Do you struggle to know what’s going on inside your body?

Then this message is for you.

But first let me tell you something amazing: Your body is communicating with itself every second.

When you ask it a question 13 trillion neurological cells scan to give you an answer within 3 seconds to your conscious mind.

When you get the answer, it is never loud, so most of us think we just made something up.

We might even feel tempted to edit the answer or to block it out.

There are so many ways we dishonour our bodies because this is what we have been trained to do since birth.

I know this from experience.

I used to shut my body up BIG TIME, until I got hit by a truck.

Have you heard of the expression feather, brick, truck?

I was such a tough student that the Universe had to gofeather, brick, truck, truck, and more truck.

You can read about my journey in my trilogy of books, which you can purchase either from Purple House or Amazon.

Book Deal - Grada Robertson

Here are some of the lessons I learned:

  • Love releases chemicals that are good for your body.
  • Fear and stress release chemicals that shut it down.
  • Blood flow to your vital organs is diverted to the muscles, so you can run away from perceived danger.
  • Your body is now in full-on fight and flight mode.
  • This can last for days, weeks, or longer and you can become tired, exhausted, or in pain.
  • Every emotion and every thought has a direct and measurable effect on your body.

But did you know that our unconscious thoughts and feelings do the most damage?

Your unconscious mind is operating 99% of the time and we don’t even know it, because it is just outside our awareness.

Research shows that 75% of illness is not caused by genetics.

It is caused by our stress responses and our reactions.

Jo Dispenzer says “If you let the outside environment control your thoughts and feelings you are a victim to your environment. Thoughts and feelings create the environment so change them and no longer be a victim”.

Now, if this was easy, we would all be super chilled.

Just swap your negative thoughts and fears for positive thoughts and loving emotions.

The thing is surface changes won’t cut it.

We need to do deep inner work if we want to transform our lives.

This creates resistance because we will hear our inner critic and see our dark shadows, and meet our inner children when we go inward.

These are all clamouring for your attention, and this is scary!

We have been conditioned to be hard on ourselves and to live up to unrealistic expectations.

We often feel fearful, disappointed, frustrated, discouraged, unfulfilled, angry, or anxious.

And when we take time out, to journey into our heart, the brakes slam on!

We suppress everything that comes up, instead of embracing it.

We miss out on our intuitive messages, and we become more and more fearful or angry, as the cells of our body are bathed in stress hormones that make us sick or attract an accident or a relationship bust-up.

So, let’s do the opposite.

Follow the steps below, where I show you how you can safely welcome in fear, anxiety, and the scared, fragmented inner child. (Listen to your inner voice.)

1. Turn your attention inward.

Imagine your skin is a membrane that separates you from the outer world.

Pull all your attention into the core of your body.

Close your eyes and connect with your breath to take you deeper inside your body.

2. Pay attention to the sensations and feelings that arise.

Get very curious.

Curiosity will relax the inner critic.

3. Focus on the dominant sensation and give it a colour.

Just go with any colour that springs to mind and it will be perfect for this exercise.

4. Now give it a shape, and ask yourself – does it have a taste, smell, or is it hot or cold? Or warm? Is it moving or still?

5. Keep asking lots of questions.

  • Does it remind you of something or somebody?
  • What does it represent?
  • Perhaps you get an answer, and if you don’t, just relax into the feeling.

6. Listen to anything else that might come to you in the way of information.

No matter how the answers come, this is your inner self communicating with you.

7. There is no right or wrong way to talk to your inner self, and listening is the most important part of the conversation, because your inner self has been shut out, and put down since day dot.

Go gently towards it, making sure you don’t rush yourself.

8. Do not ignore it, minimize it, resist it, or fight against it.

Your inner self, your inner guide is your best friend, not your enemy.

9. Surround yourself with people who love and respect you and who support you on your journey.

Make time every day to connect with all aspects of your inner guidance system.

There will be many fragments flying around.

If this is too hard for you, I can help you.

As the Sherlock Holmes of Energy Medicine, I can support you through difficult changes with energy work.

As your body heals, the messages from your Inner Self become louder and clearer and this is the ultimate antidote to suffering.

The best thing is, you don’t need to believe in Energy Medicine.

It always works.

Just ask my clients!

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Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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