I am here to remind you that next weekend, on the 17th and 18th of September, I will be hosting a reflexology workshop, and only a few spots remain ! (Is one of those yours ?)

In this 2-day Holistic Reflexology offering, I will be walking you through the most important steps to get you started on your health journey.

What you will receive:

  • How to release fight and flight from your nervous system so you can relax and heal deeply
  • Get to the root of unhealed trauma
  • Begin to heal back ache and other chronic pains
  • Heal frozen shoulders
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Heal your digestion
  • Kick in a healthy hormone balance
  • Balance your entire chakra system
  • Know how what to do during a health crisis
  • How to obtain a good night’s sleep
  • And overcome chronic health problems like allergies and auto immune issues


Do you ever wonder if there might be that ONE thing that is missing from your search for real long-lasting healing, health, and happiness?

The 7000 pressure points on your feet are connected to every part of your body!

Do you want to learn how to BE with the body and tune into all of its systems and parts?

Reconnect with the Inner Being, and know how to stay present under stress or fear?

Bring everything together in one healing session?

My reflexology system can be learned by ANYONE, because it is broken down into easy steps that can be repeated over and over, offering great results every single time.

Read what Ash had to say

Last year, I decided to attend Grada’s Reflexology workshop with the hopes of learning the techniques to assist with my husband’s diabetes treatment plan (this was my main priority).

I started the workshop feeling a bit overwhelmed, stressed and in a state of panic as I was not sure what to expect; BUT soon I found myself being so calm, peaceful, and centred and I was able to realise what I needed to do going forward without fear.

Grada, along with her techniques showed me I would not only treat my husband; but, my children and animals as well. I saw that I was able to do shorter sessions or longer sessions depending on what was happening around me.

After experiencing both giving and receiving, I felt like I was floating on an energy high for weeks afterwards. I really didn’t realise or expect how much healing I would receive and how much I needed it myself. When, I left this workshop I had an entirely different outlook to the one I went in with.

I loved it so much I ended up buying own portable reflexology table in order to treat everyone properly.  I am now able to give treatments to my girls, my husband, dogs and cats etc. but, I feel I am receiving energy from them at the same time I am giving my energy to them. My girls have also been learning the techniques so that we can all give and receive.

The greatest part of all is that they now also know when they need a little bit of TLC or pain relief they will come and ask me to give them a treatment.  

This workshop was definitely a worthwhile investment, and one which totally exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Grada

I am a master at teaching you how to become your own medicine and show you that health and vitality are at your fingertips, ready to be explored!

You deserve to be healthy and feel great !

I have been doing this for 20 + years and am here to tell you that when you learn the steps, practices and principles that make up this system (reflexology), you start to become your own medicine.

Plus the positive flow-on effect will be contagious.

Others will be inspired when they notice the changes in you.

They will see how radiant you look and how calm you are. 

You will be able to help others feel better too.

I can’t wait to see you there.

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