Lisa’ my 27-year-old client:

  • Suffers from bloating, constipation and diarrhea.
  • She has itchy dry skin, no appetite, cold hands and feet.
  • She complains of teeth grinding, and memory loss.
  • Her medical tests revealed gluten intolerance, but she also has sensitivities to diesel fumes and perfumes.
  • Today, she has enlarged glands, bladder cramps, dizziness, disorientation, and anxiety.
  • Her sugar cravings have been totally out of control.

“I feel betrayed by my body.” She says. “Nothing I take or do changes anything for me”.

Her history includes an extensive list of medications.

For now, I decide to focus on the present.

I want to see what her blood looks like at the cellular level.

Our bodies consist of between 50 trillion to 100 trillion cells and with the help of the microscope station in my room, we might be able to see what’s going on inside her body.

I manage to squeeze a droplet of blood from her cold hands which I dab on a slide.

I invite her to sit a bit closer as I turn on the computer screen and her invisible internal universe comes to life in front of our eyes.

This never fails to excite me.

It’s the moment of truth as far as the client’s health is concerned.

Even the emotional state is reflected in the blood.

This is what we can tell from her sample:

  • Poor bile flow, with waste backing up into the lymphatic channels (a bit like when the septic tank is full and when you flush the toilet the water comes back up into the bowl)
  • Food sensitivities.
  • Thyroid issues.
  • Enzyme deficiencies and subsequent lack of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body.

Just when I think we have garnered enough information to form a plan of action I see something no one likes to see: evidence of intestinal parasites.

Finding evidence of parasites is like opening Pandora’s Box.

Were parasites the root cause of her health problems?

I would love to know the answer!

There is only one way to find out and that is to give her something that destroys parasites and boosts her immune system at the same time.

I suggest Worming & Parasite cleanse which is a very safe parasite tincture, as well as, Para-Fight a herbal worming tablet.

The herbal capsules will specifically target and clean up the parasites, while the enzymes supplement will help her body to break down proteins and mop up waste products.

Since parasites are made up of proteins we also have the added benefit of using enzymes as a parasite killer.

I give her something to establish healthy bile flow and her body will need all the extra bile flow it can muster to eradicate the toxic waste from her body.

Because Lisa is so undernourished, I suggest a full spectrum mineral, vitamin, and amino acids supplement like Activator to help her body recover from her serious health challenges.

Iodine drops will boost her thyroid, neutralize radiation (from her numerous X-rays).

Iodine not only kills primitive cells in the body, it even kills worms as well!

Can all Lisa’s problems be traced back to parasites or is this approach too simplistic?

I will let you decide for yourself.

If you have checked 7 or more there is almost certain parasite involvement.

If you checked 5 or 6 it is likely and 3 or 4 parasites are a possibility.

Here is the parasite self-help test:

  1. Do you have a bluish tint around your lips?
  2. Dark circles around or under your eyes?
  3. Do you have a history of allergies?
  4. Is your tummy distended no matter what you eat?
  5. Do you suffer from intermittent diarrhea or constipation?
  6. Bad breath?
  7. Do you grind your teeth (at night)?
  8. Anal or nasal itching?
  9. Do you crave sugar?
  10. PMS?
  11. Do you have persistent acne?
  12. Anaemia?
  13. Chronic Fatigue?
  14. Low-grade fevers?
  15. Puffy eyes?
  16. Pale skin?
  17. Palpitations?
  18. Sinus congestion?
  19. Vague abdominal discomfort?
  20. Ringing in the ears?
  21. Depression, anxiety, agitation, insomnia, lethargy, loss of appetite, moodiness, weight loss, or gain
  22. Excruciating bellyaches?
  23. Immune system disorders?

Children can be saved from many sessions at the pediatrician or child psychologist by simply checking them for the following:

  1. Is your child hyperactive?
  2. Does he grind his teeth at night?
  3. Pick his nose or scratch his bottom?
  4. Wet his bed?
  5. Restless at night?
  6. Has your child lost his appetite?
  7. Eat dirt?
  8. Does your child have unusual tendencies to bleed in the gums, the nose, or the rectum?
  9. Tear her hair out?
  10. Does your child have a persistent cough?
  11. Cry often for no reason?
  12. Does your child have convulsions or abnormal EEG?
  13. Have recurrent headaches?
  14. Does your child have blotchy rashes?
  15. Prone to blinking frequently or eyelid twitching or squinting?
  16. Does your child have low grade temperatures?
  17. Is your child unusually sensitive to light?
  18. Does your child have dark circles under the eyes?

