Chakra Balance Massage

Are you too stressed to enjoy life? Are your hormones out of whack?

Imagine being swathed in fragrant coloured oils, bathed in sound and with crystal stones anointing your body. This is the experience of the Chakra Balance Massage, an hour and a half of bliss, any stresses or worries simply dissolve away as the Aura-Soma coloured oils are gently massaged into the chakras on the body.

The chakras are energy centres which are an integral part of our body and aura. This knowledge was lost in the western world but has always been part of eastern traditions, particularly in the world of yoga. Each chakra is like a spinning wheel of light and each one resonates at a particular frequency, from red through to violet, the colours of the rainbow. To be healthy and happy we need to have clear and clean chakras and this Colour Massage is simply the most enjoyable way to wellness!

1.5 hours $160.00

“Simply Wow! Deeply relaxing, I have found
deep peace!”

“Absolutely divine and soul healing!”

“My first experience of this was sublimely relaxing as I just melted into a deeply meditative relaxation. At the same time I felt an energetic tingling in my body as the healing energy permeated every cell of my being, whilst feeling totally nurtured and completely safe. I was amazed at the end of the treatment that my frown lines had simply disappeared!”