you feel satisfied after meals.
  • It supports your immune system, so you are less likely to get sick.

You no longer have yeast overgrowth bogging down your system.

The way it works is simple.

Take one capsule of the Beetflow, Enzymes and Immuno-Synbiotic with each meal, three times a day, then let its powerful nutrients from mother nature do the rest.

You’ll see and feel the results within days, not weeks as your path to a better body starts the moment you take it.

Okay, that just about wraps this up, I’m so excited for you to the Ultimate Vitality Boost and start experiencing the benefits for yourself.

You see when it comes to your total body health, losing weight can be just the beginning.

Here are some very common and welcome side effects my clients report:

  • Better sleep,
  • Higher energy levels,
  • Improved mood,
  • Reduced post-meal sluggishness,
  • Reduced caffeine cravings,
  • More regular bowel habits,
  • Increased libido,
  • Getting sick less often,
  • Lustrous skin,
  • Shiny hair,
  • Stronger nails.

And, that is just the beginning.

And, click here to get your free e-book that explains how these 4 ingredients helped me overcome life-threatening allergies for good!

Visit our website to book online, order supplements, read our past blogs OR to download any of our e-books.

Alternatively, call us on 03 64283007 (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) !

If you found this helpful, please share this information with your friends and loved ones!

Until next time, stay healthy and happy!

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