Bear in mind that these symptoms can be an indication of other illnesses as well, but if you have ticked more than 7 your child is at substantial risk for parasites and a ‘de-worming’ treatment is in order.

Children benefit from taking Mighty Mins, Fermented Olive Leaf Extract,  Diatomaceous Earth, Iodine, and essential oil of Tea Tree and Cloves, which can be rubbed on the soles of the feet, as well as Coconut oil mixed in their drinks or soups every day.

I read somewhere that parasite infestation is the largest cause of death in the world, before cancer.

85% of North Americans (who have much the same lifestyle as we have) suffer from parasites.

There are over 3000 types of worms, from microscopic parasites to those that can be measured in meters.

Most of us never have any symptoms.

What’s worse, medical testing is not conclusive.

They are only conclusive when you get a positive result.

When they test negative it doesn’t mean anything, because only a tiny percentage of parasites can be detected using modern tests.

Yes, it is highly likely that your body is a nice host farm to marauding parasites right now!

What to do?

Prevention is better than cure.

But, other than normal common-sense hygiene, there is very little we can do to stop worms from getting in.

Does that mean we are doomed?

No, let me help you with what we discovered from urine and saliva testing during our Full Healh Audit / Complete Health Analysis.

Of the thousands of clients and children we have tested, the clients most prone to parasites had very low Hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels.

This shattered the myth that children and young adults always have enough stomach acid.

In fact, most of us have low Hydrochloric Acid/stomach acid levels.

Stress lowers the production of HCL even further and the worst thing we can do is supplement with Antacids.

In 99% of cases, heartburn is caused by low HCL levels, not too much.

Taking antacids leaves us wide open to a host of microscopic predators.

Our stomach is meant to be at least as acidic as car battery acid!

If I were to drop some hydrochloric acid on my computer it would eat a hole through the keyboard right now.

In movies you see the criminals dissolving the dead bodies of their victims in plastic barrels of Hydrochloric Acid and not a trace is left behind.

Can’t you see that stomach acid is meant to do the same to unwanted life forms that come along for the ride when we take a mouthful of grubby food, or drink contaminated water?

HCL is our protection.

It doesn’t burn a hole in the lining of our stomach.

Our amazing body is designed to deal with very high acid levels and the stomach lining is renewed every 5 days!

Low HCL levels open you up to bacterial overgrowth in the entire digestive tract.

It also leads to fungal and parasite infections, poor protein digestion and poor absorption of minerals.

Once your levels are low it becomes a vicious circle: you absorb fewer and fewer minerals and nutrients have more and more parasites and your immune system becomes increasingly compromised.

How can you restore the acid fire in your stomach?

By taking capsules of Betaine HCL with your meals.

This is like a replacement Hydrochloric acid made from Beets.

Here is a straightforward way to test if you have enough HCL.

  • Begin by taking one capsule with your main meal.
  • A normal response in a healthy person would be a warm sensation in the tummy after about 20 minutes.
  • If you don’t get this warm feeling increase the number of the capsules with each meal to 2.
  • Every day continue to increase by one capsule each meal up to 6 capsules per meal.
  • You will know you have taken too much if you experience tingling, heartburn, diarrhea or a sense of unease.

This means that you now have enough HCL in your body!

Well done, and if it gets too uncomfortable you can simply neutralize the acid with 1 teaspoon bicarb of soda in water.

This is your best protection.

Once parasites have invaded our bodies they set up home in our gastrointestinal tract, use up our nutrients, irritate already existing health problems and even affect the way we think!

That is due to the poisons they release in the blood stream, toxins that we become allergic to.

This can set up a host of auto-immune responses, like the ones Lisa, my young client at the start of this story was experiencing.

Lisa was disgusted and horrified at the thought of parasites inside her body.

It is better to be disgusted and doing something about it, than not knowing and continue to suffer from mysterious maladies!

After ridding your body from parasites, it is important to restore healthy levels of good bacteria like Probiotics for life.

Fermented foods like Love your Guts Kefir, Kimchi, and Sauerkraut (available at IGA outlets) are excellent because they are packed with trillions of beneficial bacteria which will line your mucous membranes, heal and seal your gut and protect you from future parasite infestations.

Check out our range of probiotics.

I am happy to say the Lisa responded well to her new regime!

Within a couple of days, her bloating had vanished.

After several weeks, her nail, skin, and hair started to look and feel healthy, and a couple of months later, she was totally re-invigorated.

I hope to inspire you to take good care of your health.

You only have one body!

Don’t let it be taken over by worms, parasites or other toxins.

The solution is easy once you know what you are looking at!

We are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – call us on 03 6428 3007 to have your questions answered or to book a session OR check out our website.

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