Did you know that the 10 most life boosting effects of the Ultimate Vitality Boost are:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Boosts fertility and libido (for both men and women)
  3. Increased brain power
  4. Boosts immunity
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  7. Improved blood circulation
  8. Nourishes your skin
  9. Supports digestive health
  10. Increased happiness

You probably already know this, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a reminder of how the UVB (short for Ultimate Vitality Boost) can help you.

Recently, I got a Divine Nudge (alias a wake up call).

And, it could have ended a whole lot worse than it did!

It could have been a catastrophic 4 car pile-up…..

I was driving home at 10 pm with Cohen, my 14 year old grandson, after attending a basketball game.

Just outside Ulverstone, several cars merged onto the Bass Highway, and moved over onto the right side of the road, to make room for them, when suddenly, out of the left field a P-Plater pushed me almost off the road.

I was traveling at the speed limit and now suddenly found myself traveling on the grass at 105 km per hour narrowly missing a guide post, with the P-plater almost stuck to the left side of my car.

It was scary!

I managed to keep control of the car, by hanging onto the steering wheel and not using the brakes.

Had I slammed on the brakes, I would have lost control for sure and there would have been a pile up.

Eventually, I got back on the road, overtook the P-plater, and forced him to slow down.

I was going to stop in and give him a piece of my mind, but then I decided to let him off the hook.

On the way home, I began to wonder what this Divine nudge was all about?

Because we live in a Universe where there are no coincidences.

I mean, I travel this road all the time, have done so for 65 years, without any hiccups.

I just wanted to share this story with you, because when it comes to our health, we sometimes take a hit.

Sometimes it is completely unexpected, and uncalled for.

Something breaks down.

Perhaps your digestion, or your mental health, or your hormones.

All you can do is hang onto the steering wheel with all your might, waiting for the crisis to pass.

You get what I am talking about…. It could be something as innocent as a migraine, or as serious as cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease.

Health challenges are hugely stressful so you will love the simplicity of this 4 step Ultimate Vitality Boost system.

Just 4 steps to achieve abundant energy and great health & clarity.

How does the Ultimate Vitality Boost work?

First, I want you to meet Bill from Devonport who for 3 years visited different doctors with a rash between his legs, which often bled, and it was often very itchy.

Sometimes he was sure he was on fire.

The problem made it hard for him to walk quite often.

He was telling a friend about it and she suggested he give us a call, here at the Purple House, which he did and made an appointment.

On the 12th March 2010, he had his first visit with me.

I asked a lot of questions.

I asked what the doctors called the rash.

The doctors called it a fungus.

Then I took three drops of blood via a finger prick and did a blood analysis.

Five weeks later at the next appointment his skin was great, the fungus had gone, and he had lost fourteen kilos.

We never intended him to lose weight, but it happened, and he is a very happy customer.

He doesn’t run out of wind when he goes for long walks and he feels great.

His wife, also, does what he is doing, and she has even lost ten kilos now and she feels great, no coffee, tea, fast foods or sugar and thanks to the Ultimate Vitality Boost.

These are the types of results I want for you.

Why the gut?

Doctors never look at gut health.

They are always treating people like cars, replacing this part with that part, but they neglect the GUT, and here is why this is important: it is the ENGINE that drives everything!

Let’s have a look at the gut facts:

  1. The gut is the largest organ in your body, having a surface area the size of a tennis court, that is about 2000m2!
  2. The small and large bowels have a combined length of about 6 meters.
  3. The gut walls are lined with fine mucous membranes where nutrients are absorbed into your blood stream and toxins are removed.
  4. Trillions of food particles are filtered into the bloodstream here, to be transported to every area of your body, and toxins and wastes are filtered out and exited via the South Gate into the toilet.
  5. Your gut is so intelligent that it is called the SECOND BRAIN.
  6. Your Immune system is entirely dependant on your Gut, and therefore your gut is also classified your IMMUNE SYSTEM.

We started helping people heal from the inside out, like our client Elaine who was in a wheelchair and planning her funeral, suffering from an incurable genetic condition.

She has now had five wonderful years, doing what she loves, gardening and spending time with her family free from the wheelchair.

We discovered that there are 3 segments to the Ultimate Vitality Boost and this is where it gets REALLY INTERESTING:

DIGESTION & BOWELS: if you are experiencing acid reflux, IBS, Crohns, bloating, constipation, cramps, spare tyre round the waist line, diarrhoea, we would tell you that these are all symptoms of faulty digestion and will easily get worse if you don’t take action now.

There may come a point where it is too late…..Don’t let that be you!

SKIN AND TOXIN BUILDUP: There are many problems that have emerged when you don’t have good gut health, e.g. allergies, inflammation (arthritis), acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, gall stones, auto-immune disorders and more, and these make you feel old before your time.

MOOD AND BRAIN HEALTH. These are mood disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, brain fog, memory loss, Alzheimer’s & dementia. Maybe you are experiencing these, and I am here to tell you that these begin in your SECOND BRAIN: the GUT.

And again, here is where I am telling you, that if you want to take control of the steering wheel and live an awesome life, you have to take care of your gut.

If you don’t do this, your finances and relationships will suffer, you will remain stuck in low energy, or your mind won’t be as sharp as it should be.

Even if only ONE of these 3 elements is off, you will immediately feel a decrease in energy and vitality, and you will keep feeling LOW until you do something about it.

Think of it as your health tripod, if you lose one leg, all of your health falls apart.

If you don’t want to fall apart, we have created the Ultimate Vitality Boost to make it easier for you to achieve great health.

This consists of 4 supplements:

  • Beetflow 180 caps,
  • Omnizyme 180 caps,
  • Immuno-Synbiotic Immune Restore 120 caps
  • As well as Colloidal Iodine.

Over the following weeks we will explain the three other pillars of great health that are often overlooked.

For now, I just really wanted to reach out to you with the UVB, because it is so simple to implement.

It has been a turning point for hundreds of our clients, and it could be the same for you!

Call us on 03 6428 3007 (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) to discuss your problems with our friendly receptionists or to make an appointment!

Alternatively, click here to visit our website to book online, order supplements, read our past blogs OR download our e-books.

Yours to great health.


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