Caleb Robertson

Remedial Massage,
Nutritional Microscopy,
Urine and Saliva Analysis,
Horstmann Technique.
Caleb also runs our popular courses in food and nutrition.

Caleb has been working as a Remedial massage therapist since he was 21. In between massaging he travelled round Europe and Australia, at times using massage as a bartering system in exchange for food, coffee or sleeping quarters. During this time he also renovated houses, gardens and did training in Greece in permaculture.

Eventually we enticed Caleb to work at the Purple House, initially as a massage practitioner, using a mixture of deep tissue massage, reflexology and Horstmann technique. During this period of time Caleb became inspired to use kinergetics, which he studied under the master teacher Philip Rafferty. Caleb has been treating clients with Kinergetics with great success since January 2012 and he often uses this in combination with reflexology, massage or cranio-sacral therapy to get optimum results.

Caleb’s real passion is the environment, be it the macrocosm (the world at large) or the microcosm (our bodies) and all he ever does in his spare time is studying random bits of information on his favourite subjects. Along the way he studied blood microscopy in Melbourne and then in Chicago (US) to increase his knowledge and get more in-depth information. Again he was fortunate that the universe gave him an opportunity to study with one of the worlds greatest minds in the area of blood microscopy: Dr Bigelsen, who made it his life’s work to study the behaviour of life blood.

Dr Bigelsen used to be a top eye surgeon of the left eye and keeps Einstein’s’ eyeball in his desk drawer for daily inspiration! After reaching the top he became bored and disenchanted with his work. That is when he changed direction and he devoted the rest of his life curing patients from incurable diseases, using the microscope as one of his main tools. Dr Bigelsen has written a number of books on blood and treats patients at his clinic in Mexico.

While in Chicago, Caleb also studied up on urine and saliva testing to be able to balance and improve his client’s health. The Blood tells one story and the urine and saliva tests give an explanation of what we are seeing in the blood on the screen. These are very powerful tools and require precision measurements and tests. I can see how Caleb loves this area of work where he can use his precision analytical brain, just like his father. Caleb has been doing Complete Health analysis/ Biomedx sessions with good success and classifies himself as an internal environmentalist.

When he is not doing any of the above he is working hard at the Love Your Guts Co headquarters, a company he founded and now runs with Johanan Robertson and Zac Fiddymont. Caleb is a great ‘food activist’ and a brilliant cook. It makes sense of course that food interests him because we are what we eat. Every morsel that goes in affects the internal environment for better or for worse.

Actually Caleb’s greatest interest is the study of us mere mortals/human beings and how we can improve and heal ourselves by harnessing the resources of the subconscious mind. This is where he will never be bored! The human mind is a great mystery and just when you think you have figured something out with one client there will be another puzzle to solve. Healing and strengthening the mind needs to be included in every treatment we do.

Last but not least I noticed the other day that Caleb has inherited my psychic thumb as we jokingly call it. Most of my client know that my thumb clicks when I go over sick or painful body parts and when Caleb was giving me a reflexology session I heard the familiar click, I was half asleep. I looked up and he was sitting there with a grin on his face and informed me that his fingers have been clicking for years when he does healing work. Ha ha Caleb, you are your mother’s son after all!

Probably the best thing about Caleb is his ability to feel comfortable with every human behaviour and to feel compassion instead of judgement. This makes him a very good healer and he fits in perfectly as a member of our highly skilled staff at the Purple House.

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