Your liver is a powerful workhorse!

You rely on it to purify your entire blood volume every 3 minutes.

By comparison, the most impressive commercial dishwasher doesn’t even do a full cycle in 3 minutes!

We take our livers for granted most of the time, so today we want to dedicate some time to celebrate your liver and gallbladder.

I am not talking about celebrating with a glass of wine or dining out.

These are exactly the kind of celebrations your liver dreads!

Every mouthful of alcohol over and above the first tablespoon (which is our upper limit according to research) hits you like a karate chop to the liver.

Celebrate your liver by eating healthy fats instead.

Your liver will be in fat heaven, which is exactly where it deserves to be!

Eat lots of butter, the more the better.

Skip the toast, and just have a cube of butter by itself.

You will boost your Vitamins A, C, E, D and K because these are all fat-soluble vitamins.

Other beneficial fats are saturated fats, like meat fats.

Coconut and Macadamia nut oil are also some of the very best oils that fill your liver with happy vibes.

To support your healthy liver and gallbladder function, take one Beetflow capsule and one Omnizyme with every meal.

Pete and I have been doing this since 2009, when we first discovered Beetflow and Omnizyme.

Today, Peter’s eyesight is better than 10 years ago.

Since your eyeballs are an extension of the brain, this is great news.

Did you know that your eyeballs are completely new every 48 hours?

So your body gives you plenty of chances to make a comeback from any setback.

If you want to know how your liver is performing, inspect the toilet after you have emptied your bowels.

Be on the lookout for these pointers:

  • The colour of your bowel content should be mahogany brown. If it’s lighter, your bile flow needs help.
  • If it floats, you are not digesting your fats as well as you should.
  • Your body needs fats because every cell membrane consists of fats, and so do your brain and nervous system, they rely heavily on good fats.
  • If your fecal matter sticks to the side of the toilet, you may have too many toxins in your body.
  • Ideally, your bowel products should be well formed and stay in shape after it lands in the toilet. 

Don’t be put off by this little study.

It helps you to understand how your body reacts to different types of foods and circumstances.

By keeping a check on your waste products, you can detect trouble before it starts and give your liver the support it needs to stay healthy.


The best foods for your liver are;

  • Organic butter and cream,
  • Meat fats,
  • Coconut oil,
  • Macadamia nut oil.

The worst foods are polyunsaturated oils, all seed oil, and margarines.

High starch carbohydrates, sugars, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks are also very hard on the liver.

Keep your liver in tip-top shape by:

Staying well hydrated with water and minerals.

These 4 products are found in the Ultimate Vitality Boost package.

The Ultimate Vitality Boost keeps your organs and systems humming along day in day out.

We have all these products in stock, however, we never know how long stock is going to last, because Beetflow and Omnizyme are so popular.

We see clients on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays (9 AM to 5 PM); we can also assist with postal orders, so ring us on 03 6428 3007; to secure your order.

Alternatively, click here to visit our website where you can make online appointments (like a Full Health Audit / Complete Health Analysis consultation with Peter), read past blogs, download free e-books OR order supplements all at your own convenience.

Your health advocates,


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