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“I know from personal experience just how much these therapies can help to transform your world”

Having originally been a scientist working in Pathology in British hospitals, Sarah understands both worlds of health care. In the early 1990’s she had a major career change, she found working in medical laboratories was interesting but it did not fulfil her need to work with others, people were just names on forms and bits in bottles!

Graduating from the College of Craniosacral Therapy, in London in the early 90’s, was a life changing moment. Sarah then went on to train in other healing modalities: reflexology, reiki, kinesiology (kinergetics), and Aura-Soma. Sarah had previously built up a busy client practice in the UK, before emigrating to Australia in 2000, and she has been part of the Purple House team since it opened in 2007. Now, as well as being an experienced natural therapist, she has spread her wings further and teaches courses both nationally and internationally.

Sarah is a very gifted therapist who has the ability to bring a depth of healing to whatever situation maybe troubling the client, drawing on her years of experience, breadth of knowledge and a well-honed intuition.

Sarah is also passionate about personal and spiritual growth both as a therapist and teacher. She is an ardent meditator and teaches about presence and mindfulness as part of her courses. As a therapist she can guide you to let go of your self-limiting beliefs and blockages and enable you to grow and be the best, and the happiest, that you can be.

“Sarah has been taking care of me and my family for nearly 2 years now and I cannot thank
her enough.  Every time I see her she works her magic on me and I always leave feeling
better. Having suffered from multiple food/chemical issues for years, she has enabled me to
widen my diet due to kinesiology treatments. I seriously would be lost without her help.”
BC, Devonport, Tasmania

“I have known Sarah Anne Barker since 2006 and during that time have come to greatly appreciate the calm and gentle way that she embodies her passion for the Aura-Soma Colour Care System. I recommend Sarah’s course to Aura-Soma Practitioners, Colour-Care Consultants and Teachers wanting to ground their understanding of the Essene Tree of Life and the Angelic realm.
I am particularly grateful to have Sarah Anne living and teaching in Tasmania. Her strong energetic connection with Dev Aura and ongoing earth healing work brings a much needed appreciation of the northern hemisphere perspective while developing a stronger feeling of inclusion in the Aura-Soma family.”
MS, Grove, Tasmania

“Another amazing workshop with Sarah Anne Barker. This is one of my personal favourites,
and really allows an amazing space to just ‘be’ while opening up creativity and confidence
and exploring consciousness through colour and sound. Sarah Anne is a profoundly
knowledgeable, humorous and compassionate person to learn from and the Birth Angels
hold amazing power for growth and healing.
Highly recommend immersing yourself in the energy.”
MT, Latrobe, Tasmania.

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